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What's with the dusty noose map offering lately?

I've been seeing this map offering used quite a bit lately by both sides and I'm curious as to why. Do people actually like the saloon map


  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 19,847

    God no I absutely despise it and I genuinely don't understand why anyone would willingly go to that map. The gameplay is incredibly boring, with one of two choices to play: either stealth 100 or run to main building. Platform gens up the wazoo, but most of the pallets are unsafe as all hell so have fun trying to play those. Random pallet spawns? Good luck buddy they're almost all identical.

    It's just dull and monotonous and I despise it.

  • shadowman0105shadowman0105 Member Posts: 261

    I like it as deathslinger and I don’t mind it as survivor since I run detectives hunch with a map so I know what gens need doing if we reach end game

  • Casanova09Casanova09 Member Posts: 64

    I've just been seeing a bit more lately and am honestly just confused. I hate this map, especially when it comes to finding totems

  • KlakkyKlakky Member Posts: 444
    edited January 2021

    *angry survivor sounds*

    Why do so many people have a problem with totems, even with no perks they're really easy to find, always spawn in same area, usually in corners, the location where they spawn looks a bit different it's perfect size for it most of the time.

    One of easiest maps to find totems, although, I once cleansed 4 dulls and couldn't find last one, found them all (4) really fast like usuall, I took a gamble on last one and finished the gen and someone that hid the whole game got found, I did search near gate but u don't do gens don't expect a rescue mission xD

    (Pretty sure I know where it was, small corner of map I didn't check cause killer was there often and it was gen furthest from others, I usually let them fix that one as killer.)

    That's literally the only time I had trouble finding a totem, I didn't really trust my team but I figured maybe they cleansed it but nah

  • EquusEquus Member Posts: 307

    I don't see it more often but I wish I would; it is my favorite map. It's a good killer map if you just let them have the saloon gen so they don't have a reason to go there anymore. If you get a survivor that beelines to the saloon just find another it's not like there is an objective to do there for them so I don't mind them hiding in there.

    As survivor you need and can make the most of line of sight breakers with all those smaller buildings. Yeah there are loads of unsafe pallets but that only means you don't linger around those. Totems spawn in obvious spots (there is always 1 in the saloon for example). I find it quite fun to pull of a stealth bush play. Hatch spawn is predictable (usually in the street, under the gallows or on a boardwalk). Since it's a good map for killers you need to think about your position and only repair gens in deadzones when the killer is busy.

    And it looks beautiful. I also like the game map so I don't represent the majority LOL

  • DeceptivePastryDeceptivePastry Member Posts: 48

    I really like this map on both sides, unless I see a blendette or two in the lobby in which case they have to die first or I'll never see them again.

  • AwrhyAwrhy Member Posts: 23

    i heard it wass the smallest map in the game, so i have no clue why survivors would run it

    on the other hand i do thinks it is a pretty cool map which personally, when playing survivor i do enjoy, also i guess it is one of the maps where balanced landing can be used well?

  • MikeasaurusMikeasaurus Member Posts: 2,325

    You'd have loved my match last night then. 4 SWF Blendettes on Saloon. My god. It was a literal spot the survivor. No gens were being done, which was nice, until I spent 10 minutes walking the entire map not finding any of them and not 1 gen was touched. Honestly couldn't tell if they were just meming or trying to be toxic.

  • Hex_SaltHex_Salt Member Posts: 443

    Its a great map for the majority of killers. I've noticed it as well and I'm unsure why survivors use the offerings

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