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The new HUD + the new survivor movement are absolutely GARBAGE!

TheOptimiserTheOptimiser Member Posts: 138
edited February 2021 in Feedback and Suggestions

Like a billion topics that have been opened on this theme, I am going to open one for myself as well.

The new HUD is GARBAGE! I've played one match as a killer and almost lost because of it(from the very first match). Twice in the game I simply didn't realise a survivor was unhooked because the HUD is so SMALL and the writing is like it's in a thick fog that you barely see(idk what synonim is for that) that I didn't figure out he got unhooked and I didn't hear(or maybe I was too focused) the sound of the survivor being unhooked.

As a Survivor last night in 2 out of 6 matches I've had to literally search and check how many gens were remaining because the Gen HUD is so small and, like the survivors HUD, the writing is like it's in a thick fog that you barely see, you have to like focus on it on top of the screen to see how many gens are left in the game in case you're too focused on tasks and did not remember how many gens were completed.

A big dissapointment! For what you implement the stuff on PTB I have NO IDEA, because you release them in the same state and don't give a damn about player's opinions! Not a CENT!

Very dissapointed! 1377 hours in the game but it's starting to exhaust me as new updates come by...Unacceptable behaviour by the Devs!


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