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When a swf bullies you



  • RajaRaja Member Posts: 319

    I can win against these players and have. These perks have got me to red ranks with trapper and no add ons I just didn't feel like playing against wannabe esl team because I won't be having fun no matter the outcome it is not fun to beat players who abuse everything only to have them harass and blame me for them failing when having everything in their favor so I stood in a corner or if I try and lose they still harass.

    The number one thing I dislike in this game is the amount of sadists who hide behind the Internet and think they have the right to bully people, I don't go out of my way to chat to people in this game, if I am salty I don't dm these people it is waste of time and foolish.

    I see so many go out of their way to ruin game for other player and make other player demoralise whether it be tunnel/facecamp with no provocation or sit at exit gates to taunt killer without allowing them even to get a hit or anything rather than just leaving. It is form of bullying to go out of way to make another feel bad, people do not know what other person situation is or how mentally stable, I wish players were more empathetic then games where killer or survivor just give up and afk woudk be less frequent.

  • KellieKellie Member Posts: 1,328

    Just play the match.

    Personally I feel like SWF can't bully killers anymore, simply because of all the nerfs and balance changes on the survivor's side.

    You can really only bully a killer nowadays if they're a complete noob.

  • shaloshalo Member Posts: 1,079

    If they just play hard that's ok but start teabagging and clicking and I'm out, I'll check insta or watch youtube, Survivors can play with themselves if they're going to BM.

    Had one game last year and a Survivor teabagged at the first pallet drop so I go out to watch BP's new song (lovesick girls) a few times, 15 minutes later, still teabagging.

  • OrionbashOrionbash Member Posts: 697

    You're never going to improve by giving up. I find killer leagues easier than survivor. It's definitely the power role and a lot of people will disagree with me on that, but I had to lose a lot to get to that point. And during those losses I would take mental notes of what I could have done better and what the survivors were doing to me so that I could learn from my mistakes. The issue with killer is that its so mind numbingly easy at low ranks that you can zone out to get your 4ks. As you get up in ranks that becomes less and less possible as survivors get better. You need to really practice to get better.

    Here's a few tips to go against red ranks:

    • Altruism kills. If you're truly in a SWF bully squad they all wanna make it out alive. Always check around the hook before leaving. Ive found that upwards of 70% of the time someone is just waiting to save once you leave. If you can find this person and down them quickly then you should pull everyone else off their generators.
    • Learn your loops. There are plenty of good killers out there that produce content that can show you how to loop everything effectively.
    • Until you get better at killer, play killers that are easier to use.
    • IF YOU DONT KNOW WHERE ANYONE ELSE IS DO NOT GO FOR SURVIVORS OFF GENS UNLESS YOU KNOW NOBODY ELSE IS ON A GENERATOR. You HAVE to pressure gens. Killers will always tell you that they don't have time to pressure gens. This is a fat lie. Its because on the way to check gens they see a Jane running about doing nothing and chase her. DO NOT DO THIS. YOU WILL LOSE THE GAME. For every survivor not on a generator there's at least 3 more that could be on a generator. Get THOSE ones.
    • Use perks that balance your weakpoints. When I first started to play killer I had trouble following scratch marks so I used bloodhound. If you get looped easily then try Bamboozle or Spirit Fury/Enduring. Bring some form of gen protection as that'll help. And some slowdown. Personally I'm a fan of Sloppy Butcher.
  • Dizzy1096Dizzy1096 Member Posts: 918


    Bullying is a feeling not a balance thing first of all. Having 4 people all chatting and working together whose intention is not to play the game but is to ruin the game for you and make you feel miserable is bullying. It's still possible with most killers except the the ones that are really good, and even they can get tilted at times.

    But it's ok because I was born into toxicity, molded by it. I can make them rage better than they can make me rage.

  • Ruse_CruiseRuse_Cruise Member Posts: 43

    When I get a bully SWF I just play to learn the killers power or how to best use said power. For example I was sent to the saloon map and they were a 4man swf I knew I was going to be bullied as I had gone against them before so I just played to learn how to hit hatchets with huntress and I luckily got a 3k one hatch, of course this hurt their ego so they invited me to voice chat and sent me death threats. When you get a bully swf just use that game to mess about with your power and go for stupid plays, at least thats what I do its up to you with how you deal with it, just don’t let it get under your skin and ruin your mood

  • WiiFitTrainerWiiFitTrainer Member Posts: 788

    Honestly you have the right idea. The toxic SWFs who play to just get under your skin get so pissy when you just face a wall the whole game while you make a sandwich or whatever, forcing them to play m1 simulator and wait ANOTHER 15 minutes in lobby. I'll do this sometimes when it's obvious from the start the entire team is on comms and play loke their in a tournament and I just don't care about trying to win. Like bro, I've had 5 shots of vodka. I'm not gonna stress out of your teabagging and click clicky, have fun holding m1.

  • latinfla4latinfla4 Member Posts: 2,119

    In all fairness if I could down one of them enough too camp I would do this haha

  • lupo_grigiolupo_grigio Member Posts: 126

    honestly, you have to ask yourself if it is worth it, and you probably gonna find out that it isnt...

  • latinfla4latinfla4 Member Posts: 2,119

    Just tried again 2 red ranks and 2 purples ran me for the whole game got 2 hooks didnt camp they all escaped tbagged like usual and verbally abused me and then of course git good...my fault for being a green rank right? And if I report nothing happens

  • latinfla4latinfla4 Member Posts: 2,119

    Which is y phone games r useful while I wait for the depip

  • Huge_BushHuge_Bush Member Posts: 3,542

    I just tab out so I don't have to see the screen. Plenty of kitty videos on youtube to enjoy.

  • Dizzy1096Dizzy1096 Member Posts: 918
    edited March 2021

    The devs don't care. You're literally just bait to Behaviour Interactive so that those kind of toxic players keep playing the game and keep buying cosmetics. You're there only so that the toxic swf can have fun.

    That's why I'm taking it upon myself to deal out some vigilante justice. I've been facecamping these kind of groups all day, they can give it out but can't take it. So I'm just a thorn in Behaviour's business plan at this point.



    It's sad to see you guys so defeatist. Maybe next time I get a real toxic OoO clicky clicky swf I'll record it so everyone can enjoy watching them struggle against a lean, mean, chainsaw revving camping machine

  • KellieKellie Member Posts: 1,328

    Okay but what is there for survivors to bully you with? Unless its a broken set up that they're using it's pretty much nonexistent. There's no pallet vacuum, less pallets spawn on the map now, there's no instant heals, no instant blinds, no more easy fast vaults, eventually there's going to be a DS and OoO nerf, theres killers that can annoy and body SWF, and on top of that they really aren't that common.

    But since you think they still persist, what do you consider a bully squad.

  • BlindninjaBlindninja Member Posts: 462

    No disrespect man but how are you gonna get any better unless you continue to fight against it? You are only hurting yourself

  • TricksTricks Member Posts: 957

    afk for Beer / Sex / Rick and Morty (not necessarily in that order)

  • wojtechwojtech Member Posts: 192

    When I see flashlights in a lobby I always take lightborn, it's fun to see them trying to blind me.

  • RajaRaja Member Posts: 319

    I didn't see the names or flashlights until it locked me in at 5 seconds

  • latinfla4latinfla4 Member Posts: 2,119

    Whatever passes the time while they wait for chases that never come haha

  • latinfla4latinfla4 Member Posts: 2,119

    Not really defeatist just spending my time wisely got to gold in gears pop while the swf bullies try to troll me and I hear them run around behind me prefer to ignore them and close the chat in endgame...of course I depip and next game here ya go 3 red ranks and a level 10 at least I killed the level 10 in that game

  • latinfla4latinfla4 Member Posts: 2,119

    Or matchmaking gets fixed...there is a reason killers are leaving the game

  • latinfla4latinfla4 Member Posts: 2,119

    Or matchmaking gets fixed...there is a reason killers are leaving and survivor queues are longer not my problem

  • latinfla4latinfla4 Member Posts: 2,119
    edited March 2021

    Said this in another post but 5 of my friends tried the game last week all of them tried from 6 to 10 PM and guess how many survivors were level 20? They quit after a couple of games 2 uninstalled the game one went back to Friday the 13th and the other two asked me to play halo with them said y not

  • RivynRivyn Member Posts: 2,969

    Fyi, the mods are probably going to suspend you for a bit. They consider this 'not playing the game.'

  • glitchboiglitchboi Member Posts: 5,416

    SWFs are a fun little challenge to play against. I don't really care if they embarrass me, I try my best and that's all that matters to me.

  • latinfla4latinfla4 Member Posts: 2,119

    I am playing even if it is half the game when I cant down anyone and get looped with 1 or 2 gens left so i should let the red rank swf get their way?

  • latinfla4latinfla4 Member Posts: 2,119

    When it is my rank I do fine I don't just quit the game

  • OlokunOlokun Member Posts: 204

    Ithe the game design , sometimes you win and sometimes you loose , good swf where you make 0K and 1K is less than 5% of the total games played. stop crying and Go next , like i do . dont you think ppl have rights to play togethers ?

  • fray1919fray1919 Member Posts: 199

    Your five friends were all playing at the same time, but were playing the solo mode instead of together or with you?

  • Huge_BushHuge_Bush Member Posts: 3,542

    Perhaps it is sad, but I don't pretend to be a good killer. I only played it because I thought it was fun when I was fairly matched. I don't play video games to sweat my butt off, I play for fun. I have no interest in learning all the ins, outs and intricate details of the game. I also don't have Bubba and refuse to spend any more money on this game. If I did have him, I would do what you suggest, but I don't and never will unless he becomes purchasable with shards. For now, on the rare occasion that I choose to play Killer, if I am faced with a toxic team, I will enjoy going afk while watching anime or videos, knowing that the group had to wait 10+ minutes to get the match, a minute or more for loading the match and at least another 5-6 minutes of watching me look at a corner, knowing they just wasted their time and have to do it all again. It's even more enjoyable when they spend 10 minutes trying to antagonize me in order to get me to chase them.

    I do get revenge on toxic survivors when I play solo survivor though. If I witness anyone t-bagging and rushing to annoy the killer, I won't rescue them. I am a big fan of good sportsmanship and hate it when others have no respect for their opponents or their teammates. So if a killer hooks them, especially after the gens are done, buh bye- I am out. If Plunderers gives me a key and I find hatch, fare the well toxic teammates!

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