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Feedback for UI & Animation



  • arla6arla6 Member Posts: 1

    Tbh I can get used to the new HUD if I keep playing which I really don't feel after the new animations..

    The point that all the informations are spread apart on your screen makes you feel dizzy and confused. My idea would be to change it back how it was, BUT it'll include the new changes.

    The animations... Yeah, they really feel unnatural. It's like survivors are not afraid of anything anymore, they're just puppets. Fells like they're VR characters but we can only control them through mouse and keyboard/controller. They supposed to be sneaky, it's a horror game after all. And let's not talk about the new hitboxes and how slow it feels to move or run, like they're really heavy.

    I strongly think that this change was extremely unnecessary and the fact that nobody liked it and the devs completely ignored the community's opinion doesn't make it any better.

  • germoyogermoyo Member Posts: 2
    edited February 2021

    The only reason I played DBD was for its movement and how rewarding it felt to moonwalk, 360 juke and do all kinds of weird looking stuff. It was great and it took me a lot of practice to get to do it consistently. That was the only fun I got from the game, because I never enjoyed sitting on gens, sneaking around, looping the killer optimally (which to me seemed quite repetitive) or playing killer. Therefore, it is really disappointing to see how just by adding an animation for sudden or sharp turns, all of these really 'cool' things you could do have been ruined and just look awful now. It is not impossible to do, but it just doesn't have the same feel anymore. I know it's not happening, but I wish you removed that specific animation. The other ones are something we can get used to, but unless that specific animation is changed, those mechanics that gave the game a great skill cap and an alternative way of playing have lost all of their charm.

  • squiz1squiz1 Member Posts: 1

    unpopular opinion but I legit like the new ui, I like the ui scale so you don't have to squint to see things and with everything spread out its not as cluttered in one spot. Just thought I would post this so devs can see not everyone hates it. thanks

  • Hugs4trapdadHugs4trapdad Member Posts: 55

    Why is the 'leave' button when spectating up on the top left now, when all other 'spectate'/'continue'/'ready'/etc. buttons are down on the bottom left/right? I know it's small, but it feels really awkward.

  • QuicksilverQuicksilver Member Posts: 1

    While the UI has some interesting quality of life improvements such as the hook counter, it’s the overall aesthetic and placement of the UI that is messy. The previous UI had all of the important information located on one side of the screen, only having to look to the bottom left to see gens remain and status of fellow team mates, meaning that the player is able to digest the relevant info all at once. Now the player has to look at around 5 different spots on the screen to find the information, which can be very awkward and distracting, particularly for players with a lot of game time under their belts and so have muscle memory for the old UI. The previous UI was perfect for players while this new UI looks like the overlay for a stream for a tournament; which I mean it has all the info needed for a viewer to be aware of what is happening but is hard for a player to pay attention to because it’s all over the screen and the player also needs to pay attention to the gameplay itself. The character portraits are an interesting addition but aesthetically do not feel right, perhaps using the icons for the adept trophies would be an improvement. If we are unable to revert back to the original HUD can we at least have an option to rearrange the layout of the new hud to fit our personal preferences as a player.

  • I don’t care that the new HUD looks different, but why did it have to be all over the place? just rearrange it like the old one. and maybe size up the hook stage/bleeding out bars. I have gigantic monitors and still can’t really see them. Considering that no one really has a reason to look up in the game, because we don’t need to run through the sky.

    The Animations are okay. besides that when the Survivor is hit, they shouldn’t stand up that straight anymore and the leg movement also doesn’t match.

  • StargamerXDStargamerXD Member Posts: 26
    edited February 2021

    [Veteran | Survivor Main | 4k+ hours | Since early 2018]

    I simply just can't go over the fact that you changed the animations. Things like the repairing animation are fine. But the movement? The movement/animations for survivor were so iconic. The survivor jogged around the map. You felt so free doing moonwalks when ever you can. I know you still can do moonwalks, but thats not the point. It also looks really weird if you start one. Devs be like "Oh yeah you can still do them. Checkmate, the veterans are happy". Now the connection between you and the survivor is now completely gone. I don't know what the f*ck the survivor is doing. They look way too stiff. They don't look back anymore. And the 180-turn animation? Nobody asked for that. What is a "quality-of-life" update worth, if you piss the whole community off? This animation messes with 360s. But what do I know. 360s are way to overpowered and if a typical Rank 20 can't do them may just get rid of them completely. Am I right?

    And the HUD? Why completely change it? Build around it. There are so many great suggestions that people already have made. The worst thing for me is that the ESC tech is gone. For those of you who did not know what is was: Basically you do any action (M1/M2) without holding it down. Like you only toggle it. This neat trick was the best. You could take a sip of your drink while doing a gen and not worry about skill checks, because you have a hand free for skill checks. After Skybilly this was the best bug that happened to this game.

    I beg you to please revert the survivor animations (most of them).

    @lavenderclouds__ The devs probably wanted that the injured survivor to look that straight/stiff so they don't lean out of their own hitbox anymore. Lazy devs...

  • bdzrbdzr Member Posts: 35

    Well I'd like to make the point aware that the game looks like it's going back in evolution. It looks like the mobile game was slapped onto the PC version and I'm getting hit around corners while the nurse sees im one inch away from her. I'd like to figure out why these bugs aren't being found during the prerelease and fixed before it comes out. The Devs give themselves a release date and they feel like they have to stick to that so if there are obvious bugs, i'd rather have the delay then have to play with them. The gens at the top and players at the side make it hard to concentrate because before I could have a way to concentrate on what's going on but now I'm throwing pallets down instantly because I don't want to get hit through them.

  • IWasLeft2DieIWasLeft2Die Member Posts: 2,004

    Here are just some highlights

    1. Hud needs minor adjustments. Enlarge survivor pictures some and greatly increase hook meter. Move generators to bottom

    2. Give killers same hook information. No reason to take that from killers. More annoying than being a challenge.

    3. Remove breakable walls on The Game and greatly reduce pallets. Chases are nearly impossible to do on it and few killers are viable on it as is. This is my biggest critique overall and most urgent imo.

    4. Clown antidote- reduce time to activate and don't benefit survivors. As is, I have little reason to use new bottles since they can be easily used against me which is pretty unique to clown who was already considered weaker than a lot of killers.

    5. Go back over some animations. Some running animations while injured look off (David King for example)


    1. Hud overall looks promising but just needs some minor changes to be really solid

    2. Clown reduction of bottle refill time was much needed

    3. Although minor, glad wraith got a buff

    4. The maps look a lot better and they stand out more. Love the references in The Game map

  • Aluc4rt2007Aluc4rt2007 Member Posts: 3

    Okay, first thank you Behavior to always have an open ear and mind to the Comunitys Suggestion.

    As the most Comments here mine is also for the positioning of the New UI . I think overall it is nice to have a New one and you have to get used to the New Design but please Switch the location from the power/or item with the survivor Icons it would be so much better and it shouldn't be too mich work for you guys.

    I hope really that you will work on it as soon as possible, because now it is just frustrating to search what you need to know the most.

  • lostboylostboy Member Posts: 89

    I prefer the new hud to the white and black version. Just please put it in the bottom left corner or bottom right corner. I don’t even stream and I hate it plastered all over the place.

  • DeepThinksDeepThinks Member Posts: 3


    The new information that the UI provides is a nice change. The addition of a hook counter allows survivors to easily monitor each other's hook states so they can assess whether to save another player or not - e.g. if they're downed and on death hook but you're near a gate, no reason to run back in. However, I dislike the layout of the new UI and I believe there are better visual alternatives to the ones we have, as well as the ignored feedback causing a lo of resentment. The new animations are bit iffy, though.

    UI Layout

    Having the information spread out across literally the entire screen is not helpful. It makes the information tedious to read and it's unfortunately more annoying than helpful. Simply condensing it all to the bottom corner was a far better alternative and it was much easier to read and take in at a glance.

    Please update the information back to a single corner so it can be easily read.

    Visual Alternatives

    I know I'm not the first to suggest this, but the survivor portraits have much better alternatives. The coloured body shots are inconsistent with the rest of the UI's monochrome layout and distract from gameplay; it would look much nicer with images that use the white and red so it doesn't stand out. Other people have used the Adept Survivor icons from the achievements and it looks fantastic, since the icons already exist, are consistent with the layout, and are more true to each survivor's base look.

    Please update the survivor icons to the icons used for Adept Survivor achievements.

    Ignored Feedback

    I know this is literally a thread asking for people's feedback but hear me out lol. When the change to the UI was first announced, people voiced their dislike for it. When the change to the UI went to the PTB, people continued to voice their dislike for it. Now, the UI has come to the live servers. As the community consistently and repeatedly spoke poorly about the UI update, it's a wonder that the change went live regardless. Ignoring feedback from the community has lead to resentment and is one of the main points presented when people explain their frustration at the update.

    Please listen to the community when the player base nearly unanimously says something is a bad idea.

    New Animations

    Although I didn't think the animations were by any means a priority, they have been updated and many people don't like them. For the most part, I think the animations are fine and that people should adjust since the entire game is making strides to be more modern. However, the animations are still clunky and everything in the crawling animation is weird. With the exception of healing someone on the floor, squatting down to heal instead of bending over 10/10.

    Please continue to refine the animations so they appear more natural and smooth.

  • MorbidMorbid Member Posts: 17

    My main issue with the new UI is the portraits and them being in the top left of the screen. The design of the UI completely removes that hand drawn stylized look and feel of what you originally had. It now looks way too modern. It's supposed to be an intense and spooky game and the simple hand drawn aesthetic was a perfect fit. I honestly don't know why the team at BHVR didn't use the stylized portraits from the achievements or something which would keep the original vision of the UI intact.

    I was getting very nauseas looking all over the screen for information. No offence to whoever designed the new UI but I severely dislike it and how it's now all spread out. There is just too much clutter. I want to be able to look at one portion of the screen for info and then back to playing. I get that you added a new smoke visual for the Clown to represent which bottle he has equipped but honestly just a colour change on the power icon would have sufficed. If this was one of the reasons to move the UI all over the place then I seriously think this was a bad move because it has severely disrupted gameplay for a lot of people. Please listen to your fans. Look at what the Culling did to their game. They just changed everything, dug their heels in and didn't listen to any community feedback. I started playing your game mid last year and put in over 1000 hours already probably spent a few hundred £ in the cash shop and now I kind of just want to stop playing because of the amount of bad updates you release and I don't mean that to criticise you. I'm just disheartened by it all. I get excited to play then realise how many things are broken or unnecessarily changed. Please listen to your player base. I want what's best for the game but this is not it. The UI needs to be changed.

    As for animations I feel like they are far too stiff. The standing position of the survivor doesn't scream "I'm scared" or in some kind of creepy realm and I need to fight for survival. And the running animations especially while injured are very goofy looking and unnatural. I like the smooth transitions but overall they could have done with more time in the oven before pushing them out to a live build.

    I hope I was constructive enough giving my points of view.

  • Critical_FishCritical_Fish Member Posts: 583

    I dont think that, if they are saying they can't revert it, they can make a hud even somewhat customizable. The base of this game's code is trash in it's purest form, which is why when one thing is changed, 3 other unrelated things are broken and bugged.

    The solution is just to revert it, and add the few benefits of the current one to it.

  • EathianEathian Member Posts: 79

    Just adding this bit here for visibility.

    The new animation/camera is making me motion sick. The sudden camera drop on survivor down makes me very nauseous. Going to have to stop playing until that is removed unfortunately.

  • rebecca123rebecca123 Member Posts: 32

    Animations - They are truly dreadful , sorry but prior animations looked more realistic. They walk so stiff and rigid atm. So bizarre that there are a million great changes you could do that the community would love , such as upgrading servers, getting more servers , looking at hit boxes , plugging gaps that hackers have exposed but this is what you guys want to work on . Disappointed.

    The new UI - it never needed adjusting in all honestly , again other more pressing areas could have been prioritised to keep and also grow the player base

  • limelightlizlimelightliz Member Posts: 1
    edited February 2021

    I know it’s being said by pretty much everyone, but please revert the HUD or check out the awesome work that community members did to help come up with a user friendly approach. I appreciate the work you all have done to build this game and the community but I found myself so frustrated last night attempting to play. Tbh, especially after the huge controversy over making things more friendly for disabled players... I have some strong doubts this is the direction that should have been chosen.

    also I can’t see the health bar almost at all, because it’s with a full color image it makes it not stand out.

  • wisdomwielderwisdomwielder Member Posts: 327

    I have a really hard time keeping track of survivor status effect changes now. When someone became injured, the hud change was so noticable, it was something I could pick up out the corner of my eye without having to actually focus on that part of the screen. The contrasting change from white to red was blatant. It made it really easy to keep tabs on everyone. Status bars like the hook bar or mending bar are also more difficult to read (and I also have to take my eyes off he action completely.) Now I don't immediately notice when someone is in trouble because I don't notice status effect changes. Same with killer. I don't immediately notice when someone is pulled off of a hook or healed because I'm usually entirely focused on the action.

    I want everything important in the bottom left again with clear, concise information, and white stylized character pictures.

    Killers also need the tally marks. Killers who tunnel will tunnel. People who want the hook marks want it so they can *avoid* tunneling. The hook ring is unnecessary if you have this instead.

    This isn't a mobile game. Stop it with the mobile game hud.

  • TwoSoupTwoSoup Member Posts: 2

    After playing several games with the UI as both killer and survivor, I can say that this new UI is in no way better than the old one other than with the addition of hook counters. However, I have numerous issues with the UI:

    • The UI is FAR too scattered, my eyes have to dart everywhere just to understand what's happening, which is very bad in a game where quick decisions need to be made and every second counts. The old UI was objectively better to play with because all I had to do was look at the bottom left to gain a perfect understanding of what was happening.
    • The UI is more complex, and not in a good way. The simplistic style of the old UI was much better, it captured the tone of DBD perfectly, while the new one lacks personality in order to use character portraits (which are inaccurate most of the time anyways due to cosmetics).
    • It's SO MUCH HARDER to tell how much longer you have left on status effects, especially the red ones such as exhausted - and I'm not even colorblind. The black centers with the red/yellow outlines and then another thicker red/yellow outline around them just do not work. The previously all red/all yellow status effects with gray outlines worked much much better and were way easier to use at a glance (and again, were more stylized than the new iteration).
    • I know I already touched on how spread out the UI is, but I feel like the placement of the generator count is so poor that it's worth pointing out on its own. Seriously, top center is not where this should be placed. This should go where the survivor portraits are, no questions asked.
    • The killer hook counter is pretty good but doesn't give me as much information as I'd like. The counter still goes up when someone who is on the hook progresses from 1st phase to struggle phase, or if they die on the hook. This means I can't tell exactly how many hooks I have, which isn't great since being able to do so with a counter would be great when going for a killer adept achievement or an archive challenge that requires a certain amount of hooks. Maybe there could be two different colors for the bars, gray for the total amount of hook states and red (or another color depending on feedback regarding colorblindness) for amount of actual hooks? For example, let's say a killer has hooked 3 survivors and then 2 of them reached the struggle phase on hook - there could be 3 red bars to show that you've gotten 3 hooks, and then 2 more gray bars to account for total hook states. I think that would be a good way to present both total hook states and total hooks while retaining the feeling of killer progress throughout a match. I have to say, I wasn't expecting the hook counter to make a difference with how I feel when playing, but it actually does provide a feeling of "I'm winning/doing well" as killer, just like the gen counter does for a survivor. I look forward to seeing this hook counter improve.
    • Whenever a survivor is injured, downed, or healed, there isn't as big of an effect as there should be in order to draw a player's eyes to the corner of the screen. Previously, there was always a red blood splatter behind a survivor on the UI which would draw your eyes to the new change in gameplay. The new effect is much less pronounced and often leaves me unaware of when a health state changes as both survivor and killer. As killer your eyes would be drawn to the corner and you'd be able to quickly go "oh shoot, this person just got picked up" or "oh, they're healing". As a survivor, your eyes would be drawn to the corner and you'd be able to quickly go "oh shoot, this person is in chase, I should go for the unhook" or "oh, that person just got picked up by another survivor, I can continue to do this generator". The new UI needs something more to draw your eyes to that corner of the screen when something important happens. This principle of eyes being drawn somewhere also applies to the generator count. With the old UI when a gen was completed, the generator symbol as well as the number of generators left would grow large for a second and flash white, drawing attention to the change. With the new UI, it only flashes white, which doesn't draw the eyes enough.
    • The killer power/survivor item placements don't really feel aligned with the perk slots to me. It might be that they're higher up on the screen, but I can't pinpoint it exactly. It just feels kind of off to me.
    • This isn't really related to the UI itself and how it works, but it's another positive for gameplay that I think is worth mentioning. Previously, whenever I was affected by a perk for the first time in a match as a survivor (for example, Sloppy Butcher, Franklin's Demise, the exposed status effect given by Devour Hope and NOED, etc), I would experience a small hitch in my frames. This was very annoying and would often disorient me. However, with the new UI, this no longer seems to be an issue, and the game seems to run much more smoothly once perks like these affect me. I can only assume that this is simply because of the work done for the UI in the code, but I thought it was worth mentioning that the new UI does at the very least seem to be optimized as far as coding goes.

    That's my feedback regarding UI. Regarding survivor movement and animation changes...

    • Survivor movement simply doesn't feel as fun as it did beforehand. Moonwalking isn't the same, attempting to spin killers is entirely gone, teabagging, while trivial, isn't the same. The old survivor animations had a lot of charm while looking perfectly fine in my opinion. I think the new animations for the most part are alright, but I do prefer the old ones, and I also prefer how the old ones felt to use. Even for memes such as looking around and nodding, the new animations just lack the charm that the old ones did. The way a survivors entire body moved to look around was much better.
    • The new injured animation is flat out worse than the old one. It's so much more difficult to tell at a glance when someone is injured, which negatively affects gameplay for both survivors and killers. You can't as easily call out the need to be healed because your running animation is similar to the healthy running animation. I feel that the old one both looked better and served its purpose better in order to clearly call out which health state the survivor was in.
    • As a survivor, hits almost NEVER feel fair now. It's almost always the killer clearly missing the survivor and then the survivor getting hit anyway. It's really jarring and makes judging distance between you and the killer very difficult for deciding when to drop a pallet. I hope that this is fixed.
    • I REALLY do not like the way the camera angle moves down as a survivor when you get downed, and I also strongly dislike the new crawling movement. I much prefer the old movement for crawling, and the new camera angle is downright obnoxious and has no reason to be in the game.
    • The new animations aren't all bad. I actually quite like the new interaction animations for bleeding out, failing a self-care skill check, recovering and being picked up from the ground, and crawling into hatch (this last one is amazing, I still can't help but laugh when I see it). These animation changes are all stellar and I hope to see more like them for other interactions in the future, such as healing and cleansing totems. The animations that need work are interaction animations, not movement animations.

    That's my feedback regarding movement and UI changes. Thanks for reading and please take some of my suggestions to heart.

  • AhoyWolfAhoyWolf Member Posts: 3,486

    The HUD is all over the place, my head hurts from just looking at it due to important information being everywhere on my screen.

    Most animations don't look polished and feel robotic and stiff, the new turning animations are still broken from the PTB (The little dance is still possible for a second or so).

    The healthy animations are mostly ok other than that awful cursed idle animation, Survivors should feel scared, not asserting dominance.

    The injured animations look very weird and unnatural, especially the running and idle animations, the walking is fine actually.

    The crouching (healthy and injured) animations are ok, they aren't bad.

    The crawling animation is great until you move left and right, the sluggish movement also doesn't help.

    The crawling hatch escape animation is pretty good! Also the standing up animation is great.

  • ShizonShizon Member Posts: 13

    I'll just say my opinion as a WebDesigner & WebDeveloper with decent UX experience.

    The UI doesn't look bad itself but it a few things make the UX worse.

    While it is a very good idea to distinguish the character used by survivors, but colored status icons only feel nice when everyone is uninjured. Injured icons are harder to identify between healthy ones; it was much easier when the icon was all mono white and not only the injured person-icon itself but also the red blood next to it made it immediate to locate which survivor was injured and which was not. With new UI i personally need one or two seconds to look at them to realize the situation, and it's a lot. It's distracting.

    Also the hook progress and blood progress (when in dying state) feel really invisible and it's terribly impossible to say how much time there's left without staring at the icon looking for the progress bar at first, and the actual dark dark red inside it. It's painful and eye-exhausting.

    The whole survivor health status section feels distant.

    On the top right, bonuses feel too small and unreadable. They're temporary and i think never stack more than 2/3 at the same time, so it's pointless to dedicate a whole screen corner to them. The old position was perfect.

    In general the layout makes me feel lost between informations that are too spread.

    Skill checks feel bigger and more visible, which is really great and makes it much more comfortable to perform skill checks.

    Hooks counter is a very good UX improvement but it could be even better with a more simple and minimal UI.

  • DemsByDaylightDemsByDaylight Member Posts: 1

    please undo these movement changes!!! it's horrible! it's like if you would change a spraying pattern on CS, just don't do this kind of ######### :x i love the new map graphics, the UI COULD look nice, if it wasn't all spread out like that, just put all that info in the left side corner and that's it!!! or let us change position/size of everything...

    but for me, the most important thing is to change back to the old movement... this changes EVERYTHING... it's horrible now... please please please, LISTEN to the community..... :(

  • Outlaw64Outlaw64 Member Posts: 17

    Thanks for making this thread. Don't know if this makes a difference, but I play on Nintendo Switch and on a big screen tv.

    The UI is not user friendly and inferior to the old one because all the information is spread out to different parts of the screen.

    I'm also not a fan of the portraits because it's a basic portrait. I don't think it helps to differentiate between 4 Claudettes for example. It would be a cool solution if the portraits could mirror the cosmetics of the player.

    The words for when you are awarded points also feels harder to read. I have bad eye sight in general, but it was easier to read text on the old UI.

    The old UI is better because the information was mostly in the same spot where my eyes don't have to go all over the place. I think in general players only divert their eyes to further places to look out for the killer, finding totems, pallets, etc.

    If the change was done to better help mobile resolutions, I think maybe you can revert to the old UI for any device that is not mobile, or let players have the option to switch between the two UI's.

    Lastly, the animations feel a bit weird when they run. I think they can benefit from motion capture and then tweak with key frame animation to get the feel you are going for.

    Hope this helps and thanks for being open to feedback.

  • cowens55554cowens55554 Member Posts: 10

    Ive only been playing DBD for a few months now but this new update is for lack of a better word questionable. The UI is allover the place making it much harder to tell at a glance the important information you need. The animations on survivors are extremely stiff and odd looking and after playing for a day it legitimately feels like Im running through mud away from a killer who is the same movement speed as before not to mention the way the camera seems positioned its much harder to discern distance from the killer AND on top of that I've been getting some of the worst latency hits I've ever had in this game. I feel like with the new animations it also came with different model hitboxes because I seem to get stuck on the smallest things like against walls etc. I was extremely excited to purchase and level my first rift but with this update Im debating on doing that because Idk if I want to invest more time in a game that doesnt feel the way it did when I first started. I'm not an OG or anything but I know what the game felt like and I know what it feels like now and this is a serious downgrade. Please do something to fix this!

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