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Killer mains: rate my solo survivor build

Dead Hard, Decisive Strike, We're Gonna Live Forever, Aftercare.

I know DS is problematic for some, but I try not to use it offensively, and after the patch, it will be impossible. I still plan to run it for potential end game plays and for the 1/10 chance that the killer tunnels me off hook. Other than that, I think I have a very fair, yet useful/powerful build. WGLF for bloodpoints and helping during slug situations, Dead Hard to maybe get that one extra loop in, and Aftercare for information on my teammates.

What are your thoughts? Does this build scream "toxic/small PP/braindead/crutch perks" survivor to you?


  • TaingaranTaingaran Member Posts: 286

    There are no "toxic" assemblies, there are "toxic" people.

  • KoloniteKolonite Member Posts: 1,346

    Use whatever build you want. The opinions of others shouldn’t matter. The build is decent tho.

  • KlakkyKlakky Member Posts: 444

    Dead hard is weak very few survivors can get it past me, I always consider everyone has it so I get up close unless they used it then I chased them and lunge while they on cool down.

    Wglf is great against slugging for 2+ people in queue so one can take agro and the other one picks up but it's almost as useless as BBQ n chilli, it's just for bloodpoints.

    I would suggest running kindred so everyone can see each other that way all your teamates can see themselves crouching all 3 trying to "save" you and maybe one will do a gen.

    But there's a lot of perks I'd suggest u switch it up every now and then.

    I usually use BT wglf (that perk i can't remember the name of 100% healing speed when unhooking) that with wglf worked really great at one point when I played with 3 teamates slugged and got them all super fast, and dead hard but I switched few months ago, still occasionally use dead hard but I get hit when I use it every time and a second or two later my exausted disappears like I never used it.

    Now I use healing claudette, (100% speed when unhooking) self care, empathy, and botany knowledge or kindred, I prefer kindred but teamates usually still all go for rescues so I rather focus on gen unless I'm close

    U just gotta experiment there's a lot of good perks. I sometimes use Nancy and her fixated and locker healing perk just to mix it up.

    Your perks overall are not gonna help against the killer much if u can't loop him. Sadly I can't loop since they turned on validation always get laggy killers that slice me trough window 2-3 seconds after I vaulted. Used to be pretty decent, my max was 12min loop I believe( and yes 1 teamates left hiding in corner waiting for hatch instead of doing the gen next to him on other side of the map) probably same reason my dead hard almost never works, I didn't really use it alot before but it always saved me when I did.

    I miss those times

  • ASpazNamedSteveASpazNamedSteve Member Posts: 1,784

    Seems dope, hf.

  • OldHunterLightOldHunterLight Member Posts: 3,000

    Sounds great, remember to not get baited with dh, I think your build is very solid.

  • SilentPillSilentPill Member Posts: 1,302

    I would dump aftercare for bond, empathy, borrowed time, iron will, or spine chill.

  • Jholla31Jholla31 Member Posts: 247

    I use Dead Hard to extend loops, not to avoid a hit while in a dead zone. Using DH at simple pallet loops helps a little bit. Using DH to reach the window at a jungle gym/large structure helps a LOT.

    In the majority of my games other survivors get slugged. Using WGLF makes it much easier to pick slugs up and negate killer pressure.

    I usually switch Aftercare for BT if I'm playing in a SWF, but I think making safe saves and getting the cross map info on solos is more valuable, especially if they can do gens.

    I am a fairly decent looper, so I think only having one chase perk works fine for me. The build I'm running is for information, bloodpoints, and situational awareness. I've had some really good success with it recently.

    To everyone suggesting Kindred as opposed to Aftercare, I find Aftercare to be more helpful. Kindred only helps when someone is hooked. Aftercare lets me know where my teammates are 100% of the time. I just had a game where I knew where 2 teammates were and it basically changed the game from a killer 4k to a 3 man escape. Using WGLF and Aftercare is an underrated setup imo. Use WGLF to pick up slugs and get their location, or unhook for information. I spent over half of my last match knowing exactly where all of my teammates were and what they were doing in a solo queue lobby with no comms. That's pretty strong, if you ask me.

  • gatsbygatsby Member Posts: 2,501
    edited February 2021

    Honestly, it seems sort of weak. Decisive Strike can be powerful, but it also doesn't get used in plenty of games. And we're gonna live forever is mostly just for bloodpoints. Aftercare is somewhere in between it usually gets use but its inconsistent.

    I bet you have a lot of games where the only perk that gets much value is Dead Hard.

    My solo Survivor build is Dead Hard, Blood Pact, Kindred and Spine Chill. And I feel like every perk helps contribute during my games

  • Jholla31Jholla31 Member Posts: 247
    edited February 2021

    Edit: spelling

    DS is situational for sure, but when it procs, it's a lot of value, similar to Unbreakable.

    WGLF gives me the bloodpoints, obviously, but in slug situations I have picked up all three slugged survivors by myself before, which makes it a powerful tool against slugging.

    Aftercare is especially useful after the above situation. I pick up all three other survivors and know exactly where they are and what they are doing.

    If you are using Blood Pact in a solo queue, you are wasting a perk slot. There is almost no use to having a haste effect when you're close to another survivor. If survivors are grouped together, they are not being efficient. Aftercare is my substitution for Kindred because I believe one aura 100% of the time is stronger than all auras for 20 or 30 seconds. I don't bother with Spine Chill unless I'm running a vault build because I always pay attention to my surroundings. I can count on my fingers (and probably my toes) how many times in three thousand hours that I have been caught off guard by a stealth killer.

  • Jholla31Jholla31 Member Posts: 247

    Also, @gatsby my girlfriend's favorite book is The Great Gatsby, and I believe this is the second time we have conversed on forums. You are her favorite forum member. lol

  • gatsbygatsby Member Posts: 2,501

    Blood Pact is as strong or stronger than Aftercare. It's much easier to activate the Aura reading and it doesn't reset every time you get hooked. Plus, it has the added benefit of creating an Obsession, so you never have to worry about games where the Killer doesn't have to respect Decisive Strike. Blood Pact is awesome for being healed and sharing information when one of you is being chased. You don't need a med-kit or a self healing perk when you run Blood Pact because you will always know where a teammate is when you're injured. The haste status is basically just a bonus effect it's alright, but I honestly would still use the perk if it didn't have the haste at all.

    Spine Chill is just generally useful. The increased action speed has come clutch with vaults, exit gates, gens and heals plenty of times for me. But its biggest strength is knowing definitively if a Killer is going to chase you. With Spine Chill, I can work on generators in the Killer's terror radius in peace and know the second the Killer decides to switch targets to me. I don't use it as a crutch because I can't swing my camera around and pay attention. I use it more for making informed decisions so I can play more risky than I would normally.

    WGLF is just for bloodpoints. If you really cared about having an anti-slugging perk for clutch moments when the team is going down, Desperate Measures is a better perk overall. Makes it really nearly impossible to be grabbed while unhooking a teammate and you can use it for self healing, picking up slugs and healing teammates. It's just way more versatile.

    You can use Decisive Strike if you want, but personally I don't find myself needing it for anything. 90% of killers with slug you if there's an Obsession in the game and if they feel confident or desperate enough to pick up a Decisive the game is probably already pretty decided in the Survivors or Killers favor.

  • ShirokinukatsukamiShirokinukatsukami Member Posts: 1,624

    Plus points for Aftercare. Minus points for Dead hard and Decisive Strike. Minus points for not having Iron Will.

  • BaldursGate2BaldursGate2 Member Posts: 994

    DS out, kindred in.

  • dezzmontdezzmont Member Posts: 481

    Dead Hard is a mixed bag. It is the weakest exhaustion perk unless you use it to bypass a swing that you couldn't with sprint burst, in which case its the strongest besides maybe balanced landing on very specific maps. Really ace survivors use sprint burst to bait swings, and even if they don't its generally stronger, but you may find your good at using it to extend loops. If your not extending loops with it, it probably means SB is a better pick for ya.

    WGLF is for points. Pickups with it don't make a ton of sense, you should be letting the survivor on the ground get that 95% anyway. If you want to farm points, its fine, just be aware that is what your doing with it.

    Aftercare is you declaring you think you will be the last one hooked, or at least hooked late. You need to be good at hook rescues but if you are its a better bond. If your not, just run bond. My tip is to ensure there is gen pressure before going for rescues.

    DS is fine to run. Its annoying for killers, and if you were advocating it SHOULDN'T change I would think your a dink. But you shouldn't hold back, that is scrub mentality. There is a difference between recognizing a tool is a problem and talking about it openly as such, and artificially holding yourself back. Play to win here. Especially as you seem to be a 'in your face rescue' build, you kinda gotta do it sometimes.

    Some thoughts:

    Are you going to use aura reading to track the killer and keep yourself safe with that information? If not, and you plan to be 'agro' you may not want to bother.

    Consider swapping WGLF for BT because your basically building a hook rescuer and this lets you be way more agro about it.

    Iron will is really good, and is another good candidate. It basically lets you get away with not bothering to heal which saves a LOT of time.

  • BwstedBwsted Member Posts: 3,059

    It's a solid build for solo. I'd replace Aftercare with Bond or Kindred, if you want an aura reading perk.

  • vacamanvacaman Member Posts: 1,140

    I like survivors running deadhard because most of the time just wastes 2 extra seconds for the killer and if they run DH they wont run sprintburst wich i actually find to be a threat. DS i don't mind because i usually expect every survivor with skins to run it so i generally won't eat it unless on exitgates opened. WGLF is generally bad in game except for the bp but can sometimes come in clutch because i tend to slug and about aftercare i don't mind but i think it's not very good compared to other aura perks unless you pair it with bt or some healing perk.

    Btw don't seek validation for killer mains, run whatever you want but you got my seal of approval lol.

  • GeneralVGeneralV Member Posts: 7,888

    Well, you should use whatever you want to use, but if you really want a "seal of approval" from killer mains: I believe it is a decent build. Maybe replace Aftercare with Iron Will or Kindred. Maybe.

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