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Feng min's - Day Off Wrap

WagglesWaggles Member Posts: 8
edited September 2018 in PC

Feng Min along with David King are both my favourite characters by far and some of my favourite Cosmetics

However, I'm sure It's a bug that everyone is aware of where Feng Min's Shirt with the Day Off Wrap shirt has a shoulder clipping issue where you can see directly through it onto the other sides texture.

It's only a minor bug but it's quite annoying being my favourite cosmetic.
It's not just me who has this, multiple of my friends have it as well.

Repairing Generators
Cleansing Totems
Self-caring (sometimes on different angles)

Pls Fix

Previous Post from another player on 14th june

Their Screenshots:

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  • NantesNantes Member Posts: 54

    This bug has been reported since june and it still hasn't been fixed. It is still going on as of today.

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