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How often do you see hackers?



  • SilentPillSilentPill Member Posts: 602

    I agree, I’ve seen some shady stuff but honestly I’ve been hit with console lagswitchers lately more than any blatant hacks or suspiciously fast survivors.

    You will get these guys who you literally cannot pick up, your killer starts the animation and then it cancels; and it only happens with one person in the lobby and oh look they also happen to have unbreakable.

  • Diet_BoiDiet_Boi Member Posts: 49

    I have only seen 1 killer hacker and 2 survivor hackers. The killer was a Ghostface that could fly,throw hatchets, move at light speed and mori people whenever.

  • ChordycepsChordyceps Member Posts: 398

    In my near 1,000 hours of playtime I've only ever come across one hacker, and boy was he making no effort to hide what he was doing.

  • The_FloofThe_Floof Member Posts: 43

    That is a lot of time my friend. I barely hit the 700 hr. Been with the game since Huntress but always did the little play and big breaks.

    Yeah, see this is why I am glad to be a streamer. When I was going against this david, I felt like something was wrong. It was just iffy as heck. Either he was the biggest cowardly David or he was doing something. Now I am going to stereotype the hell out of David players. I never see a cowardly one expect once and he was playing like a Dwight. You know the whole locker gig. Think he just forgot to change skins lol.

    With how much time you have invested into this game. I will say thank you for the Devs. Also thank you as well, for this makes me feel a little more comfortable about how often they are spotted.

    I think that survivor was trying to help you out or something?! Not really sure what the heck that is about. However that is funny as heck to see that. Wish you could of gotten to Mori someone

    I was more or less looking for someone that is more standing out. Like ya know running around as Sonic xD.

    People who can hide it, I am sure I came across many of them as killer. Sometimes I question some games but go on without thinking to much about it. But I was more or less looking for the major people not hiding what they are doing. Sorry, I wrote that discussion late last night after being up 20 hours xD

    That really sucks that it happened. Sorry you got one like that.

  • HectorBrandoHectorBrando Member Posts: 1,028

    Obvious hackers are rare, like super super rare, I think ive met like 5 in ~1200 hours, not so obvious hackers like people who add an extra 5% to their speed, people with wallhacks not abusing it etc... no idea, sometimes I may get suspicious on how fast and easily a Killer finds everyone (with no aura reading perks) or how many extra loops can someone do but as its not super obvious I cant rule them as hackers.

  • Ryan489xRyan489x Member Posts: 761

    I don't see hackers too often but I swear over the weekend I saw a few. Killers that knew exactly where people were at all times without any perks like BBQ or Nurses.

    killers moving much faster then they should

    A huntress that appeared to have auto aim, making insane hatchet shots and hitting people through walls not to mention literally snapping to other survivors near them, As in there's no turn or movement, they're just hitting them in seconds.

    Survivors that disappear from right in front of me as killer when just downed them next to a hook and then they're somewhere else getting healed.

    I'm guessing it's because of the blood rush but that doesn't make it right.

  • snax9111snax9111 Member Posts: 65

    1800 hrs in the game, and i run into single killer cheater last year

  • Aztreonam78Aztreonam78 Member Posts: 960

    In my matches I almost never see them.

    However, youtube have a plenty of pretty fresh videos where GhostFaces fly and throw hatchets at 1923 hatchets per second speed as well as feng mins ascending and revealing all players they are the Entity itself.

  • Avarice00Avarice00 Member Posts: 31

    1500 hrs in and I can only recall 1-2. I say 1-2 because one of them I'm not entirely sure

    Hacker 1 - Dwight with speed hacks and anytime he got on a gen it would just explode cosntantly. I'd be across the map and I would just get spammed with loud noise notifications. I'm sure this one was a hacker.

    Hacker 2 - Claudette I'm like 99% sure was a hacker. I felt like she was as fast as I was, and she would also turn corners and just disappear. I thought I was bad or that the Claudette just kept blending, but during the game Laurie kept following me and pointing around, and I wasn't sure why. After the game, the Laurie told me that she could see the Claudette speed hacking because she was using bond. There was another survivor who wrote in the post game they saw it too.

    Both of these were a long time ago.

    Side note. I was accused of wallhacking while playing scratched mirror myers with bbq and discordance. Obviously I wasn't, but that just goes to show sometimes people can be wrong about facing hackers.

  • Jholla31Jholla31 Member Posts: 189

    I saw my first (for sure) hacker in over 3k hours just a few days ago. I have had suspicions before, but I'll never say someone is hacking unless I KNOW.

    I was playing a solo queue survivor game against a Clown. Clown is having a hard time downing people, doesn't get many hooks, and the exits are opening before we know it. Then this flashlight scroll spamming, teabagging, Dwight (I believe) got downed in front of the gate. Clown picks him up, and immediately gets hit with DS. Weird, I don't remember this guy going down, but maybe I just missed it because I was rushing the last gen.

    Then Dwight gets downed again... and stuns the Clown with "DS" again... and again... and again... all while flashlight spamming and teabagging. I teabag back at the hacker and bodyblock him while he's trying to leave, trying to give this poor killer a chance to hook him. After the other two survivors leave, the game freezes. As if I didn't already know, this just confirms my suspicions of hacking. Then he messages me, and I quote, "I froze the game. Was waiting for Dwight [other Dwight] to leave before doing it lol. Enjoy the penalty." This dude went out of his way to hack on PC, then got salty when I was trying to stop him, then hopped on his PS4 to message me to "enjoy the penalty."

    In 3k+ hours I've never seen a hacker until then, much less one that is so spiteful and hateful. I wish I had this guy's Steam ID so I could report him and get him banned.

  • th3th3 Member Posts: 646

    Ironically I just ran into a hacker last game.

    Already reported, just found it ironic looking at this thread.

  • Pet_The_LizardsPet_The_Lizards Member Posts: 628

    I'm closing in at 900 hours, and I don't recall ever seeing a hacker. If anybody I was playing with was hacking, they didn't make it obvious.

  • Mr_KMr_K Member Posts: 3,942

    It used to be rare. Ultra rare you could say. Now it seems almost rare to uncommon. The move to servers sure weeded out the bad ones, right bhvr?

  • The_FloofThe_Floof Member Posts: 43

    I know when I see them I turn my stream on to get video proof of the jerks. I have only ran into two of them so far.

  • Yung_SlugYung_Slug Member Posts: 2,193

    1.5k hours on PC and I don't recall seeing any instance of blatant hacking. Maybe once but it apparently wasn't memorable.

    I've seen quite a few on the mobile version though.

  • JinSimeJinSime Member Posts: 321

    I think I've never seen one so far, both on my PS4 and Steam... I'm not sure if in one game I watched the killer was hacking or lag switching something, cause everybody but him was rubberbanding. But out of that, thankfully never seen.

    I guess there are less hackers here in South America.

  • AceInTheKateAceInTheKate Member Posts: 95
    edited January 21

    I've had alot of suspicion before. Like I left a gen that is 0 and about 30 seconds later the same gen is popped. Another one is I chase a survivor and they break sight for a few seconds and when I see them again they are super far away. Example of that is nea dropped the god pallet on midwich and she waited till I kicked it. She ran up the stairs and when I walked she was at the other end of the hallway. I thought she might of had sprint burst and it super close to recharged when she waited at the pallet was like 99% and she ran up the stairs waited and used it. I was wrong she didn't have sprint burst. Also I had brutal strength on so I kicked it faster then normal. Still don't know if she was speed hacking or not. Stuff like that usually happens to me. I've never had one fully show they were hacking except for a survivor who had 4 hex ruins and totems wouldn't break. I was really confused on what was when I saw a lit totem and didn't bring a hex totem.

  • Komodo16Komodo16 Member Posts: 1,488

    I had a whole ass story about 2 occasions and a possible 3rd and then i accidentally pressed new discussion just go watch my youtibe video and you'll find my most obvious hacker

  • MewMew Member Posts: 1,322

    never seen any hackers, to be honest. only thing i’ve seen was a clown lag switch but thats it

  • EchorionEchorion Member Posts: 4,276

    I remember a hacking david flying around the map at like mach 7 and then trying to claim it was a bug lol.

  • ZozzyZozzy Member Posts: 1,103

    there was a rise of cheaters 1 year ago and saw nothing but suspiciously fast rank 1 survivors until recently (the last 4 months) and i have run into 3 survivors with god mode and had a 4 man swf all hooking themselves and then ending the game at 5 gens.

    There has been a big spike recently and that "Hatchetface" guy just shows how useless EAC is.

  • vacamanvacaman Member Posts: 256

    I've seen just one obvious one, but i bet there are many sneaky wallhacks out there.

  • stvnhthrstvnhthr Member Posts: 333
    edited January 21

    Maybe 1 or 2 for every 20 hours of play.

    The good ones are hard to detect because they do not want to get caught.

    The hackers I notice are using ESP which shows the location of everyone and everything. I run bond so I can see my teammates. Once in awhile I will notice a killer who never searches for anyone but always knows where everyone is. They never walk in a direction where no one is, but instead is always moving directly towards a survivor at all times. If the survivor changes direction the killer does too a split second later. This should be impossible when there is no line of sight or aura perks in play. To test the ESP hackers I will walk to a locker on the other side of the map from them and hide in a locker. If they walk directly to me I know the score.

    Very infrequently I see a survivor with a speed hack, which is always funny.

    Recently I played against a killer who obviously had like 6 or 7 perks, I lost count of all the perks he was running; he had all totem perks, NOED, BBQ; it was nuts. At the end of the match his picture showed only one perk in use, and it was not a totem perk or NOED.

  • ExorExor Member Posts: 180

    In 5.4k hours I saw 3 obvious hackers (speed hacks, heal/hitbox hacks trying to bodyblock me from other survivors etc.) and those were bad enough/didn't have the advanced hacks to prevent a 3k.

    I dont think a 3k or even a 1k would be possible vs the type of hackers that I see on certain videos.

    The real problem are the non obvious hackers. From time to time I notice that some chases last way too long since I barely gain any distance as a 115% killer, like in one game vs a feng. Took me way too long to realize why I kept losing her, she didn't have any scratchmarks either, but if it weren't for that I would have just thought that the extra speed was just my imagination.

    I do sometimes wonder how often I have killers/survivors in my game, who just increase their speed by a few % or make use of wallhacks without being obvious about it.

  • SasukeKunSasukeKun Member Posts: 925

    i went against a claud who somehow made her model disappear but i could see the blood trails and hear her cry.

  • TrevorLahey93TrevorLahey93 Member Posts: 128

    More often than I should. BHVR literally doesn't care.

  • Gore_NargaiGore_Nargai Member Posts: 75
    edited January 21

    So far, 2.

    They were both a meme tho and i don't think the purpose was to actually get an advantage to win the game, it was, i believe to ruin the experience for everyone and laugh about it.

    Killer running around throwing hatchets at the speed of sound. Games was over in 1 min.

    The second was an incredible fast Pyramid Head, was running like blight.

  • KazimKazim Member Posts: 145

    I played with a huntress that just started the game she hit me from I don't know where and I saw how she was hitting us all from the other side of the map, is one of the reasons why I decided to turn off the cross platform, I thought that if I were a hacker what I would do would be to put all the skills to see auras and 4 normal that survivors can see what perks I have, I don´t know for me is the mode of hacks that could be fun for me and the survivos not suspect and not ban my account and someday I see a sonic jake on xbox he said that was lag but how knows. 

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