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Sandbox Mode or Advanced Kill your Friends Mode

It should be possible for the host to change more settings like for example the amount of generators or the amount of killers/ survivors. Also it should be possible to change what perks or items are avaiable in this round. This would enable a lot of new fun ways to play the game for example 4 killers 1 survivor with everlasting sprint burst or something like this.


  • ZiNcZiNc Member Posts: 243

    Neat ideas! Though interesting implementation. Realistically, this could just be added into the existing KYF options should it be considered.

  • HillbillyHillbilly Member Posts: 14

    And being able to play alone just to check out the maps would be amazing

  • JerskuJersku Member Posts: 1

    This would be amazing! I'd just love the thrill of being chased by 2-4 killers while having unlimited sprint burst and all these sorts of new creative ideas! That kind of a KYF mode would just be a great addition for the game, and would ensure that the game will last for even longer! (It will last long anyways).

    So yes, I hope some of the devs hear this out!

  • MrmaplesyrupMrmaplesyrup Member Posts: 16

    I would love an option to just roam a map alone or just have like a layout of each map that you can look at.

  • hMMhMM Member Posts: 121

    That's a really great idea. It would be really fun if we could make new types of game modes with friends.

  • Milloni161Milloni161 Member Posts: 34

    Damn you were quicker than me :P I was gonna open the same post :P

  • korrakaskorrakas Member Posts: 56

    I want to be able to organize a race where 10 megs will run against the flying axes of two huntresses. The one who wins is the one who grabs the toolbox at the end first. At the end of the lane there's a Michael Myers leveling Evil Within. If they arrive too late, daddy Myers will mori whoever tries to grab the toolbox.

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