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What the tricksters power should of been?

I don't know why it's just throwing knives but just seems like a lazy chapter to me. Anyways with the name like The trickster I think we should have this kind of power.

I think we could of seen the first killer to change the objective of the game entirely. Have a bunch of bombs set a round the map instead of generators and survivors have to collect a liquid from jack in the boxes to disarm the bombs before they explode, but not every jack in the box has the liquid or whatever and instead expells gas that inflicts different states on a survivor like exhausted, exposed, blindness, make them hallucinate the killer chasing them etc...once 5 bombs have been disabled then the survivors can leave the normal way...

As for his basic hits I think he should of have a knife and also have a throwing knife he can use to infect a survivor and make their vision blurred or something

Literally anything like this would of been better than someone spam throwing blades.

So much potential wasted yet again...

I know there's a few things like toolboxes which would have issues with these kind of mechanics but honestly I think this would of been a really cool idea for the game instead of what we got.


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