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Is Spine chill to strong?



  • swager21swager21 Member Posts: 1,019
    NO. Its fine as is

    im perfectly fine without it. i use it just in case i get a stealth killer cuz there is no audio cues

  • ViberumViberum Member Posts: 52
    YES. Needs nerfing

    Playing stealth ain't fun with this.

  • QwQwQwQw Member Posts: 4,533
    YES. Needs nerfing

    There absolutely are sound cues, and visual cues.

    Ghostface - Bright mask, flow-y tassels, loud footsteps, loud breathing. That's on top of hearing grass moving.

    Michael - Bright mask, Evil Within plays a noise every time he tiers-up, loud breathing, loud footsteps, moves grass.

    Pig - Play's an extremely loud noise while charging an ambush, loud breathing, loud footsteps, moves grass.

    Wraith - Loud gargling noise he makes while cloaked, plays a sound effect whenever he cloaks or uncloaks, has a very loud bell, loud footsteps, moves grass.

    After the initial shock of getting a stealth killer, you should be on high alert anyways.

  • Pr0p3r9Pr0p3r9 Member Posts: 106
    YES. Needs nerfing

    Michael can be heard with his heavy panting mouth breathing from a different floor and Ghost's cloak noisily billows in the wind like an anime protagonist. Wraith snarls like a dog. They're all very loud.

  • EpicidexEpicidex Member Posts: 3
    NO. Its fine as is

    dont look at survivors if you know where they are

  • xEcoLog1cDuk3XxxEcoLog1cDuk3Xx Member Posts: 441

    Give you information if the killer is coming/looking in your direction. Gives a speed boost in many actions and can be paired with Resilience for a vault speed increase during chases.

    I don't think it needs a nerf or rework but counterplay.

  • LilSnekLilSnek Member Posts: 20
    NO. Its fine as is

    We dont cry about every survivor perk compared to how they act for our perks...

  • Gay_Police_DeptGay_Police_Dept Member Posts: 744
    NO. Its fine as is

    So what about Spirits who use Stridor instead of using their eyes and ears to follow scratchmarks, blood trails or the grass moving?

  • then4321then4321 Member Posts: 234
    NO. Its fine as is

    turn your camera 90*, problem solved, derp f_ckin DERP

    I play stealth killers too and I get a SH*T ton of hits by just not facing where they are BECAUSE their SC isn't lit up

    disagree = boomer that just wants everything handed to them... use your head or get left in the dust.

  • FilthyLegionMainFilthyLegionMain Member Posts: 1,114
    NO. Its fine as is

    I could care less. I barely use it unless i pair it with premonition. makes it pretty good to use.

  • feechimafeechima Member Posts: 816
    NO. Its fine as is

    SC is fine. If anything it prevents gens from being done with how teammates run off as soon as it lights up. SB is more of a counter to stealth killers imo. With SC you still have no idea in which direction the killer is coming from. Myers and Ghostface can still get stalks just not while you're sitting on a gen. The only thing it really counters is getting pulled off a gen. And with this logic should Iron Will be changed because it counters spirits, Calm spirit counters doc, small game counters Trapper, Flashlights counter hag and Wraith. There are just perks, items and powers that counter what the others does and has. Pyramid heads main power nullifies about 5 survivor perks.

  • ItzZane_ItzZane_ Member Posts: 963
    I'm not sure

    Idk but it should just not detect the killer when he's undetectable

  • oinkzoinkoinkzoink Member Posts: 7

    I think spine chill should activate when the killer is looking at your player model (not just in your direction) and only after the killer has been staring for about 2-3 seconds or so. that way the survivor knows for a fact the killer is after them and not someone else and is a reliable counter to Michael and Ghostface without completely countering every stealth killer. I'd even be fine with it always being active during a chase so it doesn't lose its vault speed bonus.

  • steponmeadirissteponmeadiris Member Posts: 222
    YES. Needs nerfing

    Personally, I think they should change it in one of three ways.

    1. The perk doesn't work when the Killer is undetectable. This would make it easier to play stealth Killers, but would render the perk almost useless.
    2. The perk has a cooldown (think Premonition). This could work, but the cooldown would have to be quite short for the perk to be useful.
    3. The perk's range should be narrowed, so it only activates when the Killer is looking directly at the Survivor. Maybe when the Survivor is in the middle 15-20% of the Killer's screen. This would let stealth Killers sneak up on Survivors, but they'd have to be careful not to stare too much.
  • Grimmy_BluuesGrimmy_Bluues Member Posts: 353
    YES. Needs nerfing

    SC is a tough topic seeing as everyone is used to it without it's problems being extremely obvious.

    Currently, I just think it does too much with no drawback. If you compare it to recent perks, they are either lackluster, or have some requirements to them.

    If I were to change it in any way, I would just delay the activation of the action speed and make the range only 9m if a killer is Undetectable.

    Also, this is coming from someone who runs Spine Chill every match, I just want it to be more fair to stealth killers.

  • LarikalLarikal Member Posts: 54
    edited February 2021
    NO. Its fine as is

    I voted "no", for simple reason : its still lackluster perk. That's probably why you dont see it often on higher ranks. I mean : why would i take this perk over... lets say "sprint"? With sprint i can wait till i see you, then run away (probably forcing you to attack, missing hit and leaving you even more behind - happens more often than not). Lets add some healing perk (bond/self care/inner strength) and thats all i need for myself. The other 2 perks i sacrifice for the team (babysitter, borrowed time or something).

    And that's my point - spine chill is perk for your own survival... and even then you have better choices. Its like Third Seal - good perk on paper, but in reality its kinda wasting a slot bcs there are better options

  • Another_LegionMainAnother_LegionMain Member Posts: 400
    NO. Its fine as is

    I main Legion and Ghostie, don't look right at the survivor when trying to get the grab.

  • Dr_LoomisDr_Loomis Member Posts: 3,703
    NO. Its fine as is

    I voted NO as it's my most used Survivor perk, but...as handy as it is, I wouldn't be totally lost without.

    As a 50/50, I can understand Spine Chill being somewhat irritating. When you approach a half fixed gen, and the survivors are long gone.

    It would be interesting to see how effective it would be if it only activated when you were on your own, ie not multiples on a gen. As it stands now, if only one survivor has it equipped and they suddenly cease fixing a gen...all the other fixers are also potentially immediately alerted. But then the issue with Myers and GhostFace is that if there was no way of SC activating whilst doing group tasks, they could potentially fill their stalk tiers up easily. The survivors would have to rely on their manual observations to look out for those two, and GhostFace can be particularly tricky to spot.

    I would say keep it how it is. Much like BBQ&C, it's an effective perk but altering it would make it useless.

  • fogdonkeyfogdonkey Member Posts: 1,563
    NO. Its fine as is

    OOO counters trapper

    Flashlight counters Hag and Wraith

  • wigwig Member Posts: 18
    NO. Its fine as is

    then it would literally be pointless? Spine chill is basically just a substitute to hearing the heartbeat for stealth killer. It doesn’t tell you the direction or make you invisible. If you run you lead the killer right to you and if you hide you can’t get far- a good killer will catch you 99% of the time.

    It’s not like it’s used for toxic gameplay. I imagine most people use it because they are not strong at chases.

    and it can backfire very easily if you run away only to run straight into the killer.

    Just my opinion though.

  • ShirokinukatsukamiShirokinukatsukami Member Posts: 1,624
    NO. Its fine as is

    Let's see, what's more ridiculous? Having to

    a.) drop everything and run into a locker, find a gen to hide behind or run closer to the killer just to counter a single perk and waste monumental amounts of time,

    b.) or just look a bit to the side and lose no time whatsoever?

    If BBQ is fine Spine Chill is more than fine.

  • QwQwQwQw Member Posts: 4,533
    YES. Needs nerfing

    Nice whataboutism.

    1. Good Spirits do use grass to track survivors.
    2. Spirit can't see blood unless she's running Father Glasses.
    3. Most times survivors walk to avoid leaving scratchmarks, meaning The Spirit can only look out for grass and use her ears.

    I'm not saying Stridor Spirit is balanced, but comparing a perk that is only good on one killer, to a perk that is useful against every killer in the game is a stupid comparison.

  • Gay_Police_DeptGay_Police_Dept Member Posts: 744
    NO. Its fine as is

    Nice way to miss the point.

    The guy i replied to said to just use eyes and ears and i my point was "why don't stridor spirits do the same then"?

    Stridor being good only on one killer doesn't make it any different since killers have their own powers while survivors are just skins.

  • QwQwQwQw Member Posts: 4,533
    edited February 2021
    YES. Needs nerfing

    Stridor Spirits do use their eyes and ears, it only makes it easier to hear survivors.

    The reason why I listed off sound cues, was because one guy said that Spinechill was the only to counter stealth killers, and that they don't have sound cues, which is incorrect.

    This thread is about if Spinechill needed to be nerfed, not about Spirit using Stridor. I like how you said I was the one who missed the point.

    Post edited by QwQw on
  • Gay_Police_DeptGay_Police_Dept Member Posts: 744
    NO. Its fine as is

    And my comment was a reply to a especific comment, but i like how you ignored that 👍️

  • Timo_______RTimo_______R Member Posts: 58
    NO. Its fine as is

    Are u guys serious this perks give only a small boost on it´s own.

    It´s not even useful when hitboxes or latency is on killers side, which is the case way to often.

  • SiMpSoUpSiMpSoUp Member Posts: 10
    NO. Its fine as is

    since killers want to complain about SC, how about we nerf BBQ.

  • NazNaz Member Posts: 121
    edited March 2021
    NO. Its fine as is

    Have you ever felt someone else's presence without first seeing them? Like you just knew someone was up ahead? I have many times, especially when we go camping. I see spine chill as perfect the way it is. Stealth killers would be a total nightmare without it. Plus it's not like everyone is going to run spine chill all the time. I use stealth killers a lot and i don't get bothered by it. Maybe you've just had a string of bad luck?

    Also if you are going to rework SC then you may as well rework every perk that allows the killer to see survivors. Hell let's do away with perks and just go at it. Killer vs survivors. No perks. No groups, ban groups from que together and have some good old fashioned fun lol

  • BrokenbonesBrokenbones Member Posts: 4,435
    NO. Its fine as is

    Good for new players

    Good for experiencer and veteran players

    Countering stealth has very few options (apart from being hyper aware of your surroundings and the different tells each killer has). It also helps counter one of the strongest killer perks in the game right now (Tinkerer if you were wondering)

  • KirbyKirby Member Posts: 26
    NO. Its fine as is

    simply don't look in their direction

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