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I would like a full explanation from the devs as to why there won't be an option to toggle UI's

So as I'm sure you all know there is a new UI coming tomorrow, and as I'm sure you also know there has been overwhelmingly negative feedback on it. People have called it cluttered, busy, too spread out. The character icons look out of place and it can be genuinely difficult for some killers to tell when certain people are injured. I will say personally I heavily dislike this new HUD and think it has countless problems. But the point of this isn't to convince you it's bad, I think the majority already agrees on that. I'm here to say that I think the devs response to the negative feedback has been less than ideal.

For the past few weeks there has been a frankly amazing amount of feedback from people expressing distaste for the HUD to suggestions on how to change it and so much else. So I was very disappointed to learn that the devs had for the most part completely ignored this feedback and went ahead to implement the new UI despite people not liking it. Now I know BHVR doesn't like throwing away work and I get that, but on that note I see absolutely ZERO reason why we should not be able to toggle between the old ui and the new one coming out tomorrow. The current UI is STILL in the game, I can't imagine it'd be difficult to bind it to an incredibly simple toggle. If the devs really are going to not take the feedback we've given them here I think it would be incredibly unfair for them to force it on us without a way to opt out.

That's all, take care.


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