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New Survivor will be LGBT



  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 10,695

    And according to lore, many people land in the void instead of being part of the trials because they are not emotionally fit for the entity to feast upon.

    also judging by every bit of lore, all of the chars have something that make them stand out about their personality and experiences.

  • GrimmReaperGrimmReaper Member Posts: 159
    edited February 2021

    Thank you for twisting my words and taking what I said the completely wrong way. I never said they were the bad guys. Stop looking at everything as if it's black and white. Bad or good. Life is more nuanced than that. When I mentioned the cycle I never said it was bad and I never said it was good nor did I imply that LGBTQ are bad guys here. That's all from you. But anyway things have gotten a little off topic so let me go back to my original point.

    Don't get butthurt if they don't add an LGBTQ character. And don't get butthurt if they do. Because at the end of the day it really doesn't matter what a set of pixels has attractions to in a game where it plays 0 part in.

  • Victor_hensleyVictor_hensley Member Posts: 800

    Imagine being represented as either as a serial killer that cannot be stopped, or a weak and feeble survivor that can't do anything for themselves. I feel like no matter what will happen, people will be pissed anyways. (I'm not against an LGBT+ character being added in, i'm just showing that nobody can be properly represented in ANY media.)

  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 10,695

    Yeah it doesn’t matter.

    and we already know that they will add LGBT chars. So everybody has to find a way to cope with it.

    maybe I mixed up your notion of that cycle with someone else’s comments of inclusion will bring out more homophobia. My bad, sorry.

  • GeneralVGeneralV Member Posts: 7,810

    Yes, they do. But that is not what makes the Entity choose them.

    P.S: Just wanna help with the lore :)

  • cannonballBcannonballB Member Posts: 366

    LOL None of the second paragraph is true. None. I'm not going to sit here and question whether you're gay or not. I will say you're full of shhhh though.

    How about we go back to the 70s/80s where any mention of being gay was met with "oh you have gay cancer. Get away from me." And worse. It was the time of ######### Anita Bryant for ######### sake, an orange juice lady who went on a public campaign to tell people how TERRIBLE homosexuality was. When someone takes a damn trip across the country to tell everyone how evil we are, yes, we absolutely need to be more visible.

    This isn't "LGBTQ" propaganda. This is making sure the Anita Bryants' and Marjorie Taylor Greenes' of the world don't force us back into the closet.

    Is it hard to come out? Of course it is - no matter what time period. It sucks to feel different. I've talked about it on my twitter - I wish I could know what it felt like to be straight. How it would be to at least feel like all my friends and family did - wanting a family with the opposite gender. But I can't. Neither can you. We ARE different, whether we like it or not. This is our lot in life.

    Learn your gay history, gayboy. Learn it good - see where we've been and then you'll understand why we are where we are and why we need to continue to have representation so we aren't forced back into the closet.

  • cannonballBcannonballB Member Posts: 366

    What's funny is mine was and I have no idea what was changed. It looks the same to me XD

  • cannonballBcannonballB Member Posts: 366
    edited February 2021

    Despite your sarcasm, you're actually spot on. But whereas you see it bad, I see it as a damn good thing.

    All of this. All of it.

    How about no Scott?

    We want to be treated the same? What?! HOW!?! HOW CAN WE ASK FOR THAT! /sarcasm

    Seriously - this idea that everyone needs to be straight is ridiculous. I will be happy for a time when it isn't even announced. That's how this should have been. DBD/BHVR, I don't think (someone correct me if I'm wrong), has even implied this character is LGBT. There was NOTHING in the "hints" to suggest it was. Hell, the pic of the outfit reminds me of someone who's going for a mermaid vibe LOL

    I wonder what a mermaid killer would be like in this game. Maybe a Siren could be cool. I will stop tangenting right now. LOL

    ETA - sorry about the triple posting. Mods, if you can combine these, please do?

  • Dito175Dito175 Member Posts: 1,263
    edited February 2021
  • cheetocultleadercheetocultleader Member Posts: 1,194

    At this point I'm expecting a Drag Queen killer who specializes in Kpop, lol. Quite the different loop were running here but I'm not mad at it. Will just have to see what happens.

    I do hope it's at least scary thematically. DBD stopped being scary long ago but DBD has it's own aesthetic I hope it adheres to.

  • cannonballBcannonballB Member Posts: 366

    This. You can't argue with ignorance or ignorant people. What other response to this kind of drivel can you have?

  • OrionbashOrionbash Member Posts: 697

    Hi. Older gay here who campaigned for gay rights in the late 90s/early 00s and I'm very aware of my history. What Zach is saying is absolutely, without a doubt, correct. Its getting harder to be openly gay due to forced representation. In the 70s/80s being gay was absolutely awful. You're not wrong on that at all. Coming out was basically sentencing yourself to a life of unnecessary difficulty that straight people just didn't have to contend with. But through education and campaigning with a message of tolerance we got to a point in the 90s and 00s where gay people could exist, albeit with some difficulty which is to be expected when you're different, and it honestly wasn't that bad. I could hold my partner's hand in public without fear of persecution (Other than perhaps some stares. Big whoop).There were still some problematic areas of course, but over time the same message would have carried us through. As long as we didn't make a big deal out of it, neither did straight people. And if they were problematic or homophobic you could sit down and have a conversation with them and they'd usually be pretty receptive to it. But something went wrong some time after I entered the scene and it's made me take a permanent back seat from the gay community.

    The message was no longer about tolerance and was instead replaced with a message of mandatory acceptance. People wanting to express their right to freedom of religion were met with attacks from the gay community. People being even remotely hesitant about a homosexual lifestyle were met with hostility. Instead of respecting mutual freedom gay people decided to become militant. And the worst part about that is that it worked. People actually let the community get away with it. And now we're another decade ahead and things have not gotten better. We have a seemingly militant wing of the LGBT community that goes around demanding acceptance/inclusion/representation and if a company doesn't abide they're met with hostility. People's lives are ruined constantly for something as innocent as ignorance. Accidentally say the wrong thing on Twitter? Don't worry! The LGBT militia is gonna be all over that and make sure you lose your job. Don't have your pronouns listed in your bio? BIGOT! A family member of mine owns a salon and someone who entered the establishment identified as non-binary. My relative did not know anything about that and when they misgendered the person the police were called and a small and thankfully ineffective protest started outside. It's crazy. I am embarrassed to be part of something like this.

    And how do you think the majority population is supposed to react when they see stuff like that? Complacent? Happy? Enthused? No. They instead start to dislike the community. I've been called the F word more times in the last decade than I ever was in the 90s or the 00s. It's honestly crazy and the youth of today have no idea what they're doing as all the progress that my generation, yours, and those before of us have fought for is unraveled. I'm just glad that people like Zach and the many other LGBT people that share a similar stance to me have commented and participated in the thread as well. This isn't just the ramblings of one person. We're waking up as a community and I'm so glad to see that.

  • Amy095Amy095 Member Posts: 94

    This theory is either going to be on point or is going to be way different than the real survivor.

    Can't wait to see though!

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