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Near-Death Experience Achievement Doesn't Work

im_toxicim_toxic Member Posts: 2
  • PC
  • Despite successfully escaping the match being downed once numerous times, I've been stuck at 18/25 progress on the Near-Death Experience achievement. This includes numerous exit gate escapes and hatch escapes.
  • Not sure how to explain how to reproduce other than to follow the steps the achievement tells you to, which is to escape the match being downed once.
  • I've been trying to get this achievement on and off for the past few weeks and every time I succeed, I check my achievements and the progress ends up still being stuck at 18/25.

I'm not sure if this is an issue with the achievement itself or if it's a bug that's affecting only my account, but I figured it's worth posting about anyway, as I like going for every achievement and it's been irritating me.

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  • Marius33Marius33 Member Posts: 6

    Same issue for me, played about 40 hours and 0/25 on the progress bar. There are other people mentioning the problem aswell, even on consoles. The achievements seems to have been broken with some patch, as it worked for a lot people before.

  • EcstasyEcstasy Member Posts: 168
    edited December 2020

    Still an issue  😫

    I'd read on an achievement forum where people tested and confirmed the thing about the bug still working, kinda, where the counter goes up for matches where there's only one down FOR THE WHOLE TEAM!

    Ugh. Good luck on that solo.

    Oldest mentions of this issue date back to October of this year. Though I also found something maybe semi-related in 2018, where someone was complaining of it getting countered multiple times for the same match. Presumably this achievement had the inverse problem (and correcting that got botched), where it'd go up for everyone in a march who only got downed the once and escaped...


    Well thanks for getting that one fixed ya... goon faced, uh clown, town, guy  😡


  • EmanuelPopaEmanuelPopa Member Posts: 1

    Same issue for me. Can you solve this bug please?

  • GravelordNito99GravelordNito99 Member Posts: 4

    This is still broken. Please fix this, as it's preventing my hard-earned 100% achievements.

  • KlugReeKlugRee Member Posts: 3

    Same thing i want to do but with this broken achievement...

  • Marius33Marius33 Member Posts: 6

    I do also have only this achievement left now. It really has to be fixed.

  • GravelordNito99GravelordNito99 Member Posts: 4

    Hey, I'd like to bump this thread. This still isn't fixed.

  • FocusFocus Member Posts: 6

    Still not fixed as of Feb 2021.

  • FantasyFantasy Member Posts: 67
    edited February 14

    Oops I posted a thread before I saw this one, I think it affects all platforms, hope it gets fixed.

  • FantasyFantasy Member Posts: 67
    edited February 16


  • wxnickxwwxnickxw Member Posts: 32

    This one's ages old more than a year. I got it mostly on really bad kille4s or a few killers whi spawn in and just stand there spamming attack you can go getnone player downed and then escape. It's incredibly annoying to get but the devs don't seem to care much about fixing bugs

  • TheMadCatTheMadCat Member Posts: 111

    I was wondering the reason I'm stuck at 24/25. I escaped several times last week by crawling to the exig gate, at the end of almost each match I was able to escape, and I never got the achievement.

  • wxnickxwwxnickxw Member Posts: 32

    Yah but don't worry there gonna consider starting to fix it in another year or two

  • A9KA9K Member Posts: 2

    even skill check "nerves of steel" trophy doesn't work!! it stopped counting....

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