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Getting better at looping as survivor is hopeless



  • SluzzySluzzy Member Posts: 2,826

    That's because it is asymmetrical causing killer to be more engaging. That's normal and nothing to do with balance.

    I gave you proof. I expect you to do a little effort on your part.

  • YamaokaYamaoka Member Posts: 4,165

    Have you tried playing on a controller or does it make no difference when it comes to pain ? Just wondering as it would allow you to look behind you due to thumb movement only / no wrist movement.

  • Huge_BushHuge_Bush Member Posts: 3,191

    I learned this game using a keyboard and when I didn't have a controller. I actually ended up buying one, but found it annoying to try and relearn the inputs. It would be easier on my wrists if I could try again and get used to it, but I really just need to stop playing and break my addiction to DbD.

  • JediWithASniperJediWithASniper Member Posts: 640
    edited January 2021

    So, I know you said that YouTube videos don’t help, and I thought the same thing at first. I pretty much exclusively watched TRU3, because I didn’t care for notord, or monto. But it wasn’t until I discovered Usyllis that I began to improve at looping. TRU3 taught me strategies that were for advanced players, and his play style was very different from mine. I realized that he plays very calculated with set strategies ahead of time, I play more intuitively, I didn’t improve on loops watching TRU3 basically at all, but with Usyllis, something clicked. My looping game improved quite a bit. Then I came back to TRU3, and realized that he taught very good strategies against specific killers. You might not find their videos helpful, but I use TRU3’s strategies against spirit and nurse constantly, and they are amazing, but Usyllis pathing in loops clicks for me.

    I don’t know how many hours I have into survivor, but my devotion level is coming up on 8, and I think I’m getting the hang of looping a bit better. I know that is a lot of time into survivor, but I love the game!

  • kyogulkyogul Member Posts: 491
    edited March 2021

    That's the conclusion I came to, and I'm not really seeing any arguments that say otherwise tbh. The only counter is to be not only a swf, but a good one (unless the killer is bad, then even a swf with survivors who play badly can outplay then), but we've already seen according to the devs statistics that the majority of survivors play in solo queue.

    Even when using Unbreakable and DS pub games are often times impossible to win. Meanwhile if I use undying and ruin on a freddy I'm going to win at least 3 out of 4 of my matches with ease. Hell, even before I used undying and ruin I was using pop, oppression, and surveillance, and still won 3 out of 4 of my games. Undying and ruin just made me sweat a lot less.

    It's just overwhelming, and it's like I have to study for some class to get better at survivor whereas it's typically more simple not only in relativity but in general to compete in red rank pub games as killer while being mediocre and winning most of your matches.

    I'd disagree on that, reaction times are very important on both sides. I also do use windows of opportunity regularly but it's only a little help, and not a lot. And I'm sorry but it's not nearly as easy as you make it out to be. Also, those survivor content creators are narrating their own specific chase. They are on a particular side of the map, in a particular jungle gym, with a particular map RNG and particular perks, as well as against a particular killer. You can't just copy and paste and become good at looping when there are so many variables.

    I also watch DBD streamers regularly, both killer and survivor. Pretty much every day

    There's no disagreement about what I meant. I explained what I meant and how what I said meant a particular meaning. Neither of you two have a space to contest that, but you do have a space in continuing being the smoothbrain you are and contributing to my thread and giving it more attention than it already has. You're mostly good for nothing, but at least are dumb enough to coincidentally be good for something. Keep it up, chump

    Feel free to insert whatever second cheesy comeback you've got but unfortunately a clown can entertain themselves and there's no assistance on my part needed to do that for you, so this exchange ends here. Feel free to stick around though as you already have been.

    No need to apologise for the wall of text, and thank you for responding (as well as the lot of everyone else).

    I do notice details, but it's really just weird that I can't seem to wrap my brain around what the killer is doing. Personally I play in a particular way as killer and the survivors I see don't really play any different, therefore it's easy to know what they're doing, even if I don't personally do them myself. My issue isn't about winning or anything; some of my favourite games actually I lost, but it either was unique and/or I had a good chase. Like the most scary game I had was maybe a month ago. I was giving Object of Obsession a try and was kind of liking it since I wanted to get better at chase so I thought why not make a perk where I'm going to be the centre of the killer's attention. But it was on Midwich, against a Scratch Mirror Myers with Huntress Lullaby. Extremely difficult game, and somehow I managed to be the last one alive. Other favourite games were against some good nurses that I manage to loop around a bit. I died, but the chases were fun (one reason why I get excited going against nurses).

    There's also "creating" loops as well, and I've been trying to do that recently but it's really meh. Like if there are two pallets near each other, I will pre drop, circle around them a few times, then go to the other to do the same thing and kind of create a faux jungle gym. But it's all really variable depending on the killer, and there are plenty of killers I suck going against. It also could be that maybe I'm underrating how I play. It didn't strike me until now that it would've made more sense to show what I actually play like, not for critiques (although much appreciated) but for context as to what I'm saying. I only have one that's viable to upload (i tried uploading the other which shows more of a chase but it's on The Game and the video is dark as #########, almost black, when downstairs).

    I was playing with a streamer and her friends here. We weren't on comms. Chase happens at about 8:54

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  • SteahSteah Member Posts: 511

    Holy ######### your cringe. You can't even present your argument properly,, get called out on it, have a zero iq comeback, get called out again and just ignore it. If this is what survivors mains are like im not surprised they need the devs to cater to them

  • UnifallUnifall Member Posts: 749

    At the base of the game looping is the same with every killer. Its only different when they use their power. How boring would it be if evey killer was just a wraith every game? Its good that different killers makes you play differently. It forces you to adapt and think instead of mindlessly looping the same obstacles over and over again.

  • kyogulkyogul Member Posts: 491

    I don't think I ever said or implied all killers should be the same. And that's my point, their power gives them minor to major nuances, and even still none are really ever the same. Even height of a killer can change how you loop.

  • sojalolsojalol Member Posts: 35

    Okay great! You got some footage so I can actually give you some better help. So at 9 30 in the video vs the wraith you got a killer stun at a pretty unsafe pallet in general and once a pallet is thrown down (at an unsafe pallet) it becomes REALLY unsafe and you waited for the wraith to recover from the stun to see what his move is. In this situation you should just take off running asap because you could have gotten so much more distance especially because he didn't have enduring. In this specific clip you were able to make it to another pallet (another unsafe unfortunately), but in other circumstances you wouldn't have because you gave the killer time to recover and catch up. Now at longer loops what you are doing is correct, wait a bit for him to almost recover and start running BUT make sure he kicks the pallet. If he doesn't kick the pallet run the long side of the loop until you force him to break it (you seem to be doing this correct). Good body blocking later for your teammates you played that nice and you 3 got out which is great. Other than that it just takes time and like i said earlier you have to LIMIT TEST if you really want to see how good you can become which means dont worry about dying, but focus on seeing what you can get away with. Also i see that your console.. idk if you can, but if you have the option to turn your camera sensitivity up i would recommend it on a bit higher around 70% so you can easily turn your camera more often and look at the killer a bit more during the chase because it helps a ton and could have been the difference at 9 48 (It was a tense situation and I still do this sometimes dont worry).

    Anyways, good luck! Don't take my criticism harshly I don't mean it that way at all I can tell you just want to improve so here is some advice that I wish i knew earlier.

  • sirmoobs1984sirmoobs1984 Member Posts: 12

    You should be focused on fixing generators and escaping. Running around in circles is nothing to brag about and I definitely wouldn't worry about how good I am at it. Sooner or later the survivor gets caught. You can't expect to loop forever.

  • TicTacTicTac Member Posts: 2,176


    "I'd disagree on that, reaction times are very important on both sides. I also do use windows of opportunity regularly but it's only a little help, and not a lot. And I'm sorry but it's not nearly as easy as you make it out to be. Also, those survivor content creators are narrating their own specific chase. They are on a particular side of the map, in a particular jungle gym, with a particular map RNG and particular perks, as well as against a particular killer. You can't just copy and paste and become good at looping when there are so many variables.

    I also watch DBD streamers regularly, both killer and survivor. Pretty much every day"

    I see the point with the reaction time. In your clip you got downed bc you dropped a unsafe pallet to early and the killer faked one side. You need to look at the killer and then drop the pallet in the right direction. I can mess this up too but its only needed for unsafe pallets.

    Otherwise your looping was decent. You used first two safe pallets correctly and stunned the killer with the unsafe third pallet. Maybe you could have made it directly to the fourth pallet without using the third, but both were unsafe anyway and at the end of the game you can waste pallets. Its normal that you get down at unsafe pallets and i cant say whether there was a safe pallet you could have reached.

    Windows of oppurtunity was for me an eye opener. I did learn the maps alot quicker and understand the variations better. Its really helpful for me in unique maps like midwitch.

    You look at the streamer gameplay wrong. Yh there are many killer and you cant use the same tactic against every killer and you need to know the difference. But you should ignore the map. Sure there are some special maps like midwitch. But most of the maps have the same tiles. It doesnt matter which map it is. (Not much) There are three jungly gyms (i count the variation in ormond) and they are always the same, you can identify them easily. It is enough to learn to run all tiles alone and you are better as the average red rank survivor. Linking tiles differs from match to match but you dont need the perfect route. Just know where the pallets are (windows of oppurtunity), their strength and how long the killer needs to catch up to you. And you can ignore perks. Mostly they just use one exhaustion perk. Just ignore this part for your chase.

    But your chase was decent, you did not go down at the safe pallets. Many red rank survivor are masters at going down at a safe pallet. Can you explain to me how thats possible? Doesnt that mean that looping isnt hard, most players are just really bad?

  • EntitySpawnEntitySpawn Member Posts: 3,353

    Are you judging how well you do as survivor by if you escape or how many gens your team get done because if so that's the issue, I'm very adept at the game, know every title and map layout, can predict totem spawns and the likely pallet spawns and there are games where very few gens get done, I never played bad though still had really good chases and played well but it's not on me if my team suck, killer on the other hand is far harder because I order to do well you need to beat 4 people meaning its likely your point of view that you aren't doing the best just because your team was bad. You could also be lucky and verse bad survivors when playing killer, sadly I dont get that lol when I play everyone knows the loops and how to run them yet when I play survivor people won't last 5seconds even against average skilled killers always look at your skill as a solo not as a team. If there was 4 of you versing that killer how would the game of gone? For me I couldn't see the killer killing all 4 that's not cocky that's just due to the knowledge I have and how efficient I am with gens, loops etc.

  • KaliniktaKalinikta Member Posts: 654

    If you use kindred to know whether you should go for the save, stick to a gen because someone else is going for the save or the killer is face camping. Even though you claim this is just for you, it is actually about being a better teammate. (It is why I always have it, because my game sense isn't good enough)

    What you do not get is even if people are selfish that does not mean they aren't part of a team. You cannot make the game balanced around peoples egos and selfish behavior. The game is a 1v4 and even a bunch of solos are a team, if you spread out and do gens you are doing well. A SWF will always be better at efficiency, they do not need information perks, they do not need as much game sense as they simply tell each other what the deal is.

  • OrionbashOrionbash Member Posts: 697

    I understand your frustration OP. You're kind of at that middle point in terms of hours played where the only place you can improve is in chases and that's kind of an awkward phase. But you'll get there. Just off the top of my head here are some suggestions that could help you improve your game:

    1) Watch survivors on Twitch/YouTube that are leaps and bounds ahead of you. My personal recommendation is Fungoose solely because his channel is dedicated to education. Second contender for first place is Ussylis. Others I like are Ayrun/TheJRM/Tithi. And while I'm not a fan of his personality as he's kinda hypocritical there is Tru3ta1ent. The dude does know the game and is a very competent survivor and has the most content available on YouTube.

    2) Learn to string tiles together for stronger loops. When running between objectives don't just watch out for the killer. Really observe the map and see what's available for you to loop on. This is very advanced looping, but you'd be surprised at how fast the killer gets agitated and leaves you alone. Especially if you refuse to give them a pallet out of it.

    3) Run a build that is complementary to looping. My personal recommendation is Sprint Burst/Iron Will/Perk of your choice/Spine Chill. Sprint Burst will ensure that you are always in position and ready to go. Dead Heard is irrelevant if Bubba catches you out of position. SB won't let that happen. It counters a lot of killers. However my play style may not be your play style and therefore you could find another build that works.

    4) This is probably the most useful piece advice that I can give you: Don't waste pallets ever. If a killer is going to hit you as you reach the pallet, even if you're gonna go down, just don't throw it. Ever. If you're healthy just take the hit and zoom away from the tile. Dropping a pallet unnecessarily essentially kills that tile for survivors. Instead, punish the killer for daring to hit you before the pallet is dropped. :) That tile will be used later to waste even more time by another survivor, or possibly yourself, and that killer will regret taking the M1. TRUST ME ON THIS.

    5) Knowing every killer and how to counter them is imperative. I know you touched on this briefly in your post and feel like killer has an easier time learning how to loop but this isn't true. Every killer has their own way of managing loops and they also have to learn what perks each survivor has. Every single game. Just like survivors need to know i) Who the killer is and ii) what perks they have. And if you get a Spirit with stridor just do your best. She's OP and has no counter and hopefully the devs will address this one day. :(

    6) Adapt to the killer as you play. Some examples: If you got a killer that constantly tries to mindgame, they will always try to mindgame. Punish them for this and just run away from the tile. It's hilarious and I absolutely love doing it. Lol. They'll sit there in a corner trying to hide their red stain and pop out only to find you're miles away or even lose you entirely. If you got a killer that plays into the loop, then just loop. This goes for you as well though. Don't be predictable. If you fake a vault once, don't do it again immediately as the killer will expect you to fake it.

    I'm not the best survivor out there, and my advice is subject to criticism, but I do really well with it. Good luck! You'll get it eventually.

  • unsafepalletunsafepallet Member Posts: 72

    I get what you mean but honestly most survivor tricks just boil down to pretending to do one thing and doing the opposite. I think you might just be overthinking it because that's all there really is to looping.

    When it comes to the killer breaking LOS at gyms and etc. all you really have to do is stand at a corner or call their bluff and keep running. Not much the killer can do if you stand in a corner other than trying to hide the red stain.

    Also I get what you mean about deathslinger being kinda tough to play against but he's not without his counterplay. It works very similarly to huntress, just slightly harder to pull off. Whenever he's chasing you it's good to break LOS and keep running. If you're in the open you can try zig-zagging as long as you're near a loop. If you're running in a straight line the play is usually just to continue for about 2-3 seconds then sidestep. It works the same as huntress and etc. it's just harder to pull off.

  • AxxAxx Member Posts: 386

    Well I have found that watching good players, along with playing has made me a competent survivor. I have no issue doing well. Just because it doesn't or didn't work for you, doesn't mean it can't work for others. Maybe you have just hit your personal skill cap with survivor.

  • ShirokinukatsukamiShirokinukatsukami Member Posts: 1,624


    Both sides can make crucial mistakes that cost them the game. And both sides can make mistakes that aren't very costly. If anything a killer has more chances to make mistakes and still recover. A survivor can make one mistake and just stay on hook or bleed on the floor for the rest of the game until they die.

  • SaltyNootySaltyNooty Member Posts: 157

    Looping isn't all that hard! I thought of it the same way and thought it was impossible to do but I got some tips for you. If you lose in a match spectate survivors who are still alive and see how they loop; Espeically in SWF or in A new SWF.

    One of the ways I loop is by turning my camara with the movement of my character so that my eyes are on the killer and getting ready to mindgame them. Dont be trigger happy to throw down a pallet, mindgame them by moving left and right to make your next direction unpredictable. Usually when your at the pallets, it's predictable but you never know.

    Here's another piece of advice! Dont ALWAYS go for stuns, just throw down a pallet when you feel like it's time; this way you're not taking a complete risk at getting hurt while the stun is happening, which is plausible. Mainly, you should observe other players and how they loop and apply it to your own. That's the way I learned and i'm still learning new ways to loop and evade killers.

  • RydogRydog Member Posts: 3,203

    Steam says I've played this game for 2,500 hours, and I am a consistently red rank survivor who is still usually mediocre at best in chases. I can usually run some of the more generous loops (like shack and double window) decently, but I am still the guy who will sometimes get caught and hooked like 30 seconds into the match.

  • Gore_NargaiGore_Nargai Member Posts: 77

    Sorry your excellency for needing proof to believe such a bland statement, idk in what world you live on but that's how arguing works, i quote:

    "give reasons or cite evidence in support of an idea, action, or theory, typically with the aim of persuading others to share one's view."

    that's straight from the dictionary. There's nothing wrong on being doubtful of others.

    Specially when that person has an opinion that almost nobody shares.

  • SpookyPumpkinPiezSpookyPumpkinPiez Member Posts: 272

    A lot of looping is luck for sure, but I think some people just "get it". Like my boyfriend, we played like 2 hours of the game in total and he could loop the killer for a decent amount of time. Meanwhile, I have almost 1400 hours and I'm still downed a few seconds after I've been found. I've watched so many videos of how to get better and I just can't seem to get the hang of it. I managed to reach rank 1 though with Blendette (no, not all Blendette's are useless), so it's possible to still do well in general.

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