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How did you enjoy the event

Okay I'm going to get some salt and vinegar down below but seriously I would like to know how each of you enjoyed the event or hated it. If you want to be constructive then tell me what Would You Do Better in a few sentences.

I somewhat enjoy the event but there were some problems in the beginning and especially in the middle.

This event honestly is almost like the last one in terms of bringing out the worst in the player base.

+Would almost always run iron grasp and agitation. If they were really desperate they would equip NOED with that combo.
+ they would run Trapper or hag and only booby trap the flowers and nothing else. If they were smart with it they were booby-trapped the area around them.

+ would legitimately run across the map if being chased just to go down in an area where there are no objective hooks at all. 
+ pretty much killed themselves on the hook if they get all of their orange juice.
+ completely neglect generators and saving their own teammates for the love of God. No, seriously this happened a lot more often when I was playing killer then I would have really liked.

Now don't get me wrong some of these problems that I named are somewhat legitimate strategies but still it just doesn't feel right.

Anyway let me know what you think about the event down below and please don't cause a ruckus or try to hijack this post. I actually want to know what you all think and I really don't want to get a moderator involved.


  • MasterMaster Member Posts: 10,208

    I didnt enjoy it at all.
    The only positive fact were the skins and that the devs tried tro experiment with secondary objectives.

    The event completely ruined the actual gameplay and turned everything into a gigantic farming mess, personally I dislike farming

  • BrawlerBrawler Member Posts: 324
    Well.. Back to genrushes.
    I actually did enjoy the event. It was somehow based on the previous ones but had something new. I got my cosmetics and I'm happy. 
  • CountfunkularCountfunkular Member Posts: 406
    To be honest I can understand. I was happy they were experimenting and the Skins did look pretty sweet. However you are right a lot of survivors and Killers got together  just to farm.
  • Swiftblade131Swiftblade131 Member Posts: 1,649

    Couldn't be bothered.

    Now that it's over I will continue playing..

  • EntityDispleasedEntityDispleased Member Posts: 1,449
    edited November 2018

    I feel like this event was just an experiment by the devs to see how a second objective might turn out in the future. So far it only proved that it really did slow down the game by quite a bit. The whole shitstorm that came with it was because people wanted to farm as much vials as possible in the timeframe they gave us which made people suicide on hook and stuff. If it were to be implemented with a bit more organization it might actually turn out quite nice.

  • MasterMaster Member Posts: 10,208

    @Countfunkular said:
    To be honest I can understand. I was happy they were experimenting and the Skins did look pretty sweet. However you are right a lot of survivors and Killers got together  just to farm.

    Farming was only one issue, the other thign was survivors sucking flowers and then suiciding instantly.
    I haver no idea how the whole implementation passed their QA team, assuming they tested it at all

  • Rebel_RavenRebel_Raven Member Posts: 1,654
    edited November 2018

    I liked that there were objectives other than gens. I had almost forgot how bad people want to rush them during the event.
    Then I played post event, and got reminded all over again.

    I liked letting survivors harvest, and I liked how easy it generally was to harvest as a survivor outside of the 0 chill, seemingly desperate killers. Usually Doctors, Meyers, Hags, and Leatherfaces.
    I did run into killers with chill, and I helped them get theirs. That was cool.

    I liked trying to challenge myself to get as many points/not "Entity displeased" without sacrificing people. It's a hard wagon to stay on after the event. They want to be jerks. They want to be overly coordinated SWFs that just want to bully the killer, and get a quick win.

    Large maps -sucked- as killer for the event. I practically had to run Iron Grasp, and would have added agitation if I had it. I mean it's not like the hook is going to kill them (I made it a point to try and avoid that), and I wasn't taking them to the sex dungeon. Sure as hell didn't camp.
    Then there's the survivors that would run Boil Over, ran away from objective hooks, and generally wanted to make things harder.

    And it revealed that no matter what, even without camping, even TRYING not to tunnel, and spread the hooks out among them, most, well, damn near all survivors are gate jerks. It just helped highlight how safe they felt and how HUGE of a safe area there is at the gates, and hatches.

    The added objectives were nice. The occasional spurts of the nectar of kindness was nice. The skins are nice. the added BP was extremely nice!

    Back to business as usual, I guess.

  • KingBKingB Member Posts: 747
    I absolutely loved it. I only gto to play it the last 2 days but it was really fun when I did play.
  • douggie123douggie123 Member Posts: 756
    Worst event I have been in since I started dbd in march imo. I liked the second objective but the lack of petal appearance in my bloodwebs sucked
  • DustinDustin Member Posts: 692
    edited November 2018

    There needs to be incentives to not farm and to not suicide on hook. I'm not talking penalty either because that's not fun but more a bonus for completing more than the standard.

    I would prefer events without the need for offerings. Just make half the hooks event hooks and make them able to be sabo'd. Give the survivors plenty of objectives that build up points that's a mix of generators, plants and unhooking people to get points.

    If at least half the hooks on the map were event hooks killers wouldn't care to farm because getting to one would be less of an issue and greed would take a part because they could get 12 max event hooks by sacrificing all 4 survivors. For survivors they should get a bonus for escaping with a full vial for example that goes past their cap.

    Offerings are awful because it ends up being wasted BP for the end of the event for anything unused, when people finish the event they quit using them so if you don't grind it out the first few days it gets tedious and it takes away from players using other offerings.

    The reward system though when things were said and done were fine and a bit generous. Many will disagree but the initial 3 cosmetic pieces were fine and now people are going to expect the next event to meet the rewards of this one. The main thing the reward system gave was choice and I liked that. Also how you had a chance to get them for free but the cosmetics can still be purchased post event is good.

    I hated this event, glad it's over but I'm still taking a break from DBD after this. The initial 15 minute queue time going to 30-40 minute queue time really killed my enjoyment for now. Yeah I could easily play survivor but I hate playing survivor because it's boring.

  • PurrPurr Member Posts: 77
    edited November 2018

    i didnt mind the event i farmed my 30 survivor vials with my GF easily and then farmed my 30 killer vials but i did it on nurse as i planned to practice 100 hours on her with NO addons yes i ran agitation and never used irongrasp my loadout was agitation BBQ sloppy butcher and M&A/shadowborn depending if i wanted to be sneaky or not
    i let a survivor finish their plant most of the time but if they finished befire i left their sight they were fair game i did some games where i farmed with the survivors as the BP from those was far better than tryharding 30k to 60k for tryharding 50k to 100k+ for farming hmm not hard to choose personally ill take the more BP for 100 plz charles lmao i easily finished my 60 vials an hour before they made the change that the 60 vials were shared between surv and killer

    EDIT: side thought think the only killers who REALLY hated the event are billy mains.. line up amazing chainsaw sprint and BAM stupid plant robs u of the hit even worse due to his veiw is slightly further up than normal so u cant even see the dam things ahead of time

  • megdonaldsmegdonalds Member Posts: 647

    The thing i hated most was the pointless farming which literally turned into griefing and you could do nothing against being hook farmed when you wanted to play the game normally.

  • BigBubsBigBubs Member Posts: 1,131

    Was less fun than normal non-event time games.
    People get hooked and kill themselves because they were done with their vial or hot a 1/3 and decided to move on. So I decided to do the same thing from time to time just to finish the vials quicker and stop playing.

  • StriderStrider Member Posts: 94

    As both a killer and survivor during the event it was very unpleasant to have survivors simply come into the game to harvest their plant juice and then immediately let themselves get killed. There was the issue of just how much the game slowed to a crawl because at the start of the event, many survivors focused solely on harvesting the plants rather than generators resulting many games ending with few generators done. As the event went on, survivors cared less about the plants either because they've finished their objective or got what they wanted - this attitude should have been what the design of the secondary objective should be made to encourage.

    However, as the event was reaching its climax the plants were pretty much working as intended - they were secondary objectives that gave a reward for completing them but doesn't tie directly into the main objective. There was a good balance of survivors who would do the secondary objective if they happened to be in proximity of it and then move on to do generators once they got it out of the way. Whatever ends up being the secondary objective, I hope they stick to this philosophy - keep the reward for doing the secondary objective enticing enough to try but not be completely ignored.

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 10,243

    I got my free Wraith outfit.
    Then i made a new save as the Commando on Borderlands 2.

    Needless to say, i had fun.

  • CzarZeroCzarZero Member Posts: 6
    edited November 2018

    I started playing a few days before the event started. Found the game enjoyable, both killer and survivor side.

    Played during the event for the first week. Didn't really care too much about the cosmetics so I didn't get super focused on filling vials. When playing survivor, I'd harvest a plant if I came across one while navigating around the map, and on killer I didn't hard focus on hooking people on the event hooks.

    Basically, I didn't enjoy the event because it reduced the fun of the game. Reasons fall right into a lot of the main complaints people have about the multitude of just bad game play that resulted of people wanting to farm for vials.

    I didn't want survivors to just run up to me and let me down/hook them.

    I didn't want killers to go easy so I could find/farm plants.

    Also noticed that the event brought out a lot of really strange "community etiquette rules" that ran against the grain of what it seems the game is supposed to be about.

    "Sweaty try hard running *insert perk/add on here", doing this, doing that, omg why aren't you just farming"

  • ReneAenslandReneAensland Member Posts: 838

    As Killer Main. Amazing, but I felt sadness for survivors. As a casual survivor, it sucked.
    This event sucked.

  • SupernautSupernaut Member Posts: 1,113

    Only issue from my side, was that once Survivor had maxed their vial, there was no more use for Petals, other than to potentially boost those available for other players.
    Personally I just played Killer throughout and had a ball!!! :D

  • RadiantRadiant Member Posts: 187

    Terrible event.

    It screw the game instead of improving it, very killer sided:

    • Cosmetics only for killers (don't try to say that Claudy and Dwight ones were half decent)
    • Killers had to do same objective
    • Killers were getting free kills = free rank = free BP
    • Not possible to sabo event hooks = even easier game for killers
  • GunManSpyGunManSpy Member Posts: 47

    Wasn't interested, I didn't play Dead by Daylight when the event was out.

  • BoxingRougeBoxingRouge Member Posts: 606
    I didn’t like the event that much... it was either everyone farming, or you’re dying because no one is doing generators and it gave killers easier games to kill everyone especially with NOED. That’s why I have been playing RD2 for the past week and gave DBD a break. The lunar event was better than this.
  • HookedonDemandHookedonDemand Member Posts: 179

    I don't think that this tested additional objectives for survivors at all. It just took forever to harvest the nectar and that didn't help the actual surviving at all. If they just put additional objectives in to waste time, they could just increase repair time on gens.... Additional objectives should be meaningful in some way.

  • DustinDustin Member Posts: 692

    @HookedonDemand said:
    I don't think that this tested additional objectives for survivors at all. It just took forever to harvest the nectar and that didn't help the actual surviving at all. If they just put additional objectives in to waste time, they could just increase repair time on gens.... Additional objectives should be meaningful in some way.

    Not to derail too much but personally if there was additional objectives I'd prefer actual objectives instead of extending generator requirement. The main reason is I believe it would be more interesting to have more landmarks that matter on a map as opposed to the same old same old. As an extreme example I wouldn't want to cut the exit gates requirement in half if it meant only having one exit gate as the killer could camp it easier.

    I do agree though this experiment didn't really seem to be effective in testing anything other than greed. While I agree greed is a good motivator it's not something I'd personally consider when thinking of ways to balance the game with additional objectives. If anything side objectives should make doing the primary objective easier but again just opinion.

  • George_SorosGeorge_Soros Member Posts: 2,270
    Look at them whiners. The long killer queues were bad and I didn't like the rampant farming either, but aside from these, it was a fun event. Liked the load of extra BP, the free cosmetics, and the experimentation with secondary objectives. 
    Glad it's over: too much farming in cooperation with the killer is not fun if prolonged, but otherwise, it was a good event.
    So funny to see players silly complaints about the direct opposite: "they didn't want to farm" and "everyone farmed". The latter has some merit, but it's not such a big deal.
  • VenzhasVenzhas Member Posts: 252
    Now in my screen in game, despite the event is over, i still have the little serum recipe up right, its kind of disturbing. On ps4, Im the only one lagging with this ?
  • TerrortotTerrortot Member Posts: 345
    Too much grind
  • redsopine1redsopine1 Member Posts: 1,437
    Loved it git free huntress and trapper skins bought wraith and billy
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