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DC penalties should be expelled from the game or at least changed...

Imagine_MilkImagine_Milk Member Posts: 91
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So where I live, it is snowing. And usually, when it snows I lose connection to the server and I disconnect because of something that I can't control. I understand that DC penalties were created to prevent people from DCing too much and joining and do the same thing consistently. But the one problem with this is that there is no real way to determine whether the Disconnect purpose was intentional or it was something that cant be controlled so as an internet outage. I do not want to have this happen to me a lot anymore because if it does I could end up becoming banned from this game temporarily or permanently and I do not want that to happen to me. So, are Dc penalties really necessary?



  • Velvetcake1027Velvetcake1027 Member Posts: 26

    Also, I've gotten disconnected 3xs do to the outages and get penalised each time. You would think Devs would put DC penalties in hold until after this winter storm but that's too much to ask for.

  • Imagine_MilkImagine_Milk Member Posts: 91
    edited February 2021

    So you're saying it's my fault for inconveniencing 4 others? The title also says at least changed for better.

  • unluckycombounluckycombo Member Posts: 582

    I personally don't think they are. I mean, if someone wants out, they're just going to kill themselves on first hook and make the game worse for everyone else anyway.

    Besides that, I don't really think they're necessary since I just see this as a casual game. Sure, it sucks that someone DC's, but I just don't see it as bad as someone DC-ing in Comp matches of other games.

    (Obviously though, not encouraging DC-ing. I don't think it's good for someone to DC every game or anything- but I don't think having the DC Penalty really does anything to alleviate that problem or make it better, besides forcing the people who want to DC to kill themselves on first hook and throw- which still ruins the game for everyone.)

  • Imagine_MilkImagine_Milk Member Posts: 91

    This is exactly what I'm trying to say meanwhile someone said it's my fault.

  • Imagine_MilkImagine_Milk Member Posts: 91

    This does not make sense. it is not my fault I'm having internet issues. I feel attacked by the way you said it's my fault people have to suffer.

  • Velvetcake1027Velvetcake1027 Member Posts: 26

    🤣🤣 thanks for the paragraph saying absolutely nothing. You obviously can't read or better yet interpret what we're talking about. Right now we're in a state of emergency. Ask I said about being penalised is. They should take it off right now during the winter storm. You're talking about entitlement yet in the same sentence tell people what they should play during these troubling times. Oh I GET IT NOW.... YOU'RE NOT EFFECTED BY WHAT'S GOING IN SO YOU DON'T CARE. If that's the case then continue not caring and also not commenting to me. Regardless if I'm the one being affected or not, I can sympathise with others.

  • JarethJareth Member Posts: 72

    I used to be all about the DC penalty but these days I'm more against it. If someone doesn't want to play a game for whatever reason then they'll still DC, kill themselves on hook, or go AFK. If it happens at the beginning of a match then it's ruined the whole game anyway, now everyone just has to suffer through a pointless game. If I'm playing survivor and that happens then I just run up to the killer and hope they won't just slug me. As killer I'll just try to finish off the match quickly, which may come off as being sweaty, but really I just want it over.

  • Velvetcake1027Velvetcake1027 Member Posts: 26

    You're responsible for your on fun. That's hilarious.... Tell me... How do you control hitboxes (actually being hit from the back of the car while the killer is at the front)? Then being camped by killers who are happy that these glitches are helping them out. Bots on the internet? Now that's funny. Aren't you commenting your opinion just like everyone else. It's like the pot calling the kettle black right?

  • Imagine_MilkImagine_Milk Member Posts: 91

    You don't understand either I CLEARY said It is something THAT IS NOT IN MY POSSESSION TO CONTROL and you're saying it's my fault. I wonder how you feel when that happens to you. You clearly don't understand my point. I DO NOT want to argue with someone that thinks that I'm the reason for ruining other people's lives.

  • Velvetcake1027Velvetcake1027 Member Posts: 26

    For you? Or for millions that might be affected? Show me where it says to turn off DC penalty because one person don't like it. Do something else? Maybe they don't have anything else to do and is just biding time. If you don't like his or her question then why don't you find something else to do??? I bet you got upset with that huh? Exactly. If people want to play even during this time it's their choice. Try respecting that and you'll get respected.

  • Velvetcake1027Velvetcake1027 Member Posts: 26

    These are just internet trolls. Please ignore them. Some people love to talk smack on the internet. You asked a question and is getting attacked for it because people don't know how to sympathise anymore. I understand both ends of this debate but some only see things their way and don't know how to see things from someone else point of view. Don't let it get you down.

  • Velvetcake1027Velvetcake1027 Member Posts: 26

    And, why so mad? You don't have to be hostile. For all you know this could be a kid.

  • Imagine_MilkImagine_Milk Member Posts: 91

    I understand your point. I just don't like the fact that someone thinks that I'm the reason for ruining some other's lives. if I randomly disconnect in a match regardless of me not knowing there is a situation, is that my fault?

  • NamelessNameless Member Posts: 825

    Omg yes you're absolutely right! Those sick killers definitely didn't enjoy seeing people pulling the plug at all after they nodded you goodbye on the hook!

    And those survivors you're teaming up with love seeing their teammates quit! The pettier the reason the better!! We all know it's those killers fault in the end.

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