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MannyBot ~ Fiery Obsession

MannyBotMannyBot Member Posts: 49

Alright so I started this a few days ago and just put the final details on it tonight! My brother kindly took the "making of" pictures of me carving this, and I took pictures of the final results :)

Right is Lit and Left is Not Lit. The design reflects Freddy's perk "Fired UP," Surrounded by the entities mark of obsession. After all tortured by his own obsessions.

The pumpkin was carved to the very edge of the internal rind, but not cut through. I then caved each tiny detail the best I could, and added textures to make it resemble an obsessive burning flame.



  • laurenbunlaurenbun Member Posts: 3
    Really cool, love all the detail and the effect of it when it's lit up:)
  • AyamaAyama Member Posts: 7

    Fiery! Neat work on the details :)

  • MannyBotMannyBot Member Posts: 49
    Thankyou guys! ☺ 
  • crabby247crabby247 Member Posts: 53

    OMG I love it!!

  • MannyBotMannyBot Member Posts: 49
    crabby247 said:

    OMG I love it!!

    Thankyou I really appreciate it 😊
  • MannyBotMannyBot Member Posts: 49
    edited November 2018

    Thought I would post a Halloween Update!

    I had to cut into the top because it didn't have enough ventilation to stay lit outside.

    But it looks even better with the top! Freddy is now outside, kit up, and obsessing over Halloween Candy! 🎃🍫


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