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Survivors are toxic AF in solo Q

So I played 2 matches as survivor today solo because I dont have friends that are interested in the game anymore.

1st one I did great, unhooked quite a bit, took hits, did 3 gens. I was left to die before first hook, luckily she slugged me and hatch spawned on me.

2nd game same thing I did 3 gens 1 with someone 2 alone, cleansed her ruin and another hex didnt bother to check which, I saved all 3 of em at least 4 rescues, did a few 360's that worked got hit, went for window vault and she hits me trough window across the ######### field, 20ping so it was definetely her lag...on my first hook they just dip....

I figure I shouldnt leave them so I go for saves but every ######### time I play ######### like that happens and I'm left behind, every ######### time....

There is literaly 0 point in playing this game as a survivor, if no one else can play as a team, I can literaly count on one hand how many good teamates I had...



  • YamaokaYamaoka Member Posts: 4,244

    Region, rank and time of the day affects the quality of solo teammates.

    Playing in the morning feels like playing a different game. Most of my teams know what they're doing and escaping feels fairly easy most of the time.

    Playing at night however feels like most of my teams consist of sleepy people who aren't even motivated to try their best.

    Not sure if that's solely my experience but I have stopped playing solo survivor at night since I noticed that crazy difference.

    Solo survivor only in the morning for me from now on.

  • MarigoriaMarigoria Member Posts: 5,983

    Solo Q can be the most miserable experience on this game.

    I see a lot of people saying how Killer is worse, and it can be against SWF, but have those people played survivor solo? Sometimes it feels like it is a 1v5.

  • EpsydraEpsydra Member Posts: 89

    You really didn't understand the game. It's every man for himself. This is nothing new.

  • MarigoriaMarigoria Member Posts: 5,983

    If it is every man for himself why dont you all just go and play a custom game and do a 1v1, i'm sure that will be an amazing experience.

  • MarigoriaMarigoria Member Posts: 5,983

    Not even sleepy people, I'm at red ranks and at night I wait 10 minutes for a match only to get 15-20 rank team mates. They always are on different platforms as well. I think the game just can't find another solo rank 20 so it puts me there instead.

    In the morning I have the same experience, matchmaking actually works and the wait time is instant.

  • EpsydraEpsydra Member Posts: 89

    You are a survivor, not a hero. You are normally with three other people whom you do not know and with whom you cannot chat. It is literally the lore of the game. You are the prey of the Entity, subjected to a bloodthirsty killer. You are supposed to cooperate only to keep yourself alive.

    But I understand, it's so much easier and more fun to play in assisted mode (SWF), to ridicule the killer, to have no challenges and, above all, not to have to learn to play.

    SoloQ is difficult? Git gud.

  • YamaokaYamaoka Member Posts: 4,244

    Exactly - I (almost) forgot about the awful matchmaking at night making things even worse. New-ish survivors, sleepy teammates who are often afk or giving up on hook and the only other red rank besides me is the killer lol. Needless to say those matches will be one sided so playing solo at night is just a waste of time imo.

  • EpsydraEpsydra Member Posts: 89

    Red rank.

    I survive 80% of my games.

    You just don't know how to adapt. Your teammates suck? Figure it out. There is a trap door, if only you are left, and lots of ways to make it easier to access. Otherwise, we must try to open the doors despite the rounds of the killer. And yes, you won't survive every time. That's the game.

    So: git gud.

  • EpsydraEpsydra Member Posts: 89

    I don't need thousands of hours to prove to myself that I understand the game better than you do. Either way, it's ridiculous of you to put your playing time forward and desperately try to demean me.

    You are proof that hardly anyone knows how to play without SWF.

    You're so used to having dozens of second chances against the killer that you come to cry when he becomes a threat.

    Yep, you won't always have someone saving you with a palette, sabotage, or flashlight.

    Yeah, your allies might not have BT and DS.

    Yeah, your allies might not be able to escape the killer.


    Stop playing around in front of the killer, and then you will survive. I've never played SWF and I'm doing great.

  • Thiccness123Thiccness123 Member Posts: 16

    From my experience this depends what rank your playing at , if your in the 20 - 10 bracket along with those other survivors a lot of them are either new , don't understand or are genuinely bad at the game. This leaves them to not fully understand how unhooking helps your chances of escape as a team not just individually.

    I would recommend if you are solo Q to run maybe 1 or 2 intel perks that helps your team see or realise the potential for assisting a hook save and if they need to get on it because no one else is. for example bond or kindred (kindred I find helps people to realise the situation of the game at that time and if the killer is close to the hook.

    In reference to your post it seems you had a couple of bad games in a row with a couple of unsavoury team mates and I understand how that feels like you most of my friends have dropped off from playing the game as of late as they were not too impressed with the new chapters and changes to the game. You have to make the best of a bad situation and expect that it is harder solo Q because you won't have that communication or assistance of an SWF lobby. In one of your comments you said were red rank and that's good man I'm stuck around rank 5. It's the roll of the dice sometimes you get a good teammate set who gets hook saves can be in chase for a while and allow gens to be completed but 70% of the time your gonna have at least 1 teammate who is either genuinely bad or doesn't know what they are doing and that's just how the game is.

    It isn't a case of "get good" or run DS and BT it's just how the game goes. I run kindred because it helps my team understand the scenario at that time when it comes to unhooking and if anyone is on their way to help me. A trail is a collection of events or scenarios e.g. 1 hooked , 2 on gen , 1 in chase. If everyone can see those scenarios better then it helps get across what they can do to help much faster.

    Best of luck in the future

  • HawkAyeTheNooHawkAyeTheNoo Member Posts: 726

    Leaving you behind isnt toxic. Are we just claiming eveythings toxic nowadays. Open a chest - toxic. Do a dull totem - toxxxxcic.

    You got left behind, happens to us all. We move on.

  • KlakkyKlakky Member Posts: 444

    Thats not even funny ur the only one calling normal things like opening a chest and cleansing a dull totem toxic...

    Ur just trying to get a rise out of people, stop being so toxic

  • HawkAyeTheNooHawkAyeTheNoo Member Posts: 726

    People getting left behind is a normal thing and certainly not 'toxic' as you claim. Good day to you.

  • halfmanhalfapehalfmanhalfape Member Posts: 153

    Survivor queues as they are now, having 1 or 2 bad games might be all it takes. I’m having second thoughts about this game as I play it too. It seems to reward cowardly behaviour, survivors not taking aggro, wearing dark colours and blending all game, unhooking and then hiding, sandbagging teammates. This is actually how survivors win and escape. Not many people can actually survive long enough in a chase, so they just hide all game.

    Doesn’t seem like fun for the killer or survivor. But that’s just my opinion I guess.

  • SocialDistomancySocialDistomancy Member Posts: 1,319

    swf treat solos just as bad as they use killers often actually, swf hurts both

  • MarigoriaMarigoria Member Posts: 5,983

    100% agree, that's why I said that sometimes it feels like it is a 1v5, you against the killer AND your team mates, specially if they're in a 3men SWF.

  • ShirokinukatsukamiShirokinukatsukami Member Posts: 1,624

    Filthy console survivors! Bow to us PC Master Race.

  • ShirokinukatsukamiShirokinukatsukami Member Posts: 1,624

    The only one trying to demean people here is you.

    (And me you filthy console peasants).

    You jump into this thread flapping your 80% survival rate epenis and go around critiizing people for "proving themselves." Oh the irony. Dwight would be proud you are using his perk.

  • talamatalama Member Posts: 13

    No you don't survive 80% of your games. You are just another salty killer main that thinks every loss comes from a sweaty swf instead of taking his own advice and gettig gud.

  • EpsydraEpsydra Member Posts: 89


    It cannot survive without SWF and it gives lessons. Amazing community.

    I'm not crying on SoloQ while I wait.

  • MarigoriaMarigoria Member Posts: 5,983
    edited February 2021

    Maybe you shouldn't call people "it" and assume they "can't survive" just because they're stating a fact that solo Q can be a miserable experience, specially when paired with team mates like you.

    I obviously can survive if I'm at red ranks, doesn't make it less frustrating.

    Edit: Typo

  • CakeDutyCakeDuty Member Posts: 915

    Definitely! I was playing against a 2 man Russian SWF team. The other guy and myself were playing solo.

    The Russians both had Breakout and did no gens the whole game, just followed each other as they went down and taking hits, making them go down merely a few seconds later. I kill myself on hook, cause I didn't wanna play that game and spectate. The second solo survivor was being stealthy, but had done 2 gens by herself (I did 1 and the two other 0), one of the Russians died and was clearly telling his partner where the solo was, cause he kept leading the killer to them, killing himself and the poor random survivor at the same time. In endgame chat they said, "the random deserved to die for playing stealthy".

  • EpsydraEpsydra Member Posts: 89

    There are some games that will be awful, either. So what ? Seriously ? Are you so used to consistently winning in SWF that you can't bear to lose a game?

    Especially since in the red ranks, the teammates know how to save you with the flashlight, know how to flee the killer, know how to destroy totems, use good advantages, etc. For the vast majority.

    Stop crying for nothing, I can't take it anymore. It never goes with you, no wonder the game is doing so badly if the developers aren't sure what to do to make you happy.

    I am a 50/50 player. I play as much survivor as killer. Always in SoloQ, never in SWF. Am I going to create yet another subject to cry on? No.

  • SocialDistomancySocialDistomancy Member Posts: 1,319

    "The random deserved to die for not wasting time dancing around the killer and being one of the only two doing generators trying to escape" and they wonder why nobody wants to play with them lol.

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