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How do we feel about Monstrum 2?

A_Can_Of_AirA_Can_Of_Air Member Posts: 1,387
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Early access came out yesterday, and I managed to play a couple of games as monster. I'm still trying to figure out key bindings for Prisoner (survivor) since I play on a gamepad. The game is still in early stages, so bugs are clearly present and animations need to be worked on and refined, but the game is still very much playable and works fine.

Monster feels pretty great. The gameplay is rather basic from it's perspective, as I'd imagine it should be. I've mainly just stuck to using the Brute to get used to the feel and mechanics of the game. There's currently three monsters available, the Brute, Bhagra and Malacosm. The Brute is self explanatory. Basic monster that can charge and smash through things easily, instantly kills prisoners when it comes in close contact. Bhagra is a smaller, more agile monster that can wall climb and pounce. Malacosm is a psychic based monster that uses telepathic abilities to locate prisoners and teleport around the map.

From what I can gather, prisoners have an array of items to use, one of which being a camera, which works in the same way flashlights do in DBD, except they instantly blind the monster with a flash. In the context of Monstrum 2's gameplay, it doesn't seem "too" powerful but time will tell. The first person perspective of prisoner along with the environment and monsters, also makes the experience pretty scary.

I'm hoping this doesn't turn into another "Hide or Die" situation where the game fades away in the abyss. Hopefully it continues to get support and coverage and grows to become more refined, and hopefully a successful DBD competitor.


  • icemancaticemancat Member Posts: 138

    I really wanted this game to give DBD some competition and as someone who loved the first game, I was pretty disappointed with how Monstrum 2 turned out. While waiting for the game to come out, I always told myself that if the multiplayer aspect failed, then a fallback plan that they would have is making a single player gamemode just like the first game. I hate to break it to you, but I think Monstrum 2 is already fading into obscurity.

  • A_Can_Of_AirA_Can_Of_Air Member Posts: 1,387

    Not surprising, but optimism never hurts. It was expected though.

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