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Build question

Hello, I'm trying to play with Wraith - MM and Freddy

My problem is that I usually get 3-4 kills and double pip with Wraith and only 1 maybe 2 kills with MM and freddy (Rank 7 killer)

So the question is do I need ruin on every killer? I don't think Wraith is stronger than MM but I'm doing a lot better with wraith just because I have Ruin+thrill of the hunt

Any build WITHOUT ruin that can be good too?

Also I'm using random perks with ruin and thrill of the hunt, are there more perks that works with ruin and thrill of the hunt?


  • Zypher84Zypher84 Member Posts: 8

    im new, bought the game for less than 28 hours ago.

    Feddy was my first killer (now lvl 12) then MM (now lvl 15)
    maby not best first Choise but…..

    dont have a problem with MM, Freddy is a Little harder tho
    MM 3-4 kills normal unless go against team upped high leveled players.
    Freddy 2-3 kills normal.

    Find that MM standard observe ability makes tracking/spotting easy, then just observe to ability at lvl 2 and go bananas :D

  • TerrortotTerrortot Member Posts: 345
    Freddy needs addons, specifically dress and paintings.  I usually skip the first one slept, and try to keep them all slept throughout the game.

    MM can be played multiple ways.  Normally, get to evil within 2 quickly, get to the edge of evil within 3 and use it to one shot a healthy survivor.

    You can also use monitor and abuse, the addon that keeps you in evil within 1, and boyfriends memo that increases evil within 1 lunge.  You cant catch a survivor in a chase, you dont get bloodlust in evil within 1, but they cant hear you anymore. You can easily pull them off generators and guaranteed scare the crap out of them.

    My basic goto perks are bbq for points and tracking, ruin to slow gens, enduring to deal with decisive strike and stuns, brutal strength to get through pallets quicker.

    You can play without ruin if you can apply pressure, you could try bbq/whispers, monitor and abuse, sloppy butcher, nurses calling.

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