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Yui the Killer (look at new trailer for Tome IV DIVERGENCE)

YarheeguyYarheeguy Member Posts: 101

So if you look at the new trailer for the next tome, you might notice the video reveals the one I dubbed 'Yui the Killer', killing an old lady while there's 6 other corpses.

I want to have a discussion about it here:

I believe Yui's memories in the next archives is going to be an alternative universe where she becomes a killer

In the lore in the character backstory, after having trauma after she was assaulted by a stalker, her gang helped her get through rehabilitation, which made Yui become a supporter to other women and her gang formed as the Sakura 7, which had 7 members including Yui.

Maybe in these memories, the gang never supported her and she had to go through rehabilitation by herself, without support and being in heavy debt, Yui snaps and become a psychopath, killing her gangs and her grandmother due to her feeling betrayed and never helped her when she needed it.

Notice how there's 6 bodies in front of the Observer, maybe that's the corpses of the 6 of the Sakura 7, all murdered by Yui.

Hell, maybe there's a killer Yui in the realm and we didn't notice.

what do you guys think?


  • BraveClemBraveClem Member Posts: 332

    It kinda makes sense in some way,but i think imo,it's an alternative universe,or the story is some kind of reboot,like the legion tome one

  • ChurchofPigChurchofPig Member Posts: 2,342

    I'm not sure we'll ever know the story behind that. Most cinematics that happen in the archive trailer are not related (or are barely related) to the story within the archives. The most obvious one being Tome 3. We still don't know much about that cinematic but we saw it.

  • xSymanthaxSymantha Member Posts: 52

    It's definitely very interesting. Hope to see the cinematic expanded upon in this Tome!

  • NoelleMinaNoelleMina Member Posts: 638

    Does this include the old woman as well?

    Is she Yui, but old?

  • EmealEmeal Member Posts: 1,393

    maybe its that mind control killer people have been screaming for?

  • NoOneKnowsNovaNoOneKnowsNova Member Posts: 2,280

    It could be that it's old memories, rather than an old Yui, but we'll have to wait and see for what this all actually means.

  • kynackynac Member Posts: 6

    I think im going with "The King" 's theory. He said that the survivors killed people and were horrible and the killers suffered so they get their revenge.

    Kind of like a reverse in roles kind of thing to feed off pain and suffering

  • MeltingPenguinsMeltingPenguins Member Posts: 3,435

    I'd say the better theory is the alternate timelines one. (I mean, c'mon, the trailer literally spells it out) The survivors we know weren't horrible people (no saints either, but you catch my drift) and neither were most killers (see the threads about how many killers got tricked into serving the entity). The entity picks them because they have the biggest potential when pitted against each other.

    The killer!yui and her other selves might be some... training ground? Like the entity checking if these alternate versions of what it's got already are worth it?

    So this might be a hint to a roleswap chapter? maybe?

  • kynackynac Member Posts: 6


    The king said that it was multiple reality's, hence in a lobby you can see your exact self and have a full SWF of nea's that look identical.

  • ItsprobablyleoItsprobablyleo Member Posts: 2

    It is heavily implied that the old woman Is yui as well. since we know that it was evil yui who killed the other yuis. it seemed like old yui was going to kill herself before evil yui could kill her but couldn't bring herself to do it, another question is how she knew that evil yui was coming after her.

  • ItzZane_ItzZane_ Member Posts: 949

    Maybe they're all yui from another universes and the old lady is just yui as a grandma

  • YarheeguyYarheeguy Member Posts: 101

    okay look ahead on the cutscene...

    turns out this tome isn't about Yui the Killer...

    what the hell?

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