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TFW the sauce gets unsauced b/c bugs but then you hit em with the ultimate bug-proof sauce

I'm drunk and I absolutely sauced all over this Freddy so I 100% need to share this somewhere.

So we're on a swamp map and I don't have enough fingers to count the times I juked this man or got the sauciest pallet save imaginable that ended up not counting cause of the glitching with the pallets rn. So many stuns where I got hit anyway/my teammates stayed grabbed.

This man is acting all cocky cause he's killed two of us, the last of us are on death hook, I'm injured and we've three-gened ourselves. I see the Feng across the map by the other door finishing up the last gen, so I'm waiting at the other door, but Mr. Fred decided to teleport and absolutely wreck my ######### before teleporting back to Feng to down her. She gets clotheslined and Freddy takes HIS HUBRIS and opens the door by her before hooking her.

At this point, I'd accepted my fate. I would die at Freddy's hands like I do most of the time. Tis the law of nature. So I crawl across the map hoping to bleed out or find hatch out of spite. I'm cutting it very close either way. I decide to say screw it and make for the door that I know he's camping. The timer is about halfway down, and so is my bleed out timer, but I crawl nonetheless. I approach the door and see him pirouetting across the entrance with every possible snare checkerboarded through the walkway. I attempted to sneak through to no avail. Freddy picks me up and yeets me to the ground constantly as I stare death in the face, but the gods have smiled down on me, and somehow I had managed to wiggle free. My patron goddess Sprint Burst had possessed me, and with her holy gift of sheer sanic speed, I had the ability to absolutely haul ass through the exit gate and sauce ALL OVER this man's would-be-4k with MILLISECONDS left on the countdown.

Thank you for coming to my quinceanera and y'all have a good night.


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