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Where is the free exklusive skin you promised?

The Devs said everyone who buys the dlc will get a free skin. So where is it? 

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  • CetrenCetren Member Posts: 917
    Kate denson, white shirt
  • MonsieurGaryMonsieurGary Member Posts: 31
    edited June 2018

    No, that's not a skin, thats a regular second option shirt that every survivor has. We were promised an exclusive skin not a shirt. So, they either lied or didnt patch in the skin you'd get,

  • JarheadHMEJarheadHME Member Posts: 3

    Yes, that was the skin. The white Kate Denson shirt. You don't have it if you don't buy the DLC (so I've heard, I've yet to hear anyone say anything to the contrary though).

  • onarkonark Member Posts: 97

    That's the exclusive skin, a recolored copy of her top in a nuclear white that no one will wear.

  • MasterMaster Member Posts: 10,205

    Did you sreiously buy the DLC for an exclusive skin? Pls guys.....
    And if the freddy DLC tought us one thing, then to wait a few days/weeks and then make an educated decision

  • BarpleBapkinsBarpleBapkins Member Posts: 36

    @MonsieurGary said:
    What, why though ? Thats not even a ''skin'' and that should not be the skin because every survivor has a secondary option in terms of shirts, if thats really the freaking skin that comes with it, then I want my money back and I ll earn the clown by playing, what a lousy ''exclusive skin''

    To my knowledge, you can just refund the DLC within a certain timeframe. If you've played more than 2 hours with the DLC however, I don't think you'll be able to refund it.

  • CharlieCharlie Member Posts: 2
    I didnt buy the DLC for a skin. So far i bought every dlc. But i still wanted to ask since they promised it. And if Its really the Kate Shirt then it is indeed a bit disappointing. Man i miss the times when there was a New Shirt, all basic survs could wear. 
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