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Should tricksters knives bounce off walls at base?

onemindonemind Member Posts: 3,089
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I've been playing tricksters all day until now and due to just how fun he can be but his power is very mediocre sometimes

because some killers can do what he can but better and I think that removing the ability to just never get rid of laceration is just the wrong way to buff him

I think maybe haveing the bounce addon base and do less laceration if it bounces could be a solid buff because now even if he dosent see you. you aren't safe

the addon flips the negation to the increased laceration like base or increase the amount of bounces it can perform


I want to make his better without making him unenjoyable to play against

Edit I've realized that someone else made this suggestion so yea I agree with them

edit 2 after seeing how the the addon works yea I would be willing to just allow it to do normal damage

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  • TrevorLahey93TrevorLahey93 Member Posts: 170

    I think so. Then you can actually do tricks with your knife and his name would make more sense lol.

  • StibbityStabbityStibbityStabbity Member Posts: 1,459

    I don't particularly agree with this because of how quickly the Lacerate meter expires, though. You can easily lose a stab marker just chasing someone around a loop. You can lose it if they jump a pallet and you have a bad angle. People playing on PTB right now, with ricochet add-ons on, aren't finding it much easier to hurt Survivors. Currently, his powers damage is so low, ricochet would barely buff it enough to matter.

    NOW, if you wanted to buff his power to say 5 Lacerates needed instead of 8, then I could totally see bounced hits doing a bit less to make direct hits do more damage.

    As it stands, though, even if he was able to bounce daggers all over the map to the point where every inch of space that COULD occupy air was instead filled with a dagger, he'd still be the same as bringing a knife to a gun fight. And we all know who wins gun fights.


  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 8,815

    But this killer has been on PTB for less than a day. You have to take into account the ever-increasing skill of players or else the killer will probably get overbuffed.

  • onemindonemind Member Posts: 3,089
    edited March 2021

    That's why I didn't try to go for a massive buff but rather raise the skill ceiling while giving only a buff to those who effectively use It and at base will do half damage without the addon so those who get it accidentally are given a medacor reward

    Edit I would be perfect ok if it did normal damage I just didn't want him to spammy

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 8,815

    Yeah, imagine normal damage in a maze tile. Every time you turn a corner six knives come at you, and you know at least one will land. Limiting the damage at least makes it an inneffective tactic unless you're a good aim, though even if you're not it still would stop the decay.

    Honestly, adding a weak basekit ricochet might be the best buff idea just because everyone would find it somewhat useful, and that's exactly what a buff should be.

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 5,229
    edited March 2021

    Yes they should, not only that but ricochet shots that are not within 1 meter or so of the survivor should apply a significant bonus laceration over normal hits on top of it given how it's incredibly hard to pull off outside of spamming it at their feet which this would negate.

    Having it do only half base would be honestly way too under whelming and nearly pointless given even if you fire at the ground all you might get is maybe like 20% more hits doing that than if you just aimed at them normally, and doing that for half damage makes no sense whatsoever. You would basically be handicapping yourself for even trying.

    I think when people hear make the ricochet base kit they think of the addon which doubles the damage and actually that addon alone doesn't even make him good it just makes him not complete trash. He's extremely weak, honestly one of the weakest killers I've seen added to the game in a good long while.

    He'll need even more than making that base kit when they do inevitably buff him, I just hope this is one of the things on this list because it might at least make him enjoyable to play....I can tolerate him being terrible if he is at least fun.

  • StibbityStabbityStibbityStabbity Member Posts: 1,459

    The Lacerate meter isn't really a matter of skill cap, though. It's literally "Tunnel your current target or you lose progress". It has almost nothing to do with skill, and moreso the mentality that you NEED to stick to a target or else the knives you filled them with were for nothing.

    Are skilled players going to do better with Trickster? Sure.

    That said, even using the math of the Killer shows that the actual capability of the Trickster is kinda low. Crunching the numbers, you need to dagger spam a target up close for about 2.33 seconds in order to cause a single injury state. Alternatively, you could just M1 them. From a distance, each dagger has an offset based on the hand throwing the dagger, making consecutive hits harder. Every 5 seconds, the target loses a point from their Lacerate meter, meaning you MUST tunnel the target in order to make those knives count. If you M1 a target, all the knives you previously used were wasted, AND you caught up to them slower than you would have if you didn't use your ranged, because you have slowed movement while using your power. Yes, you can use them to force people around some obstacles, though Survivors will also learn that a simple counter to the Killer is to let them score a ranged hit if it means not taking a confirmed loss of a health state. Even with Ricochet, the ground is the only solid method of hitting where you mean to. That and straight walls, as you can predict the bounce. Off of rocks and trees, the trajectory is all over the place. The knives have a maximum distance of 128 meters, and do not gain any kind of damage bonus from... anything. Even if you trick shot someone (hence the name Trickster) from a distance, you will affectively do nothing unless you can follow up with another 7 knives within 5 seconds.

    Like I said, the math kinda goes off the rails as far as what the Killer has going against him. It's too bad, I like Trickster a lot, I just wish he did a bit more damage so it didn't feel like I was using water balloons instead of knives.

    There are a few scenarios where the power is good, but they mostly involve long, straight alleys (such as Haddonfield), or an abundance of chest high obstacles (such as Haddonfield). I honestly think this Killer was just made to do well in Haddonfield. What an awful world we live in.

  • NuKeDNuKeD Member Posts: 193

    yes. bouncing should be base and not possible by an addon. this would make him more balanced.

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