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Dead By Daylight Tournament (For Taiwan FOL, Hong Kong, ACG)

yan0918yan0918 Member Posts: 3

Dead By Daylight Tournament (For Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau players only)

Tournament Reward:
1st: 10,000 NT/team
2nd: 4000 NT/team
3rd: 1000 NT/team

Eligibility for competition:
If sign-up information is inconsistent with the person who participate the tournament might cancel player’s reward and qualification. Please make sure the information you give is consistent with the participant. We don’t allow altering any personal information during the tournament.
Members: 5 players/team, which means 4 survivors and 1 killer. ( We allow 4 alternate members)

Tournament Rules:
Servers: Taiwan/Hong-Kong/Macau district
Mode: 4 survivors + 1 killer
Account: All participants use personal accounts
Victory conditions: Teams that has the highest score( Below is the grading description)

Grading system (for survivors):
Rules of Competition:
No items allowed( except searching in-game chests)
No offerings allowed

The organizer will draw 3 characters for each team and one free character for each team. Survivors are requested to bring their own 2 random teachable perks out of 3. (p.s: if players don’t have the DLC, it is permitted to use other characters but still bringing 2 teachable perks from the characters chosen.) Free character’s perks cannot duplicate either one of the other characters. (p.s: David King, William Bill and Claudette cannot all exists in one game.)
(Survivors’total points) - (Killer's points) = (Survivors' score)
If survivors all escape will gain a 10,000 extra score.
If survivors all died will gain a -20000 score punishment
For survivors that bring “We’re gonna live forever” will gain a 25% score for escaped survivors if escaped. (Stacks)
For survivors that bring “No Mither” will gain a 100% score for himself if escaped.
Rules for Killers:
The host will draw a random killer for players. Participants that play killer will play with assigned add-ons.(p.s: There might be 2 sets of add-ons for players to choose.)
Players who play as a killer will be the host. Killer has to invite the organizer, and then the organizer will invite the survivors.

Punishments for bringing wrong add-ons:
First time : re-game
Second time: -40,000 score
During the match, if 1 generator is done, survivors that disconnect will treated as forfeit and will be viewed as 0 score.
Survivors have to request killer to print screen the final score and message the organizer. If the organizer cannot decide the winner, re-game but with different participant that play as killer.



iris 莉絲
Ivy 花花
Yan 小揚
mibao 米宝

Sign up address:


I hope that the Taiwan competition can be valued.
I hope the official can sponsor us some skin.


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