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Killers you hate going against/pointers for when they're played against

I've been playing mostly survivor as of late, and I'm noticing a consistent increase in my irritability and lack of fun when certain killers are played.

Survivors; what killers bring you the most grief and why?

Killers; Are there any tips you'd be willing to share to help us?

I'm sitting at about rank 6-8 and I'm having immense trouble with the following (almost never escaping & getting few BP, regardless of team synergy & the likes)

Freddy, Oni, Bubba, Clown, & Pig

I know a lot of my issue is with looping regarding killers like Clown that are specifically anti-chase, but even when I seem to be doing really well, it doesn't matter. Is it just a matter of hoping I get a bad enough killer that I can practice getting my looping skills from a 7 to a 10 or what?


  • HelloAgainMrHelloAgainMr Member Posts: 30

    From my experience with Pig:

    1. She has very little beyond element of surprise. She's basically just a M1 killer without it so learning how to loop will fix that.
    2. If she doesn't get anyone down in the early game she has a really really tough time of it later on because her RBT's go faster with gen completion. She can only use them in end game to delay the game.
    3. Her surveillance is a really strong perk and, since she starts with it, most pigs will probably be running it. If you tap generators as you run by them to negate the effect you can seriously trip them up. You may also get caught that way so be careful.

    I'm not the best pig out there but that's the simple stuff that I have to deal with. Granted, I know these issues and try really hard to work around them for that reason. I may also just be playing really poorly as her but I have a okay kill rate with her so I like to think I'm decent.

    Good luck to you!

  • Pat00tSackPat00tSack Member Posts: 45

    Yeah, my main issue with her seems to be just figuring out how to loop with her lunging. That surveillance tip is actually really awesome, I hadn't thought of that. Thanks!

  • AetherBytesAetherBytes Member Posts: 2,248

    Freddy: Stay out of dreamworld when you can, but dont go out of your way to do it. In a chase, abandon the loop at the earliest safe time. If you happen upon the clock or an awake survivor, wake up.

    Oni: Dont get injured if possible (dumb thing to say, i know), if he's enraged dont be caught in the open, try and stay in a cramped area with a lot of sharp corners like the gyms

    Bubba: If a bubba is revving up his chainsaw go for the nearest safe area; and dont drop to stun unless you're confident you can time it just right, as too early results in just a broken pallet, too late results in your down.

    Clown: No idea actually.

    Pig: Ignore the trap on your head till it's active; a pig will still happily attack you if it's not active, but are more inclined to ignore you if it's active. If a pig keeps roaring right next to you do the point emote at them (aka boop the snoot), 9/10 they're just memeing and will leave you alone for a while )or help, depending on circumstances) after doing it.

  • JediWithASniperJediWithASniper Member Posts: 640

    I don’t play killer much, but I do survivor main. Those lunges that pig has can be deadly, but only if the pig is mind gaming you. You have to trick the pig into thinking that you will be in lunge range but then not be. A good pig player will figure your game out fairly quickly and stop lunging at you in chase and just try to m1 you instead.

    For me, Freddy and legion are my grief killers, although I feel like I’m starting to understand legion a little better as I’ve focused on keeping major distance as much as possible. With Freddy, I can’t ever seem to be far enough through a window or over a pallet to escape his claws.

  • Pat00tSackPat00tSack Member Posts: 45

    That's usually what I try to do with her, and I guess it's up to practice.

    I have that exact problem with Freddy; it feels like his claws span miles.

    When I play killer, Legion is usually one of the ones I lean towards, so I find them a bit less of an annoyance. I find that survivors staying split up as much as possible and doing your best to manage time & not waste much time doing anything but gens (no totems, healing, etc and getting the most out of someone being hooked & such) really helps. If you're in swf or have applicable perks, making sure you have as many people on gens possible is bueno.

  • Karao_KeKarao_Ke Member Posts: 1,217
    edited February 2021

    Spirit is definitely the killer that I have a hard time playing against. Anyways, I'll try & share some knowledge:

    • Freddy: When playing against him, your main goal is to basically stay out of dream world. Freddy cannot use his power against you (snares or pallets) if you aren't in it, which renders him a weak M1 killer.
    • Oni: Just like if you were to go against Billy or Bubba, do not get caught in the open. His Blood Fury is practically useless at jungle gyms & areas you can run tightly around. Make sure you also try to stay as healthy as possible, because being injured gives him his power.
    • Bubba: Similar to what I said above, tight spaces are your friend. Most Bubba players (including myself when I play him) have a hard time maneuvering around objects in fear of throwing a tantrum. Make sure to stay by vaults & take the risk of running another loop at a pallet because 90% of the time, the Bubba will respect it when revving so he doesn't get stunned.
    • Clown: He is a bit trickier to go against, but the biggest tip I can give you is to try and bait his bottles. Keep in mind the Clown (if good) will most likely try and do the same thing to you. Make sure you also know where he is at all times when trying to run a jungle gym because he will most likely try and trap you in with this bottles. Leave before he does that.
    • Pig: She is definitely the easiest one to play against compared to the other 4 killers. Her traps are pure RNG which inevitably hurts her & all you need to do is get that trap off as soon as it activates. Even with Tampered Timer, you'll still have enough time if you're efficient. The only time I can see your head popping is if she continuesly doesn't leave you alone, which means she is throwing the game anyways. As for her stealth, she's pretty easy to spot & just like Ghostface, look around, be alert. If all else fails, BOOP THAT SNOOT!🐷
  • th3th3 Member Posts: 1,711

    Something interesting with Freddy is his snares take a second to activate when he places them on the ground. Also bubba’s hate windows

  • Karao_KeKarao_Ke Member Posts: 1,217

    As soon as you see her crouch at a loop, simply leave it. She'll almost definitely end up mindgaming herself & will waste time having to uncrouch to chase you again.

    I've both done it & had it done to me, it works. The only time you shouldn't do this is if you have nowhere to run to, because at that point you'll have a better chance at testing your luck than not.

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