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Match making still garbage

I'm currently rank 9 survivor EU, playing at prime time.

In 2 to 3 hours, I got 4 (maybe 5) matches. And I was paired with low rank survivors, against rank 1 killers in most matches.

Seriously, it's been 4 years, and there is still no consideration in fixing your broken, garbage match making system. Always promises, to continue having people believe in you and defending you all the time. The result is that from my first time playing it during a free weekend in 2016, to this day, you still don't have a working match making system.

This is really pathetic to say the least.


  • GaldslingerGaldslinger Member Posts: 7

    I remember the days before they removed MMR it wasn't near perfect but you wouldn't get people stupidly higher than your level all the time.

  • omanoomano Member Posts: 46

    I repost in case there was a bug ,my previous message doesn't appear.. Here is a perfect exemple of your match making: https://clips.twitch.tv/ToughRelievedPistachioBleedPurple-wdSbR3Avos9PZ39H

  • cyniChriscyniChris Member Posts: 176

    It's not a matchmaking problem - it's a player base problem. There's not enough rank 9 survivors & killers queuing up when you are to match up with your rank 9.

    As far as I'm aware, matchmaking is supposed to search for players close to your rank. If it can't find any within a given time, it'll expand the search until it finds you a match. This is why queue times get as long as they do and still result in wildly mixed ranks, and it'd only be worse if you wanted to wait for more accurate matchmaking.

  • omanoomano Member Posts: 46

    No that poor excuse is absolute non sense. That's what I'm talking about, with player always defending the devs, spitting their bullcrap.

    The games has tens of thousands players, this doesn't even make sense to let people think this could be a thing, regarding the low number of possible ranks, and the number of players. MANY GAMES have far more advanced ranking systems (DBD could be divided in like four tiers, ranks 20-16, rank 15-11, rank 10-6, and rank 5-1 for the match making), with a lower player number, and there is no issue, this poor excuse has to be stopped. This doesn't make sense at all, did you look the clip above or like the devs, do you ignore the reality?! The clip above is absolutely not rare this is something I very often experience.

    Let face the reality, the match making system, has never worked. Stop spitting devs bullcrap and being delusional.

  • omanoomano Member Posts: 46


    When you wait 5 to 15 minutes to end up with this kind of lobbies, that poor excuse completely crumbles..

    On a game like Depth, when there was a few hundreds to a couple thousand people playing, with ranks ranging from 1 to 100, it was possible to match make people with proper rank difference, in a couple minutes. Now you let me believe this game with current player base, at prime time, can not match make people in the four rank groups I was talking about (or let say with MAX five ranks difference between 1 and 20 rank)??!! That just makes no sense at all, the issue is how they match make people, how it is handled in the backend, and if you face reality it is handled very poorly, a random match making would probably obtain better results!

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