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Venom as a Killer?!

I have just watched the film Venom and I loved it 
I just wanted to ask wouldn’t he Fit into Dead by daylight ?
I mean he is powerful and Scary
I would love it and I would buy him 
What about you guys ?
Tell me what you think 
Have a nice day 


  • thenurse1248_PS4thenurse1248_PS4 Member Posts: 23
    Venom is to awesome to be in the game.
    But seriously, he is not exactly a brutal killer, (yes he finds humans are his favorite dish, but only the ones that are bad). He is not sinister enough to be a killer, and even if he was, I don't think he would fit into the genre, as he's more of a anti-hero rather than a killer, and he's also not horror related, it's a action film. (Btw Venom is my favorite marvel movie ever, it's amazing.)
  • C_K_1905C_K_1905 Member Posts: 3
    Yes okey u are right 
  • Zypher84Zypher84 Member Posts: 8

    agree venom is strong and all but more of an anti hero.

    if you go that path Carrnage would be much more suited for this :)

    he is mentaly unstable beyond crazy :D

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