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Single player content.

mdg2018mdg2018 Member Posts: 153

First off let me start off saying yes i know the game is online only. Yes i know there is most likely never going to happen. And these are my own opinions and thoughts and if you disagree with them fine, just don't be a d**k about it.

I found out about this game like 1/2 a year ago, and i enjoy it...for the most part. I've never been a fan of online only games but I gave DBD a chance and I have fun but I honestly feel in my personal opinion that the game could use some single player offline content. I know in one of the streams they said they couldn't do it, but lets be honest you can do it, you just don't want to. And the game can have some form of single player content, like Chapter stories where you can choose form either killer or survivor from that chapter. Like for example the Saw chapter they can have a beginning cutscene that leads into a mission/ challenge then continues from there. They can have cutscenes like how they do for the trailers, like the most recent one the Curtain Call trailer shows how a survivor or killer missions can start off, then it leads into another cutscene.

So finally I know this is never happen but i feel that DBD could have a cool story offline content and I know some people who hate online only games and would buy this game if they ever released one.


  • mdg2018mdg2018 Member Posts: 153

    Sadly I know it will never happen but I just wish they would do some sort of offline content, like what Friday the 13th did but better and cooler lol

  • Jack11803Jack11803 Member Posts: 3,930

    @RemoveSWF said:

    @Peanits said:
    I very much so doubt that they could pull off a full blown singleplayer mode.

    Or a balanced multiplayer mode.

    Could they at least teach AI survivors to teabag and file false reports?

    All AI survivors must have d-strike hardlocked into their build. Same with sprint burst. They must always t-bag, loop, and report. Post game chat must say camper at all times.

    Killer AI must smack you on the hook until you die, target ONLY you, and head taunt. They must also crash your game when gates are powered, they are stunned, d-striked, or lose you.

  • mdg2018mdg2018 Member Posts: 153

    They can figure out a way, its not impossible its just not what they want to do with the game, which is disappointing because they can make some fun offline modes. it would open the game up in my personal opinion, like it really sucks having to play games where you have to rely on others to help you. Some games you get people who are the best teammates then you get others where they leave you when they can help you out. Games shouldn't just be for online players, and this game can so easily have some kind of offline single player content like story chapters where you do various challenges in that specific chapter with some animations like in the hallowed blight event those cutscenes were awesome, now please tell me how they cant think of something to do for offline like that? If enough people brought this up they would more then likely consider it, but people are fine playing a game with basically one mode, well I'm not one of those people, maybe I don't feel like trusting others in a game maybe i just wanna be the pig or the shape and do some creative challenges and get a cool story animations out of it. Its 100% possible i just wish more people wanted it and maybe the devs would consider it. Like video one could be the in game cutscene like this video from Fantozi on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsHawK3LzrQ

    and like i said before the animations could be like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EklCtgDgDY

  • RepliCantRepliCant Member Posts: 1,436

    Why not a Story-mode version of Single Player?

    Not only would this familiarize people with how to play - it adds great content for everyone to enjoy.

  • MegMain98MegMain98 Member Posts: 2,830

    I’d honestly want a story mode type of game mode. One for each chapter.

  • chococrichococri Member Posts: 355

    Exactly, and having two paths, survivor and killer. We can only dream :_)

  • mdg2018mdg2018 Member Posts: 153

    thank you!!! there are others who feel the same way. A story mode or some single player content of sorts is possible, if we could only get more people to talk about this maybe the devs with hear us

  • RWoodrowRWoodrow Member Posts: 270

    I would love some type of single player mode.

    If White Noise 2 can have one (4-5 people on that dev team) why can't DbD?

  • mdg2018mdg2018 Member Posts: 153

    @Peanits you say "Not to say it's impossible, but it would be a lot of time and work to make that but way better and dynamic. That's time that could be spent working on the multiplayer, which would offer much more replayability." The word replayability is subject to change depending on the person, to you multiplayer is replay-able but to me single player is replay-able as well. And yes when people play online they may get different matches and out comes of course but if it was all so different you wouldn't hear so many people complaining about the same things happening to them over and over. And of course it would take time and work thats part of the job, and yea they could put the work into multiplayer, but they can also put time and work into not limiting the player base.

    Not all players like having to rely on strangers to help them in a game or you never know someone might be one of those unfortunate players who gets camped every game....now wheres the fun in that? At least with offline you can help and not worry about having to help people and getting hateful messages or risk getting banned because you didn't save them or anything like that. Offline gives the players more options on what to play

  • ABannedCatABannedCat Member Posts: 2,529
    edited May 2019

    A story mode would be awesome, and I would play the ######### outta that. Though I see it would take alot of work to do that.

    All I personally want is being able to walk on the maps without being in an online match. Kind of like a sandbox mode? Just roaming free, and enjoying the details of the maps, practise loops, blinks as Nurse, curving as Billy etc etc. I always do that kind of stuff when the game is practically done, but not over yet, like (before the EGC) last survivor looking for hatch, last surv striuggling on hook, etc. But that time is limited.

    I know that Kill Your Friends exists, but I dont have friends ._.

  • FeelsVeryBadManFeelsVeryBadMan Member Posts: 197

    This. This. This. This. This. This. This.

    There's so much detail and stuff I would love to check out without having to bother my friends. Can't we just start a KYF game all alone?

    Story mode? Yes, please!

  • tafnertafner Member Posts: 52

    Even a testing mode would be useful. I'm a noob killer and miss a lot of attacks. A testing mode would be great for learning the attack range, testing perks, etc.

  • mdg2018mdg2018 Member Posts: 153

    this game could really benefit from a few modes. Story/ single player offline content, some kind of sandbox training area like what @ABannedCat and what @tafner suggested. Yes the game is fun as hell and of course they can still focus on the multiplayer but why are other players in the world not thought about. Like i know its not the same but Street Fighter 5 only catered to the online only players at first and the game failed, making the game online only and not even giving different online game modes at that is dividing players, there are people with bad internet or like i stated before people who don't like to do online every single time or get crap teammates or bad games or camping killers. Who knows a free or small priced single player offline content and some new modes can increase sales.

  • slimeslimeslimeslime Member Posts: 41

    just give us the ability to play singleplayer custom games cuz a lot of the times I just wanna try out the maps and tiles

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