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I can't believe it

I just got tunnelled by a trapper!!!

How dare he play like that, especially against my 4 man swf with keys and toolboxes!

Maybe I had OoO, DS, and dead hard, but who cares about my behavior or my loadout?

This behavior from killers who are meant to kill us is unacceptable!!!!

Yours truely, Nug.


  • Volfgang57Volfgang57 Member Posts: 369

    Yo Entity, this survivor said I'm not allowed to hit them because it hurts. Sorry, but it seems you're not getting fed tonight.

  • _HN__HN_ Member Posts: 385

    The sad part is that the only reason that post get out of Poe's Law is because you gave more information than the average whiny survivor do.

    They often stay as vague as possible and would stick to the tried and true :

    Killers are too toxic, I just got tunneled AND face camped for no reasons! I had zero couterplay!

  • Timo_______RTimo_______R Member Posts: 58

    Now i will show u the true side, not that your mindset would you allow to accept this as facts anyway but here i go.

    Killer abuse bugs non stop, are toxic, have latency advantage, hitbox advantage, Perk advantage, if 1 survivor avoids a hit they get camped, tunneled and are immidietly in a 4 man swf.

    Survivor teabag and try to trigger killer because of all the above.

    And you want to tell me survivor are crying.

    To make it clear from the beginning i am not going to read any comments, ppl who write your stuff in the first place have the wrong mindset, so trying to argue with u would be dumb.

  • ArchFoxArchFox Member Posts: 205

    It sounds like you were trying to enjoy the game.

    Please do not do that.

  • GoobyNuggetGoobyNugget Member Posts: 696

    first of all, killers abuses bugscmore????? Survivors use the under the hook bug all the time. Both sides have people who abuse bugs

    Second of all, I have no idea what killers you've been getting, but you're definitely not in the higher up ranks. Killers dont camp or tunnel in the high ranks. and most of the time when they do tunnel, it's when a survivor has a key/OoO or they are teabagging.

    I play both survivor AND killer, and I also play in a swf, I make these posts for fun, I don't try to be biased towards one side more than another.

    I appreciate your input, I really do. But don't be like that.

  • HexSmolPPHexSmolPP Member Posts: 62

    Whoa Yue so cool and straight edge.

  • ashes2assesashes2asses Member Posts: 23

    Chill. This is clearly sarcastic. It's not that serious.

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