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"Relax, I'm a Doctor" - frenchela

Happy Hallowed Blight!
The Doctor is my favorite killer and I figured he would be cool with some self experimentation :) for science.

This is my first time doing a 3D sculpt that is asymmetrical and I had to relearn how to polypaint and render because I had forgotten!

I started with just a Sphere in Zbrush and sculpted him out, painted him, rendered him, and then composited all the render pictures in photoshop. I have some progress pics:

This first model isnt his final, but before I added all the pins, the syringe, his tube, and jaw locker.
The second one was when I got all his flat colors down and then I changed his eye color! Cuz it should be affected by blight :)
The 3rd one is where I got to put more detail into him, like blood.

I hope you guys enjoyed my sculpt! I had fun making him and I got to reacquaint myself with the whole process of sculpting and painting.


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