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Ultra-rare skins.

Suggestion : Add Ultra-rare skins that would differ greatly from killer's they are for and that would update their power's visuals. They would only be in complete sets, so you cant use 1 piece without other ones.
Example : Gardener trapper, with plants instead of hooks and Venus Flytraps for beartraps or Crossbow-men instead of Huntress ( Just an example ).
Pluses :

  • Some use of Ultra-rare rarity, since Exclusives are now Artifact ( or what is it ) quality and Ultra-rare skins are no longer a thing.
    *A way to introduce some Killer concept's that werent possible due to fitting power existing already ( Ex., Ranged killers cant really be made due to Huntress existing ).

  • More ways to make yourself look differently.
    Minuses :

  • Would make it a little bit hard to recognize some killers due to them looking differently.

  • Would obviously require alot of work to implement, since it's basically like creating new killers ( Altrough that could be compensated with higher prices ).


  • robinrobin Member Posts: 149

    ehhh, good idea but would just add more micro transactions.

  • RauberRauber Member Posts: 6

    @robin said:
    ehhh, good idea but would just add more micro transactions.

    Why not? :D
    Microtransactions are only bad when they affect the actual gameplay, what's bad about having a few more skins?

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