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Pro Tip to Survivors: Give the killer a reason to leave

So I've had a lot of games as killer lately where survivors get mad at me for camping when they left me little other choice. Let me paint a picture because this happens CONSTANTLY. I down a survivor and hook them, before I'm more than 20m away they get unhooked and I down the rescuer and hook them, then survivor all come forward and wait instead of working on gens. Here's the thing folks, if you all hang around the hook waiting for the killer to leave, can you guess what they aren't going to do? If I see you waiting around the hook that's me effectively stalling up to the entire team. If I see you standing around I'm not going to leave because you give me no reason to. Go work on gens, do other objectives, if you do that the killer can either throw the game for one kill or leave and give you an ACTUAL chance to rescue.

Just something I wanted to point out, take care.


  • Frontdoor6Frontdoor6 Member Posts: 609

    Most Survivors are A-holes, right?

  • lagostalagosta Member Posts: 1,776

    Just rename WGLF to We're Gonna Grief Forever IMO. People love their stacks more than their mothers.

    OP, equip H: DH and profit on their haste.

  • VolczVolcz Member Posts: 796
    edited February 2021

    They are. Too many dive bomb for the points and kill themselves as well as their teammates. And then the 1 guy who was actually working on gens, destroying the hexes, etc is left to either just get into a chase and grab some extra points if not enough gens were done, or look for the hatch and hope they get to it before the killer does.

    The 3 depip and you (being the guy who actually tried to get objectives done) either depips as well or barely manages to get a neutral score. Its a lose/lose situation for the most part. Lots of bad survivors even in red ranks play like this. Its really odd.

  • MoisetteMoisette Member Posts: 123

    I play solo and I often see people rescue the person who was just hooked with the Killer still there and I just...don't understand.

    I remember this one time, I got hooked and went into struggle because a teammate looked like they came to save me, but was just running the Killer around me. He got hit and then started teabagging the Killer next to me. The Killer looked at me, then at him, then at me and I said "Yeah, I have no idea what he's doing either..." Eventually I did get saved and the Killer downed me again, but he let me get healed and play some more before finishing me off later. I thought that was pretty nice.

  • crowbarmancrowbarman Member Posts: 478

    So many toxic messages from survivors who are unhooking literally seconds after I place their friend on the hook. Or I turn around and I see them hiding behind a tree. They expect the killer to just leave and ignore everone. It's really quite amazing.

    If you unhook in front of me 2-3 times at the beginning of a match, I just stop leaving the hook cos I figure you'll keep doing it.

  • pseudechispseudechis Member Posts: 2,865

    Ah the gift of free pressure,

    Hanging around the hook rather than forcing me away from it, 2 even 3 people off gens for the price of one chase and typically second hook stage for one hook. How many times have I seen this scenario with kindrid while working on a gen.

    Unhooking so close to me that its basically an easy double down.

    Unhooking next to me then sprint bursting away leaving your teammate behind to be instantly downed again. I don't have to rehook them but I probably will and you haven't regained the pressure you lost, while also perhaps killing your buddy off.

    Following me around clicking a torch at me, trying to initiate chase, I don't need to chase you... you aren't doing anything.

    You notice how its always the killer's fault, rarely do you get survivors call each other out its always the killer's fault.

  • vladspellbindervladspellbinder Member Posts: 310

    As a Killer Main I've had this happen far too often, yes. I hook someone, turn around to go look for someone else then *loud noise notification* and yep, just had an unhook right there. Alright, turn around for my hit on the unhooker and the BT hit on the unhooked and, what, no BT? If there's an Obsession I'll do a DS Check and if no DS I just drop the person back on the ground and let them get picked up by someone, heading for the unhooker instead. Then later on when I find the person that was attempted to be farmed I give them one free pass and let them go about their business, maybe taking an M1 or a pallet from them, but after that it's game as normal when I see them again. As long as they don't do something toxic that is. Do something toxic and I stop playing nice.

    Sometimes I don't even get to turn away from the hook. My 'throw on hook' animation barely finishes before someone is there already.

    And, yes, if I hook someone and look around as see that Claudette hiding in a corner and that David peeking around from behind a rock you bet I'm not just going to ignore them.

    As a Solo Survivor I also have to deal with this crap. Either not getting unhooked because someone is Self Careing in a corner while the other two focus on gens with a "Someone else will do it" mentality or getting unhooked in the Killer's face when the person doing the unhooking doesn't have BT. It hurts my soul when it happens.

    And then there are what you were actually talking about in the thread, about people just waiting around while the Killer face camps. Just Do Gens people. If they keep face camping three of us win and we might even be able to pull off a clutch save at the end, I've seen it happen as Survivor and had it happen to me the few games I've face camped*. By you standing there watching like a gornless idiot the Killer is getting half (!) the team doing nothing. Same thing with the [male genitalia] who crawl under the hooked person when they get downed. Now the Killer has a legit excuse to face camp! If you let yourself get picked up they at least have to walk to another hook!

    *I detest face camping so I rarely do it myself. But if I come across someone who t-bags me at first pallet drop or does a rapid series of fast vaults somewhere I often don't care about winning myself so long as they lose, which, admittedly, is probably what they are going for. And I've done the same to Objects as well at times. Running Object means you want to be tunneled and camped right? I've actually had a few Objects thank me for doing so after match ends because that's why they ran the Perk in the first place.

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