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Lobby Closed Due to "Unknown Error" - Steam

no_uhno_uh Member Posts: 2

Step 1 : Boot the game

Step 2 : Ready-up as either survivor or killer

Step 3 : Join a lobby

Step 4 : Get kicked from lobby with a message to the effect of "Lobby closed due to unknown error".


  • This has happened to me while playing as both survivor and killer, although more often as survivor.
  • I have crossplay on, I don't know if turning it off would make a difference.
  • Inviting a friend into my lobby or joining a friend's lobby seems to increase the frequency at which the problem occurs.
  • This occurs to me about ever 5th or 6th time I load into a lobby, although as mentioned previously, inviting a friend or joining a friend's lobby makes the issue more prevalent.

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  • JarethJareth Member Posts: 73
    edited February 2021

    I have this happening as well on Steam.

    First game as killer, I get an error and can't load into a lobby, try again and it works.

    I then try survivor, get into a lobby then get booted out with "The lobby has been closed due to an unexpected error". There were 3 survivors and no killer at the time. Then I try another 3 times and get the error "Connection with host could not be established. Please try again." after waiting and it seems like it's about time to load into a lobby.

    Played 2 games as killer with no errors.

    Tried survivor again, get into a lobby and get kicked out with "The lobby has been closed due to an unexpected situation."

    Gave up on survivor after this since it's too much of a waste of time to keep trying and get kicked out after a 5 min wait.


    Over the next 2 hours I saw the error one more time as killer and tried occasionally as survivor (maybe another 4x). Could never get into a survivor game all night due to the errors.

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  • himboharringtonhimboharrington Member Posts: 3

    Same thing happening to me, PC/Steam. It's been ever since the most recent update, i've never experienced it before then. It's made the game almost unplayable. I've found turning off crossplay makes it so that I'm able to connect to a game every once in a while, but it still takes 8 to 10 error messages first. With crossplay on I can't connect at all.

  • antgnsteaantgnstea Member Posts: 853

    I get this errors a lot, for example just now 3 lobbies I find back to back closed cause of this. Issue started after 4.5.1 patch. Here are some error messages I've received today

  • no_uhno_uh Member Posts: 2

    Yeah, I usually see the "session closed" message.

  • ShawkLOLShawkLOL Member Posts: 1

    I have also ben getting a "Connection with host could not be established message during a game", as both killer and survivor. My internet checks out okay. It's happened twice, and both times I was performing skill checks on a generator (as survivor) and using killer power (as pyramid head). Don't know if it only happens during "action tasks" but hope that helps, typing this from a tablet but if it persists I'll eventually upload the logs when I get back on to PC.

  • ThePugStoneThePugStone Member Posts: 11

    I get this message Session closed, or Error at least 2 or 3 times every time I play. Been more frequent since the patch 4.5.1

  • ShimmerBiscuitsShimmerBiscuits Member Posts: 23

    also getting this error sporadically as survivor

  • malatrusemalatruse Member Posts: 712

    I am having this error as well. I am also playing with crossplay enabled, on Steam.

  • SleepAddictSleepAddict Member Posts: 7
    edited February 2021

    Yep I have these errors too on PC. Really frustrating if you wait long for a lobby and everyone gets kicked from it.

  • SandSand Member Posts: 179

    What part of "cosmetics first" don't y'all understand. As long as you get into a game within an hour then cosmetics will always matter more.

  • peachbladepeachblade Member Posts: 68

    I'm also having this issue. Last night I had a bugged lobby where it was just me and a PC player talking, and in almost 15 minutes we cycled through 2 survivors and 3 killers (we never got a full lobby, most was always 3 survivors and the killer). I was playing in the evening and had had no queue issues yet. Today it kept dc'ing me from lobbies as well as other players until I restarted my game.

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