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This will prove how much the devs care..



  • ChchchcherylChchchcheryl Member Posts: 1,531

    i never said people liked the hud, im in favour of the update generally and i despise the hud, yeah the hud is bad but devs explained it is for future additions and changes!

    The animations though just take some getting used to, 12 hours with the new update so far, i can 360 again (when hitboxes don't ######### me over), can inconsistently moonwalk (launching it is harder), etc etc.

    The main issue right now is the automatic depip no matter how well you do and broken emblems, as well as ######### hitboxes.

    Everything else is either fine o for something else in the long run and people just need to get used to it, every single update people complain. Of course I'm gonna miss the old stuff but, adapt and overcome!

  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 5,859

    I didn't really care about the new movements until I discovered that I can't spin in the dying state anymore.

    Now I care. I care a lot. Spinning is fun, and being able to do a quick shake to warn away teammates was super helpful.

  • DanoobielDanoobiel Member Posts: 129

    I think the UI is ugly and misplaced.

    The animations are buged.

    Give us the option to freely customize the UI. Saves time and money.

  • bm33bm33 Member Posts: 6,632

    The spin is gone? I used to spin as thank you to killers that gave me the hatch. 😔

  • stargazer9stargazer9 Member Posts: 643
    edited February 2021

    I hate the new UI and some of the animations but I disagree that they have to revert everything. The new UI has good info (eg. portraits and hook count), but they need to rearrange the placements. The gen count instead of being on the top center should be moved to the lower left, character portraits should be changed because they make the UI look even more cheap and mobile-like, they should be changed to something that fits the game’s aesthetics. Survivor hook timers also are tiny imo, they need to make them bigger.

    The animations, some of them are good but for example the way survivors run now while injured looks really weird, we can’t 360 and we can’t even move left/right or in circles when we’re in the dying state, most of the animations feel clunky. So yeah, they don’t have to revert anything, they just need to rework and improve the UI and animations.

    We’ve given them a lot of feedback during the PTB and before release but for some reason they decided to delay the mid-chapter while ignoring all feedback. Why they did that I will never understand.

  • NocturnalPieNocturnalPie Member Posts: 25

    They were already given our feedback during the PTB. If they cared they wouldn't have pushed it out in the first place. They clearly don't care and them reverting the update would be a sign of damage control, not them caring.

  • ChurchofPigChurchofPig Member Posts: 2,543

    I'm going to say this now. Between what happens in game, the dev team, and the community, only one of those things makes me actually want to stop playing and it's this toxic entitled community that thinks the devs are out to get them because they messed up. Everyone in this community makes it sound like the devs are robots who have no emotions and purposely try to f things up and make things as unplayable/unfun as possible. You know that's not true. They're human beings. As a community I think we should be more ashamed then the devs. They don't listen because you don't give constructive feedback you just talk about how you're going to ruin their game if they don't give you what you want. Would you want to do what someone wants if they said "If you don't give me what I want then you don't care and I'm going to f up what you've been working on for years because I don't like that you didn't give me this"? NO. I wouldn't give that person what they want. I'd say "Ok bye go away."

  • twistedmonkeytwistedmonkey Member, Trusted Posts: 4,282
    edited February 2021

    To be fair the PTB was released and there was a huge amount of constructive feedback. You will always get some whom go over the top but the vast majority explained why the UI was bad.

    The animations were also stated to be visual only and in no way change survivor movement which they did and again feedback was given on the ptb.

    Yes some do go too far way and the mods do an amazing job of weeding them out, we should always encourage players to give constructive feedback though even if its something you don't agree with.

    The UI and animations changes imo should never be put in a patch with anything else as these things should be something worked on and tested in lots of mini ptbs allowing for more feedback over a longer period. Putting such changes in a patch with a set release schedule give or take a week is never a good idea especially with the original feedback being overwhelmingly negative.

    The patch has made the game worse for a lot of players who are of course upset at the current state of the game. This is because they love the game and quite frankly aren't enjoying their time in it anymore.

  • OneNineTwoNineOneNineTwoNine Member Posts: 19

    The whole "backend system" argument doesn't hold water. It's fine and dandy if they changed the backend and don't wanna change it back, but they can still change what is rendered on screen and how it's rendered on screen. It really isn't that complex.

    Source: I'm a programmer.

  • ChchchcherylChchchcheryl Member Posts: 1,531

    Idk where "backend" came from I'm just saying it was the devs decision to change the UI and animations players need to adapt and overcome (or don't and get hung up and stop playing). I don't see the people whining putting all their time into making the game they love playing.

  • twistedmonkeytwistedmonkey Member, Trusted Posts: 4,282

    You are neglecting the fact that players love the game and its why they can be so vocal.

    Yes the devs decided to change these things but does that mean it's a good decision? Are players not allowed to question it or say they dislike it? That is basically what you are saying with such statements.

    Many game devs have made changes which have been detrimental to the game itself and held their "we won't change it back stance" only to revert it later as the issue is over time is it can affect game player numbers if it impacts the game in ways which means it is no longer fun.

    Now BHVR being a company not only has to make decisions based on what they believe l is best for game but also to make sure these changes don't affect how players enjoy the game too much or affect future revenue. This is why they have made a statement and are looking at making changes as the backlash has been overwhelming on multiple social platforms.

    The current changes have shown something different from all the previous balance changes in the forms of nerfs or buffs for one major reason. Right now both sides are actually unusually unified in the critism when normally the forum is filled with just us these them posts.

  • ChchchcherylChchchcheryl Member Posts: 1,531

    I'm not saying people shouldn't be vocal but there is a line between a lot of us feel this and we would prefer this and

    "The devs dont care if they dont please us and I will delete the game and never buy anything again"

    And then attacking people who say otherwise

    There is a line and a lot of people don't seem to see that

  • MiccMicc Member Posts: 1

    I wish there was an option to make the hud bigger, i can no longer properly see the mending/hook progress bars. I also am not a huge fan of the placement changes

  • twistedmonkeytwistedmonkey Member, Trusted Posts: 4,282

    Well if players wish to delete the game over this then they do have a right to vocalize it, whether we think it's childish or not. It doesn't break any rules as long as they are not advocating for a mass exodus of others to do the same. None of us have the right to say how someone reacts is wrong if that is how it makes them feel.

    This is also why there is a report button and if you see someone doing something that you beleive breaks the rules report it and let the mods handle them.

    When it comes to a game players invested a lot of money and time into and typing when emotions are high lines can always get blurred. The best bet is to ignore threads or posts like that or like I said report them if you feel they cross a line which breaks the rules rather than get into an argument over something you can't change.

  • stargazer9stargazer9 Member Posts: 643

    They don't listen because you don't give constructive feedback you just talk about how you're going to ruin their game if they don't give you what you want.

    Reading this angers me so much because it is completely and utterly not true! People here have given a lot of constructive criticism in a respectful way. Do not deny this!

  • KiliHDKiliHD Member Posts: 52

    The worst thing i personally think is the adressing of focusing on fixing bugs but as we see they did it again like the chapter with the twins. More bugs and frustrating gameplay. They really dont care or do anything in the communities favour or at least its way too low.

  • IsaacWolf4IsaacWolf4 Member Posts: 12

    It's clearly one of those situations where the people who are making the game aren't even playing the game and this point. They do not care.

  • TauNkosiTauNkosi Member Posts: 282

    If they fix the standing and injured running animations, then I'll be okay with em

  • ChchchcherylChchchcheryl Member Posts: 1,531

    My main issues with it are crawling and standing as well. I'd like them to maybe make it a bit easier to moonwalk as well, as its possible but the launch is nearly impossible and its hard af to keep up compared to before, it also looks stupid, like your leg is ragdolling!

  • NamelessNameless Member Posts: 825

    They already announced on Twitter they're working on it I believe

  • IrisoraIrisora Member Posts: 1,333

    The animations are better than the old ones by far. Problem is the hitboxes or feeling of hits its very odd.

    About the ui i hate it at first but get used to it after several matches altought there are serious bugs in the ui... when you are struggling in the hook the blood meter isn't well represented, for example: i was struggling when there wasn't any visible blood left for several seconds and i even got unhooked by a survivor. And idk about you guys but i prefer the survivor info in the bottom left again instead of top left as it's less intrusive.

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