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First killer game with new update

KlakkyKlakky Member Posts: 444
edited February 2021 in General Discussions

I played Legion for first game since update

The new UI....

I literaly have to look all around it hurts my eyes, had no idea who was injured, they had no injured sound with no iron will, but they did run in a really funny movement that made me literaly stop chasing the survivor cause I was laughing so much.

EDIT: When injured survivors run like they're brain damaged to explain what I meant by funny movements

I didnt see it myself cause I left after dropping last survivor on hatch but he said there's a really weird animation with hatch now, dont really want to play again just to see it.

There was some sort of a bug where after hooking someone in basement I was teleported to the surface then back in the basement while hooking, Groaning Storehouse map.

Got 3kills and gave hatch, the ranking system is different, it said +85 where it usually says +1 +2 pips but cant know if it bugged and gave me 85 pips since I was already rank 1.

There is literaly 0 reason as to why we would like a HUD such as this, we're not playing on a 6inch switch we're playing on PC and Consoles mainly, meaning the majority is probably using a TV bigger than 20inches, I myself am using a 32inch TV and playing on PC, and like I said its horrible, literaly painful to play it, I feel for whoever played in PTB and whoever is going to play now with this new HUD.

There is too much information all around the screen that not only causes strains on the eye, gives too many blind spots and preety much forces us to not even pay attention to the gen or anything else for that matter.

I just cant play this game with that ugly ass UI.

(I'll possibly force myself to play a match as survivor since my friend is only available to play once a week and he wants to play dbd this week...)

I'm just sad I'm going to miss the event and possibly quit the game but its literaly unplayable at this point.


  • Ketrab2703Ketrab2703 Member Posts: 140

    I might force myself to play during the event if event turns out to be worth it - but after that I will switch to another games.

  • After this update, I think I'm gonna take a long break. If the next killer sucks too, I might quit the game altogether.

  • KateDunsonKateDunson Member Posts: 714
    edited February 2021

    In disappointed too but real problems is animations

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 6,130

    This is a UI for an MMO, not DbD. I refuse to believe the people who designed this UI have played DbD. It just doesn't work in the context of this game. The old UI was literally the one thing people didn't complain about. We've used hook counter overlays in the tournament scene for a long time. They...fit right under the old names. This whole thing is so freaking stupid. No other way to put it.

  • KlakkyKlakky Member Posts: 444

    I made a poll here https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/225204/new-hud-vote-yay-or-nay

    Hope everyone votes on it so BHVR cant deny over 90% of people dont like it!

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