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The Feng Min challenge list

PlutoriPlutori Member Posts: 8

I love Feng Min, despite being a killer main. To that end, I've come up with a list of killer challenges, one for every killer to do. If you complete every challenge in the list, I'll reward you with either a DLC or a copy of DBD to give to a friend (Ah, only to the first person, you know? I'm not rich, you know?). Video proof and non- KYF matches only (IE, must be matchmade). But really, just do them for fun, and to get to know Feng more.

Depths of my love

You want to share your deep personal stories and secrets with Feng Min. As the Trapper, on the map Coal Pit, hook Feng Min on a basement hook where the basement has spawned inside of the Coal Pit building (not the killer's shack). Then, place a trap on top of the basement stairs, and recreate your Trapper past. Now you can be closer to Feng.


You really want to talk to Feng, but you don't know how! All you can do is look at her from afar. As the Wraith, complete a match where you kill everyone except for Feng. You can only uncloak if Feng is not around, and if Feng shows up, you have to immediately decloak and run away from her. Only valid in a match with one Feng, but any map will do. Hopefully Wraith will become more bold in the future.

Object of Major Attraction

You're drawn in by Feng, and can't resist her at all. As the Hillbilly, hit Feng with a chainsaw attack after chainsaw sprinting on any map for at least 3 seconds. (I recommend BBQ and Chili for this one)

Ascension to Heaven

You've become a bit more bold now. You want to challenge the heavens themselves and touch Feng. As the Nurse, on any map with multi-leveled buildings, ascend a vertical floor using your blink and successfully blink attack Feng.

Feng Shui

You desperately need Feng's impeccable opinion on your layout and design skills! As Michael Myers, on the map Haddonfield, get a Feng player to successfully admire the art on the walls inside at least 2 buildings. If she nods at at least 2 paintings, the building is considered cleared. Head shakes are considered a rejection.

Excitable Feng

You want to get Feng's blood pumping and show her a good time! As the Hag, on any map, have a Feng player set off at least 5 of your traps in a single match.

Discovering the truth

Feng's nemesis, the Doctor, wants to find out just what makes Feng so irresistible. As the Doctor, on the map Lery's Memorial Institute, hook Feng Min on the hook in the center of the operation theater. We wish him good luck.


Leatherface may not be smart, but he can still gather food and offer it to Feng! As Leatherface, in a match with only one Feng player, on any map, Mori all 3 survivors except for Feng, and get Feng to acknowledge the corpses. You are not allowed to hit Feng, after all, Leatherface is a good boy.

I dream of Feng

We all dream of Feng, don't we? As the Nightmare, find a way to keep Feng in the dream world for at least 5 minutes.

Playing with Feng

Feng deserves punishment for being so attractive. It's not fair to the rest of the female cast. As the Pig, on the map The Game, kill Feng with a Reverse Bear Trap.


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