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Getting better at looping as survivor is hopeless



  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 5,253

    People improve in different ways. There are many ways to be a good survivor in a normal match. It's ok to be a shaky runner. Focus on objectives. Slam gens like there's no tomorrow. A lot of players are bad runners who also do nothing. That's when it gets problematic. Not everyone needs to be a comp/"pro" level survivor to have fun. Contribute in other ways.

    One thing that helped me on survivor was actually slowing down. Pace yourself at loops. Maintaining distance is often just as good as gaining distance. You don't need to be going warp speed all the time. Remember that the killer has to react to you as well.

    For nuanced killers like Nurse/Spirit/Blight, 1v1s help me a ton. An hour straight of chases in KYF with a good player will be worth months worth of game progress.

  • Gore_NargaiGore_Nargai Member Posts: 77
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    I can't believe that a rank 1 fellow killer and survivor is crying about the game being survivor sided.

    The game has a great skill celling for many characters, including killer.

    Being a trapper rank 1 is hard, being a wraith rank 1 is hard.

    Clown? come on.

    Nobody plays Hag because of how difficult the mind game is.

    Each side has their problems and obstacles, is part of the game, the game do have RNG?, no i don't think so, i smore related to practice and being able to anticipate to the play.

    So i could be wrong, but i refuse to believe that you are rank 1 in both killer and survivor.

    i can believe the 800 hours tho.

    So could you throw in a picture of your rank, to actually believe that this rant is coming from an experienced player and not someone whos just bashing in the game out of frustration?

  • kyogulkyogul Member Posts: 491

    If I had to be honest, the core of the game is only fun when playing with friends. I find killer to be very boring, even in red ranks. On the killer's side you have too many options that allow you to win almost all of your games without much experience, and it's almost brainless to me. Survivor, particularly in queue, requires too much external modifications or add ons to make it tolerable. I can't even do different perk builds without being camped or tunnelled off hook by sweaty killers. I also try to keep playing because there are some streamers I like, and the game looks fun when they play it, and when I play it it makes me squeal in boredom or frustration if I'm playing by myself, and even when I play with friends sometimes I feel that way.

    From what I've observed, the RNG typically works against you as survivor, and is in your favour when playing killer. And because I only find playing survivor to be fun the game overall is just frustrating, especially playing against people who camp people to death. I intentionally will avoid doing that even if it costs me the game as killer because I am not really into deliberately trying to make someone else's game worse just to win, I just want to play for fun. I acknowledge playing killer is the boosted or the "power" role of the game and I don't need to sweat to win a majority of my games, which is why I avoid general camping, tunnelling, etc.

    I think I'll just wait for Back To Blood and go back to playing modded Portal because I just want to have fun

    I've tried that and the advice really doesn't stick.

    I tried my hardest to 360. The months I've been trying to do it after watching tutorials again and again, I've only managed to do it successfully less than ten times. Doesn't even matter anyway because of the new motions not really allowing for that anymore. All of the 'survivor' techs also tend to not work either. Dumb tech, window tech, corner tech, etc. I'm a mediocre killer and at best and that doesn't work on me. In those montage videos where killers keep falling for it, I notice they almost never show the ranks at the end.

    I've watched all of those content creators and it's fun watching them loop but I find looping advice to be very circumstantial, unlike advice for killer in general. The commentary streamers give on looping is highly dependent on the given RNG they have on that variation of a map they have, as well as not only the specific killer, but the player behind it. It's too much RNG upon RNG. So the advice they give isn't really going to be applicable to you ever except in a rare instance because of the varying factors. Personally when I play killer I have little problem mindgaming loops and stuff, and in general the advice is easier to apply as killer than it is as survivor. Many times I don't even intentionally try, I just emulate what I saw on a stream when playing killer. But as survivor I can't do that because it's infinite RNG.

    Also, I'm not sure if I agree about most killers having similar playstyle and counterplay. The only universal counterplay I see is being stealthy but that's not going to work on a Doctor or Legion or someone using Whispers.

    There's also the fact there are so many overpowered killers in the game as well that make it severely unfun, many having no reasonable counterplay. Nurse, Spirit, Deathslinger come to mind

    The way I have fun in this game is chases. Chasing as killer is too easy and the game gives you too many crutches to catch up so I don't feel rewarded really when I catch a survivor, but the inverse, being chased as survivor, is about the only fun I have. I don't care if I get facecamped or whatever, as long as I have a decently lengthy chase, and that tends to not happen.

    I understand a survivor isn't meant to loop a killer forever (hence why things like Bloodlust exist). Even a decently lengthy chase is fine with me, like 45 seconds~1 minute. But like you said, it tends to be bad killers being able to be looped like this. Good ones will shut down chase, and if they realise they can't, tend to leave to apply pressure elsewhere because they know it's a bad idea to just keep chasing one person. It's one reason why in those survivor montage videos, you rarely see rank at the end.

    To me, the playstyle is either to be chased or to not be chased (stealth). I find the latter to be extremely boring. I've tried pretty much every reasonable perk there is to use and there are some I like a lot (windows of opportunity, sprint burst, dead hard, balanced landing, kindred) but except for windows and an exhaustion perk, doesn't really help me in chase, and even those tend to not make me look like a potato in terms of looping or even juking.

    I can somewhat recognise it, like the short side of a loop versus the longer side, or doubling back after you break LOS or something, and for me honestly when I play killer, that doesn't work 100%, let alone most of the time. You can say in ideal conditions it's 50/50, but I just find it easier to know what a survivor is doing playing killer than the inverse, knowing what the killer is doing when playing survivor. Surprisingly enough, the ones I am not good at at the ones I somewhat have more success with in terms of looping, like nurses and spirits (moderate ones, not baby ones). To be quite honest the only killer I look forward to versuing is a nurse, many other killers I find to be dreadful to go against (huntress, deathslinger, spirit, so on). Give me a god nurse any day over a huntress or a deathslinger

  • ukenickyukenicky Member Posts: 1,343

    I feel this. If you're not a pro at looping and mind gaming your only real option is stealth/don't get found.

    Also literally every match lately I have played with my friends, killers face camp until stage 2 then tunnel off hook so that person dies on next hook.

    I know killer mains love to say "IT'S VALID" but it's also quite scummy and in doing so the killer isn't getting better at literally anything and the survivor isn't able to get better at looping. Then when they both pip down it's just like? What was the point?

    I like to play both sides and I'm always trying to get better at looping as survivor and mind games as killer. I'm not sure why there's so many killers out there who just have this bitterness in them and want to deprive survivors of having any fun whatsoever?

    I've gone up against rude survivors but I just shrug it off. It's rare for me to encounter rude survivors or sweat squads and yet almost every match I get killers who employ EVERY tactic imaginable to make you not be able to play the game it's silly.

    But it's OK I have other games I play. I can only handle a few matches of this game with my friends and then we all want to play something else.

  • ShirokinukatsukamiShirokinukatsukami Member Posts: 1,624
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    Well you're not wrong.

    1000 hours is just the "entry point" in this game. Anything under 1,000 hours you're practically still an infant.

    It takes an insane amount of skill and experience to get good at this game. It looks simple, but because it's so simple mastery takes a lot.

    You have to realize that you are not meant to be looping the killer for minutes on end in this game. That can happen if you get lucky but usually chases should end in around 30 seconds. If you can consistently loop the killer for more than a minute each time you are a grand master survivor already.

  • unsafepalletunsafepallet Member Posts: 72

    It's more than just 360's and random techs they come up with for a new video. Also, the only killer that really requires you to 360 is a Billy or maybe an iri-head huntress. Even then it's still a lot easier than a regular 360.

    There's a lot of things you could do that'll make looping a lot easier for you like walking at L walls to avoid mind games or looping around objects to avoid killers like nurse. It's just hard to explain which is why I recommended you watched those content creators. A lot of survivor tricks and mind games are very easy to emulate, and you'll find they're very effective at higher ranks. A lot of killers play nearly identically at high ranks.

    Once you start learning counterplay to killers like huntress you'll learn that this same counterplay can be applied to many other killers as well. One tip for playing against huntress is she'll almost always pull out her hatchet when you're about to drop a pallet. The play is just to run through for a free extra loop. You'll find that this same counterplay also works against deathslinger, demo, plague, pyramid head, and basically any killer that respects pallets.

    Also the rng really doesn't matter that much. There are very little changes to loops in general among maps unless you're talking about an extreme like hawkins. There's not many variations in loops and most of the time if there are it's in your favor. It's really just about looping one place and when the killer decides to break the pallet go to another place. If you're having that much trouble finding where to go just use windows of opportunity, it shows you pallet and window locations near you.

  • TicTacTicTac Member Posts: 2,176

    Its not that hard to loop. You dont need any mechanical skill.

    Look where pallets and windows are and plan your route. Windows helps.

    Hug objects and use your smaller hitbox. You would be surprised how hard the killer can catch up. With dead hard you can test risk free how often you can run around a pallet.

    Stay calm. Dont be scared of the killer. Its just a hit.

    Dont run from pallet to pallet. You dont want to create a deadzone. Holding w brings you far. So you can often use only every second pallet.

    You need the knowledge about tiles and killer powers, but 500 hours are enough to be a good enough looper for red rank.

  • SteahSteah Member Posts: 511

    OP really just ignored you because you blew him the ######### out LOL

  • RamblinRangoRamblinRango Member Posts: 389

    What is "good" looping? 1 gen, 2 gens, 3? The killer gives up? You last longer than 15 seconds? Does it matter against which killer?

    Whole post is dumb imo, if you feel like you did good, you did good.

  • Onyx_BlueOnyx_Blue Member Posts: 1,060

    Simple answer is because the game rewards immersion with pips. Hide and get safe rescues = benevelont emblems; hide and get gens done = lightbringer emblems; hold forward and drop pallets early/camp it without mindgames for the stun = evader emblems. Most survivors do not need to learn looping because hiding gets them results a lot.

    Plus, I never understand how killer mains suck at looping and running as survivor, they vs a lot of good survivors yet never pick up any of their behaviour and decision making and adopt it into their gameplay XD

  • EntitySpawnEntitySpawn Member Posts: 3,344

    Iv been rank 1 on both roles since console release and I haven't learned anything new loop wise on the survivor side in a long long while, the only thing that is new is countering new killer powers. Having said that survivor is far easier as you can have many perks to help in chase not to mention the 4v1 aspect but perks and massive skill isn't needed for survivor just knowledge and optimal time saving is key, alot of loops you can see the killer and many others have points in the loop you can sit and safely to make the window/pallet safely against 115speed killers. The issue I see alot of people have is the lack of confidence and tend to run the loop always the same and get caught out, be tricky and have fun. You'll learn what you need to in time, play both roles and you learn faster what's good/bad against all players

  • GodDamn_AngelaGodDamn_Angela Member Posts: 2,211

    I use to be super trash at Chases and Looping. I forced myself to get chased to improve my skill at it. I'm now alright but I have a lot to learn still. So it's definitely not hopeless.

    Also, I'm confused, how is it (paraphrasing) easier for players to learn a Killer than it is to get better at Survivor? Each Killer is different, yet you can play any survivor and you'll be playing the same (barring Perks). Sure you have to learn how to play against different Killers but with your limited actions, you get better and better at them and learn how to use them against most any Killer. Sure, you'll be less effective against Killers you aren't used too but it shouldn't take long to adjust since, again, you have a limited amount of actions you can actually perform. So if you are always playing with the same skill set, let you get better and better at, how is it harder to learn/get better at Survivor than it is to learn/get good with different Killers? 🤔

    A Nurse main with thousands of hours on her should be able to dominate most players as they have spent thousands of hours using one of the best Killers exclusively, one that straight-up ignores a ton of actions Survivors have to deal with Killers. I'd bet that for a long time their games were a worse experience while learning her than your games learning to play Survivor. Not a good example to be frank.

  • kyogulkyogul Member Posts: 491

    Sorry I missed this post before I responded, my page was not refreshed. Also I cannot for some reason quote this and then go to the next page to quote all in one post so I will make this an individual response


    My point was saying the game is treated by its players as 1v1 many times, not that the game is designed that way.

    Information perks I come to find are only useful to me, not my teammates. Bond is ok, don't use it much since I think its range is too short. Kindred I like, but I don't use it for other people. I use it exclusively for myself, and not even for the benefit of being a better teammate per se, I just like knowing if someone is being saved and if I should go for it, or if someone is being camped. Because without Kindred in solo queue I find it hellish having to assume if I'm far way if someone is being saved or not. Just causes unnecessary worry.

    Also "gain game sense" is just equivalent of saying 'git gud'

    The only time I find this game on the survivor's end is consistent teamwork is in a swf. You can't coordinate with randoms on what to do and where to go; pointing and waving only does so much, and in fact does very little. Can't strategise or do anything. It's basically four people randomly put together doing their own thing and only coming together for the coincidental hook/heal, and if they stumble upon you already working on a generator to genrush

  • kyogulkyogul Member Posts: 491

    When I play killer, I don't really have trouble keeping track of perks. There are only a handful that are used anyway and the lot are irrelevant, so it's never been like a struggle to keep track of them for me. I also see less variety in playstyles of survivors compared to killers, because it's basically to be looped or to not be looped (stealth). And the former only changes based on the quality of how you looped. In pub games it's even more consistent because of how dysfunctional the organisation is, so I never really have a problem.

    That's also a point I was saying to others. Like watching survivor streamers commentate what they're doing in chase, it's pretty impossible to learn from that because it's all variable. Map RNG on top of pallet RNG on top of killer RNG on top of the RNG of the quality of the player behind the killer. On top of the fact that the areas you saw that streamer loop, even if you're on the same map, you may be in a totally different area, or particularly a dead zone. Nothing is the same. Unless your last sentence was referring to bloodlust, I don't disagree with what you're saying. But my point is that it's much more rewarding and successful (being able to win games) being a mediocre killer than as a mediocre survivor. And I can also apply that to being a team of four mediocre survivors versus a mediocre killer. Your DS and unbreakable won't mean much to, say, a tinkerer, surveillance, undying, and ruin freddy or spirit that's mediocre in terms of skill.

    If I really wanted to, I can just stealth out a game and be more successful, but I find that boring. I find fun in survivor in being chased at least for a decent bit. Just hiding and doing generators is boring, and becomes frustrating when you get downed so easily if the killer finds you.

    Pacing is something I do, but it's all variable. As survivor I find it much harder to predict what someone is trying to do as killer typically other than very obvious ones, like killers walking through a pallet while chasing a survivor around a loop even if there was another entrance way that made more sense to go through.

    Custom games can be fun, but I only pretty much play with the people who introduced me to the game. Tried playing with some people in the DBD discord and some were nice but I'm a pretty shy person as well so it's not so easy for me to make friends in this game

    Yikes, the incredulity from you is obnoxious. Gonna be a no from me in continuing this conversation, but since I was asked and I'm also interested, I'll throw up screenshots from steam achievements

    That was before the most recent rank reset like a week or two ago, am rank 4 in survivor and 3 in killer since I haven't been playing as much. Rank 1 survivor was much more difficult to achieve than rank 1 killer. Almost gave up on trying to do it but luckily had some farming matches when I was rank 2.

    I have a similar experience. When I play killer it's normally really chill, and if I anticipate some sort of toxicity I can just disable comments. You can say the same for playing survivor, but survivors can't really do the same sort of in-game toxicity as killers can. Like there's nothing a survivor can do that ruins the killer's game that's equivalent to facecamping for example.

    It's also rare for me to go against rude survivors, but it's very common to go against extremely rude killers, either in game and/or in end game chat. I also don't experience SWFs even that often, let alone really good ones. It's mostly pub games which are easy to win.

    I can play DBD for hours if I'm with friends but after a few games of solo queue I'm done and I've had enough. I'm not surprised the really good survivors seclude themselves to SWFs because solo queue is just too much to deal with and is almost designed for you to fail.

    I understand that, and I've heard that comment as well. It's just that, from what I've noticed, it's much easier to be successful at winning as killer than as survivor in pub games (exception would be a good swf, since swf doesn't automatically equal being good). Like I have probably less than 100 hours in killer but it was significantly easier for me to get rank 1 in killer than in survivor, and I struggled immensely to get rank 1 and it was so frustrating that I vow to never intentionally commit to doing it again. Whereas I can get it anytime with little to no sweat while playing killer if I so chose.

    For me, the fun of survivor, other than playing with friends, is the chases. I like knowing that I did decent in a chase. Like sometimes I'm being chased and I run out of resources and I just die, and that's ok, but many times I know I could have done better.

    The survivor tricks I don't find easy to emulate at all, since I think to have a better understanding of it is to be very experienced as both a survivor and killer. For me when I play killer I'm not experienced in that, neither survivor, but I find it MUCH easier to apply those tricks I find survivor content creates doing when I play killer as opposed to when I play survivor. Like if LOS at a gym is broken, the survivor is likely to kind of linger around until they see me coming, or go the other way. When I play survivor this isn't really helpful because it's just a variety of things you can do as killer and it's only coincidentally that it works out, and often times I fail at it. As killer it just "clicks" more if that makes sense. Also another thing I have difficulty with is grasping the perspective of a killer when playing survivor, like in third person. That's perhaps one reason why I couldn't 360 well. Whereas when i'm playing killer it's so much easier to imagine what I look like or would look like on their screen.

    I do notice some patterns, like what you said about a huntress. But her hatchet hitbox is questionable, and I've had too many questionable hits with her hatchets. In situations like that I will often just walk through a pallet if I hear her raise her hatchet, and I will pre drop it when I have a chance to loop around it. Similar situation for Executioner. Deathslinger on the other hand...I truly believe doesn't really have a counter. Unlike a Huntress, there is no sound notification as to when he's about to shoot you, and his fake is identical to when he's actually about to shoot you. On top of that, trying to look back and forth constantly makes me prone to running into objects as I'm trying to both look at where I'm going and what a Deathslinger is doing. I try to just break LOS and crouch sometimes or go near objects but there's no interaction between a survivor and a Slinger. His only counter I find is to don't let him get near you, which is pretty boring.

    I use Windows all the time and it's one of my favourite perks, and but it doesn't help enough to alleviate the problem, especially against certain killers like a Deathslinger.

    It doesn't seem as easy as you claim. I think if it was that easy the survivors you go against, especially in red rank, wouldn't be so easy to beat at the very minimum 3 out of 4 times.

    He came into the thread not wanting to contribute to the actual topic, misrepresented what I said, and put words in my mouth, hence he got ignored. Overall he wanted to be a waste of space, much like you, but you seem like enough of a lapdog to want to stick around to give my thread more views and attention. Enjoy your stay, muppet.

    If you find the topic uninteresting you can always leave it. The point wasn't about my feeling good about my skills, it's that I don't, that's the point. Not really a set standard as it's variable, but I basically defined it I believe in my OP as going down with little to no fight, or very quickly. 30 seconds on a basic M1 killer from healthy to hooked is not very good in my books.

    I find immersion boring though. The only killers I feel like I need to do that on are Oni in demon mode or deathslinger because of how uncounterable they can be/their snowball effect with their power.

    I can sympathise with those killer mains because it's a lot more difficult IME to apply what you see as killer when playing survivor than the inverse. When I started actively playing killer I kind of unconsciously absorbed the mind games I saw with killers I versued and so I never really "sucked" at that point, I was able to hold my ground on average. I still go against good survivors when I play killer but as I was saying before, i think it also is very dependent on an understanding of the perspective of your opponent. When I play killer it's easy to imagine what I look like on their screen, but much harder to imagine precisely what it looks like on a killer's screen when I'm playing survivor. Stuff seems more zoomed in and in your face because of the first person camera playing killer.

    I only agree survivor is easier if you're in a swf, particularly one with at least some good players. In solo queue, it most definitely is not easier, so I cannot agree with that. And specifically I am talking about looping as survivor. You can say it's easier if you have stealthy survivors sure.

    I think to get good at looping, definitely more skill is needed. Playing killer you are not required in any instance to play other killers. There are many people who have the majority of their overall playtime in the game in one or two killers for example, and not relatively evenly distributed between all 23. You can specialise when you play killer and the practice is linear, but this is not so for survivor. To be a good survivor particularly at looping, you need to know very intimately the nuances and counters to all 23 killers or at least the majority of the popular ones. When playing killer the game isn't going to punish you in emblems for only playing one killer or tell you that you're not doing enough. The game mandates you play against different killers as survivor, but you are not required to play different killers in the slightest

    @GodDamn_Angela I also think your example is poor. You're making assumptions (I'd bet that for a long time their games were a worse experience while learning her than your games learning to play Survivor) and you seemed to have picked the hardest killer for some weird ass reason. I'm actually confused how you thought that was a good point -- "I bet X is like this because I said so even though I actually have no way to objectively say X person had a worse time learning than Y person." I don't tend to say this but that point was very ######### to read. Not going to bother to argue with your hypotheticals considering the quality of that argument, but feel free to linger around the thread to adds views or to give your final comeback or whatever.

  • SluzzySluzzy Member Posts: 2,826

    I feel your sentiment. Contrary to popular community belief, survivor is too difficult when compared to killer.

    Yes, it's possible to get really good at survivor but getting there is too much effort. You can buy this game, buy Freddy for example, invest 100 hours and you are now almost undefeatable unless a coordinated SWF swat team comes along.

    Invest 100 in survivor and you are still dying 9 out of 10 matches or more. That's wrong.

  • Huge_BushHuge_Bush Member Posts: 3,185

    I am terrible at looping. I also have Carpal Tunnel that prevents me from being able to press the keys as a normal player would. I play 98% solo survivor and I have no difficulty performing my role. I cannot loop well due to my Carpal Tunnel but I can play stealthily, cleanse totems, do gens, rescue my teammates after the killer leaves so they don't get farmed, prepare the gate then go unhook if need be and waste enough of the killers time by having them chase me to the other side of the map in order to allow my team to reset and heal.

    Yes, some things on killer side needs to be nerfed, such as Freddy (I can't wait!), but the number one thing that makes solo painful isn't tunneling, camping or slugging killers, it is idiot teammates who refuse to learn the game. Something as simple as going into a locker when the killer downs someone is lost on most solo players.

    People who complain about killers being generally over powered are either bad or woefully ignorant. That, or they're trolls, which I think you are judging by your comment history.

  • SluzzySluzzy Member Posts: 2,826

    At least I have hard facts to back up my claims. You have none, except being a biased killer main.

  • TicTacTicTac Member Posts: 2,176


    "It doesn't seem as easy as you claim. I think if it was that easy the survivors you go against, especially in red rank, wouldn't be so easy to beat at the very minimum 3 out of 4 times."

    Yh thats exactly what i dont understand. It makes no sense. Most people should be able to do it. You dont need a good reaction time etc.

    You can just copy exactly what you see a good survivor do on video. It is just walking. Holding a button.

    So the problem is maybe experience?

    When i use windows of oppurtunity i dont even need to learn the map.

    Reasons could be: dbd is too unique and has no tutorial, players dont want to be good, etc. But i dont really understand it.

  • Huge_BushHuge_Bush Member Posts: 3,185

    You accuse me of being a biased killer main even though I won't touch killer with a ten foot pole.

    You have no facts. I can link to video after video after video showing how compentent survivors stomp good killers any day.

    If you had hard facts you would have provided evidence for them, yet none of your posts does so.

  • AxxAxx Member Posts: 386

    Watch good players on Twitch. That with your 800 hours should help. Some people do have a plateau to their ability though. Personally, I only have a little bit more time played than you, and I'm fairly decent at survivor, but I have also been watching DBD on Twitch for thousands of hours. Yes, I know, I have no life lol.

  • SluzzySluzzy Member Posts: 2,826

    I'm not interested in a SWF beating a random killer. My complaints are randoms never win. Watch any popular killer streamer for proof - they literally never ever lose.

  • SteahSteah Member Posts: 511

    "you disagree with me therefore you're a muppet"


    Man just cringe posting out here. He did not misrepresent you btw but i guess your reading comprehension is probably a little too low to get that

  • Huge_BushHuge_Bush Member Posts: 3,185

    Here you are again, posting no proof. Post the proof that you have please. Show actual video evidence that killers are overpowered against decent survivors. Decent Survivors don't necessarily have to be swf. I only play solo and have had an equal amount of potato teammates versus good teammates.

    Oh, you can't because if you were to provide your evidence, we would be able to pick apart the videos and show how it was the survivors making mistake after mistake after mistake. The moment you accused me of being a biased killer main was enough for me to know you have nothing to back up your claims. I have always played the majority of my games as survivor, has a short streak as killer, and now almost exclusively play survivor. I would say I am as unbiased about both roles as one can possibly be.

    You are just bad at the game. Anyone else who complains that killers as a whole are over powered is bad at the game. If I am wrong, please provide your evidence.

  • SteahSteah Member Posts: 511

    "These people with several thousands of hours beating rando's is proof that killer is op"

  • sojalolsojalol Member Posts: 35

    It's not really hopeless, you're just frustrated which a ton of players are right now considering the current state of the game. Best advice if you want to actually get good at looping is to LIMIT TEST for the next couple dozen matches and really push what you can get away with. You start noticing patterns that good killers do and once you can tell if the killer is good or bad you can adjust your play style accordingly. For instance, a decent killer will moonwalk "mindgameable" structures if he thinks you are going to camp a pallet giving him a chance to maybe get a cheeky swing in and if he goes for that play you can punish him by either timing the stun correctly or going for the riskier play of extending the loop. Little details like that you won't notice if you play really safe and always drop the pallet early or even on time so you need to stop playing from your comfort zone and try riskier plays to see how both good and bad killers react. Sometimes when you recognize that the killer is good you might notice them double backing at structures and you can just keep running to the next structure while they waste time and lose distance. These changes to your game play buy you tons of time quickly even vs decent killers. You also need to understand how to properly run the structures in the game and what the killer's choices are for each structure as well as how many times you can loop a certain structure or how to win mindgames more often. You're partially correct though... It literally becomes a guessing game at the highest level between two equally skilled players during a chase and sometimes you just pick wrong and lose which is kind of the point.. Game would be pretty bland if you got so good you literally never lost. Sorry for wall of text.

  • SluzzySluzzy Member Posts: 2,826

    And I could pick apart your videos and show the killer main making mistakes too. This is the only thing I ever get from people defending this, that the survivor is making mistakes but it is never the other way around. The theme is that killers are all good skilled gamers and survivors are all potatoes and I don't believe it. You even accused me of bad without even knowing me you are so biased about it.

    I don't have proof of myself playing, I play as a hobby in my spare time, I already have a job making a fair salary. I said to go watch a popular killer streamer for proof but you didn't even hear me. Ironically, one has a title today says he hasn't lost a game since January 1st as killer. That is remarkable. But you are not interested in this kind of real proof.

  • YamaokaYamaoka Member Posts: 4,165

    A question just out of curiousity: Can you even play killer with carpal tunnel syndrome? I figure your tendons must feel like fire when playing killer as you don't get to chill at any moment throughout the match whereas survivors pretty much go AFK while repairing gens.

  • Huge_BushHuge_Bush Member Posts: 3,185

    I can play Trapper and Hag, but I can't play very many matches. And if it's a sweaty swf bully squad with OoO, I don't even try. I just face a corner, it's not worth the stress or pain. Trap killers are easier on my hand since right clicking isn't too difficult.

    Playing survivor is much more forgiving. If i get a cramp, I can just go in a locker for a few secs and do my hand stretches. If I'm in a chase, I just run across the map and try to juke the killer by stealthing away. It works more often than one would think and it makes me giggle with glee when I watch them check behind rocks and trees in the wrong direction. If I am chased too long and my hand hurt, I sometimes just let them down me.

    I know it sucks and I wish I could be a better teammate, but it is what it is and love this game too much to just stop playing. I really wish I could 360 or look behind myself while running, but I can't. So I will stealth and do objectives. That doesn't mean I won't take aggro though. If I know a teammate is on death hook, I will run in front of the killer and just stand there for him to come at me.

    I really hope they come out with a new hide and seek mode that is more difficult to survive and somehow scarier. I miss the adrenaline rush I got from first playing this game. I literally couldn't sleep from how pumped it made me, which is rare for me.

  • Huge_BushHuge_Bush Member Posts: 3,185

    The difference is if a killer makes a mistake, it can cost them the whole match, whereas if a survivor makes a mistake, they get chance after chance after chance. No one is saying all survivors are potatoes, we are just saying that solo is miserable due to the potatoes that we are currently matched with. It's not overpowered killers that are making the game miserable, but poor matchmaking. Once the devs fix that, the game would feel more fair for most people.

    With your admission that this is just a hobby and you only play this in your spare time, what makes you think that your opinion is valid enough? You having a job or having a "fair salary" is irrelevant.

    You're more than welcome to post a link to the killer you're referencing to. But you are not interested in providing real proof.

  • BuckobenBuckoben Member Posts: 348
    edited January 2021

    I would stop responding. They are very well known on the forums. Basically a bait account you're not gonna get through to them.

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