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Someone has to say it

Ds and ooo Nerf sucks i know but 3-4 man swf won´t even be affect as much as solo survivor.

Playing solo or 2 man swf is more dependent on luck, latency, hitbox, dc and bad teammates, now they give other players even an excuse to not do anything useful, i can see easily survivor not doing gens or anything with an excuse now beacuse otherwise they ds will be deactivated (cry).

Every Change they do makes playing solo more and more a living hell.

Everyone knows that a complete SWF group is a major reason what is making this game unbalanced, so why are they making it worse for everyone else.

Everyone complains that this game is so full of SWF survivors and some of them even toxic, but what do you expect?

This game is getting more and more of a game which you can only play as a team and still everyone gets off on every nerf even if it is justified like ds.

You know that will happen? The person who has Ds will not do anything to keep ds or just dont care and the other 3 will Constantly doing gens. Give 1 person Detectives hunch and bye bye noed. There is easily no other objective left and everyone will be unsatisfied again.

That´s why there are mostly noobs and Storng Swf groups, you all can applause yourself good job

Thanks for making this game unplayable for solo player. I´m out.



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