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What's the one thing...



  • CCClarkCCClark Member Posts: 32

    I wish someone had told me to try both survivor and killer equally so i'd have an equal skill in both. Sadly now i'm addicted to killer.

  • FacuMartFacuMart Member Posts: 23

    i dont know how to use keys, im still dont know

  • offwhiteknightoffwhiteknight Member Posts: 172

    Killer: That the quickest way to find survivors is to head towards the farthest generator.

    Survivor: It's okay to run often.

  • EuphoricBliss35EuphoricBliss35 Member Posts: 876
  • BreadLordBreadLord Member Posts: 220

    its ok to run even when not in a chase

  • SkeletalEliteSkeletalElite Member Posts: 1,997

    You don't always need to hide from the killer.

    Killer's gonna chase someone eventually and you'll only get better at running the killer for long periods of time if you try to run them instead of escape or hide.

  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Administrator, Co-ordinator, BHVR Posts: 18,263

    I think this is a really good one. I think many people when they start off playing tend to hide a lot more and are less confident in their ability in a chase - my biggest advice to new survivors even now is to always get involved in the match, make saves don't feel that you have to hide from the killer constantly. You can always tell the ones that hide a lot, because they usually go down instantly when they're eventually chased or drop every pallet instantly.

  • AiresBattlebladeAiresBattleblade Member Posts: 25

    That you have to actually equip the perks your character comes with. I played Dwight as my main for a long time and never checked the load out section.

  • How to use exhaustion perks. I struggled so much with Sprint Burst in the beginning because I didn't understand the exhaustion status effect.

  • mrpiesellermrpieseller Member Posts: 113

    I wish somebody told me that perks were permanent. Yes, i was that stupid. I thought that the perks i found in the bloodweb would get lost if I used them, so for about a week or so, I didnt use any perks.

  • JackpotJackpot Member Posts: 10

    Take note of your surrondings even before going into a chase, especially when going to a generator to have an escape plan.

    Last thing you need is something like a ghostface stalking you or an undetectable killer grabbing you... Or getting hit before even making it to a pallet or windows, generally teaching players to be on their feet for when a killer comes so that they can extend chases and NOT hide...

    Well sometimes hiding can be more ideal, since it wastes the killer time but if others are on deathhook and you've not been hooked, please do take a chase.


    Take note of your surrondings. Have escape options.

    Be ready to be chased and not hide, especailly if others were hooked more than you.

  • FilthyLegionMainFilthyLegionMain Member Posts: 669

    You shouldn’t run all the time. Use it for those crucial moments to bamboozle them into searching lockers.

  • Captaincrazy83Captaincrazy83 Member Posts: 22

    Being hooked and waiting for the killer to leave. I hate when I get hooked and someone rushes to pull me down, and the killer has not even left yet or they don’t have borrowed time!!!!! I mean are you trying to get us both killed? Are you wanting the game to end that fast? I mean come on lol...

  • Dito175Dito175 Member Posts: 1,152

    That you shouldn't drop pallets early, i would drop every pallet i see so i wouldn't "waste time" during a chase droping them.

  • AdjathaAdjatha Member Posts: 1,011

    It would've been nice to know that kicking generators doesn't automatically reduce the amount they've been worked on (unless you have Pop Goes the Weasel), it just starts an extremely slow reduction that can be stopped if the survivors touch it for a split second. Basically, it would've been nice to know that kicking generators is basically useless 9 times out of 10.

  • xxirontigerpawxxxxirontigerpawxx Member Posts: 2
    edited January 2021

    Giving penalties to all killers that camp and troll game play.

    I record every match and report those types of player

  • Hex_SaltHex_Salt Member Posts: 443

    I Actually lol'd at this because that was exactly the same as me the red stain!!!


    1) You DON'T have to commit to every chase if the survivor is in a strong position, just because you 'found someone' because they can waste so much time (and its definitely harder to find survivors when first playing, I'll play killer and a pal who doesn't play will watch me ans he can't believe how good i am at spotting survivors- experience). Commit to one chase all game and its GG.

    2) Time Time Time Time TIME!!! Be efficient, if there's a survivor scared and hiding all game fine they're not doing gens - pressure the others doing objectives. Can't tell you how long it took me to realise that.

    3) To play M1 killers first and learn the basics of anti-looping.

    4) Camping (which let's all be honest we all did in the first few games) especially at the start is inefficient. As long as the survivors have a brain you'll be there for 2 minutes watching the gens fly or other survivors will body block their way to the save.

    5) Turn to a wall if possible or look away to stop flashlight saves. Again took a while for me to learn that one

    6) Get BBQ ASAP - BP at beginning is invaluable but also promotes anti-camp so for beginners a solid good reward

    7) SWF exist and they WILL outplay you when you start as killer. Don't be disheartened or rage persevere. Everyone has to start somewhere and with increased experience you'll get better at dealing with them.

    8) As killer you are faster (nurse aside) but physics exist in the game - hugging loops is efficient whereas slopping loop movement can negate your speed advantage. Kinda common sense but took me a while to master

    9) When selecting perks for killers with special attack (Cannibal, Billy etc) keep a close eye to make sure its not basic attack only (sloppy butcher for example) potentially wasted perk slot.

    10) Watching the best play makes you better. You have to learn the absolute basics but seeing how some of the most popular twitch, YouTube etc streamers play will undoubtedly make you stronger. I cant tell you how many tips I picked up this way from the red glow as @MandyTalk mentioned to determining of loops are safe or not etc. Learn from the best.

    11) To be a truly efficient killer (or survivor) you really have to play both killer and survivor. Focusing only on one only gets you so far.

    You asked for 1 but here's a wee list. Happy reading lol

  • ChordycepsChordyceps Member Posts: 925

    I wish I had known earlier that it's ok to dip from chases to if they're taking too long and pressure gens instead.

  • Hex_SaltHex_Salt Member Posts: 443

    Couldn't agree more I was exactly the same. Tbh on an absolute beginner who's playing dbd for the first time sprint burst is a bad perk because they'll not get the proper use out of it. I didn't for a while

  • HappstaHappsta Member Posts: 69

    Don't follow survivors when they try to run to the other side of the map especially when that side has its generators done. Sometimes it's better to break chase then walk away from your generators

  • sad_killer_mainsad_killer_main Member Posts: 785

    That patience is the most important perk to level up in this game as killer.

  • MindGame3301MindGame3301 Member Posts: 65

    I wish I'd known how to most affectively spend my bloodpoints. I have over 150mil bp earned with all teachables but sadly I have all perks on Kate and Adam and there not even prestige 1...

  • TripleStealTripleSteal Member Posts: 1,298

    That in order to tractor tech on 4.4/4.6 m/s killers you need to force your character to walk slower.

  • Overdrive_85Overdrive_85 Member Posts: 1

    you can see how far a gen has been done by the number of pistons moving

  • Shinigami_KiDShinigami_KiD Member Posts: 1

    hi was wondering if anyone could give any suggestions on how to stop my dbd from automatically closing my app and signing me out of ps4. My friend and I have been wanting to play but can't and we already deleted our games and the data on it then reinstalled it but after a week it goes back to closing app and logging us out of our accounts. pls help😓

  • TripleStealTripleSteal Member Posts: 1,298
    edited February 2021

    Try to make a post on Technical issues subforum for a qualified response

  • LintyScorpionLintyScorpion Member Posts: 164

    How to loop, to not hide in a corner because of the tr, to not waste good/god pallets, how to prevent 3 genning. Mostly the basics like that.

  • TheShocktorTheShocktor Member Posts: 130

    One thing I wish I had known was to use your time wisely to do gens, heal under hook instead of running across map, don't hide every time you hear a heartbeat, and don't crouch walk everywhere. Oh and save your teammates, but not in front of the killer. Sorry that's a lot but just things I remembered from being new and still see to this day. But if it has to be one thing, learn to be efficient.

  • halfemptyhalfempty Member Posts: 3

    I didn’t know looping was a thing. I used to think killer was so op because I’d insta-throw a pallet and last 2 seconds in a chase. 😂 also, that skill checks appear after the audio cue. Took me too many audio cues/skill checks to realize that haha

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