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This issue happened on October 23, 2020. When I unlinked my Behaviour account from my Steam account and I re-open the game, I see that I lost my killers and survivors, including the currency (auric cells, iridescent shards and blood points), progress on Rift and Tome of that moment. It sounds weird but that's was happened. Contacting by email with the Support team at the start, after a few months, I recovered my currency so the auric cells, iridescent shards and blood points are not the problem. The real problem is that I still don't have my killers and survivors. Fortunately, I didn't lose characters and things from DLC so I have some killers and survivors yet. That includes Teachable perks, Add-ons, offerings (no losses on inventory from remaining killers and survivors).

Here there are some images as example:

These are the same images that I used in that first report.

That's all, I hope you can help me with this issue.

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This isn't something we can help you with on the forum, you would need to contact Support directly: https://support.deadbydaylight.com/hc/en-us


  • TomyFoxy2014TomyFoxy2014 Member Posts: 6

    Hello, i forgot to mention something, you can check my Steam profile if you have any questions, there I have more screenshots as evidence.

  • NuKeDNuKeD Member Posts: 193

    it happened the same to me right now.

    i've skins, shards and bloodpoints, but they're all level 1 and i've no perks/offerings.

  • Zydrate_Pix13Zydrate_Pix13 Member Posts: 25

    All my skins/cosmetics are gone. I’ve been emailing them for the last 3. Days. I’m devastated since I’ve only been playing less than a year with over a thousand hours in. I feel your pain.

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