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Should I really stop running NOED?

ArchFoxArchFox Member Posts: 205

I only run NOED on my Twins build and, as you can imagine, I've had people complain about it. It's crutch, overpowered, only noobs use NOED, bla bla bla. I've considered getting rid of it a few times but I always come to the same question: why should I? Because some salty survivors called me a noob post game?

NOED is helpful. Killers need an extra boost once the gens are done. If anyone's near the exit gates at full health when they're opened then that's a guaranteed escape for them except in certain circumstances. Plus, it can put toxic teabaggers in their place. Teabagging at exit gate? Flashlight clicking? Oops, NOED, should have left when you had the chance.

I just wanted some thoughts on this. If I find something I like more than NOED for my Twins then I'll happily replace it, but until then, why should I when it's serving me well enough and the survivors can always, as the saying goes, just do bones?

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  • MoundshroudMoundshroud Member Posts: 4,460
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    You do you. Run whatever Perks and Add-On(s) you desire. You did, after all, pay for them with Blood Points that you EARNED in play. There is nothing wrong with NOED in any event. The only thing you have to do to be a good sport here is:

    1. Don't cheat, either by hack or lag spike.
    2. Don't disconnect; if you start a game, finish it.
    3. Be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.

    Everything else is on the table and entirely up to you. Ignore any quacking, faceless voice on the internet trying to tell you what is "toxic" or what the unofficial (but really official) morals and morays are hereabouts. These people are simply being bad sports and trying to blame their own failures on other people, and or manipulate/grief you to affect the game outside of matches. Ignore them.


  • icemancaticemancat Member Posts: 138

    Run whatever you want. There will always be people out there who will complain about anything, but all you can do is just ignore them and move on.

  • Volfgang57Volfgang57 Member Posts: 369

    Run that NOED. Use that salt to season your victories

  • CCClarkCCClark Member Posts: 32

    Run the no ed, who cares what the entitled survivors say? They shouldn't even be criticzing your playstyle in the first place.

  • sharkster13sharkster13 Member Posts: 220

    I don't use it anymore. I used it in the beginning and if I do, I use it for some challenges (like hooking survivors during the endgame collaps). And it wasn't even cause I'm getting called a noob, I just got bored at one point cause it didn't do much. Looking at it, if it's an endgame you'll get only 1 good use out of it. The survivors will either look around the exit gate and see if the totem is near, cleanse it and rescue the hooked survivor or just leave cause you have NOED in play. It punishes survivors who gen rush and I think it's a karma perk. I much rather prefere Devour Hope + Undying or Make Your Choice. It lasts the entire game and you can get some good value out of it. Maybe pair it up with blood warden, wait for someone to open the gate and trap them at the exit gates when you hook the person, that would be a better play in my opinion.

  • MichealMicheal Member Posts: 288

    Map users like me you shouldn't because we can find the totem easily

  • LunarknightLunarknight Member Posts: 29

    I don't use noed for k fine there's better perks out there but I say run whatever you want

  • InsaneCoasterInsaneCoaster Member Posts: 300

    If you want to run it, then run it, but I'd highly advise not using it. Completely aside from survivors complaining about it, it doesn't help you skill-wise as a killer. It teaches you poor game practices and running it will make it more difficult to get better at the killer you're playing.

    At the end of the day, it's your choice but I wouldn't recommend it if you want to become a better killer.

  • KazimKazim Member Posts: 222

    Nobody tells you what perks you can use, obviously they tell you not to use it because they lose

  • Deathslinger_MainDeathslinger_Main Member Posts: 75

    You can dont get me wrong, but If you are winning your games, NOED won't work. Only 1/4 of my games make it to endgame, and even when it does, it gets cleansed after the first down...

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