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Will the Ds and OoO Nerfs kill this game?

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Seriously what is going on right now, does anybody know what the reason for the heavy Ds and OoO Nerfs (Not "Change") are?

And no a "Killer don't like it" dosen't count. If there is not only ONE good reason for that, then they should go back right now.

I hope they know that the majority of players against the Ds change. Do anyone know what the Devs said about that (the reasons)

@Sluzzy should we leave the game?

Thank you for you opinon @Sluzzy I will copy it here so everyone can see it. Hope it's ok for you.

Sluzzy wrote:

"When I first heard of the news yesterday and read a picture of the perk description, I immediately thought it was a prank because it was clearly written by a killer main. It was written exactly how killer mains want it. I had to go watch a vod of the stream to confirm it was true because I couldn't believe it was being nerfed yet again and in a way that killer mains precisely want it.

It is not about how it was nerfed that is important here, it is why it is nerfed. Decisive Strike was not nerfed because of balance reasons. The devs never said the perk was too strong, they strictly talked about the fun factor for specifically one side. It was nerfed because killers didn't like the perk. Killers demand to be totally in charge of their opponent and always oppressing them. DS doesn't win the game by having it equipped, it made the experience playing that side a little more bearable. It was a "fun" perk to use but at the same time a "required" perk to use because despite the rhetoric from the killer side, tunneling is the most effective way to win the game. I know because I play killer as well. If I want to win, I can tunnel someone out of the match and there is nothing that team can do. If it is a SWF team, they'll do anything to help their buddy and then it throws the match. I've seen it from both sides since the game released.

With deactivation conditions which I've said on this forum numerous times which the devs have chosen to ignore, a killer can stop chase after a survivor has been unhooked and if they find that survivor with nurses calling, THEY ARE TUNNELING. The perk is useless. They can work on the objective and thinking they are safe, the killer can stop chasing and return to THAT SURVIVOR and TUNNEL. The perk is useless again. A ghostface can hide, wait for the unhook, wait for the survivor to heal or touch a gen AND PROCEED TO TUNNEL, the perk is again useless.

This perk was nerfed for the benefit of one side at the cost of the other side for not balance reasons, but strictly FUN reasons. It has been nerfed at least five times.

So to answer your question, if you are a survivor main or play solo or duo, then you should definitely quit. This side has been nerfed constantly and consistently for five years with total disregard to mechanics freely given to killer that can make this side miserable to play. Instead of nerfing DS, more perks should be buffed to even discourage its use to help against unfun mechanics. Why couldn't Discordance be buffed instead of nerfing DS? Keep in mind, Infectious Freight on Nurse, Spirit, Oni, Billy are all still a thing, Infectious Freight has never been nerfed, keep in mind it can be abused to cause the survivor side to be miserable. The devs and killers think this perk is healthy, obviously, for the game. An insidious camper can still camp with NOED. A bubba can camp someone in the basement and there is no possible out, a killer recently BUFFED! The devs think this is healthy, obviously.

For me personally, I can not wait for Back 4 Blood, I've been thinking about that game a lot since it was announced and this nerf has made me even more excited and can't wait. Guess the best part is of B4B? Characters will not constantly be nerfed in that game, it will constantly improve. When you enjoy something in that game, you won't have to worry about something being taken away from you. Especially after you bought it."

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