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Again, no new map...

AnaraAnara Member Posts: 1,267

Again Behaviour, you missed the opportunity to create a very good looking map....

I still miss Blight and Twins maps, but ok it was not really needed, we already have maps that fits them a bit.

But Trickster ? Cmon... we have litteraly 0 neon maps, it could have been really Nice looking.

I wish both 3 will get one day a map that fits them....



  • N0IDEAN0IDEA Member Posts: 149
    edited March 2021

    I can't imagine a neon or studio map with a lot of pallest and space to jump trought, so I see their point.

    Twins and Blight are too specific lore killers to have a map

  • AnaraAnara Member Posts: 1,267

    Yes... they could have skipped a graphical update for that map, just one time....

  • OrionbashOrionbash Member Posts: 697

    How hard would it be to create a small section of a city with back alleys and what not with a map and pallets to loop? Heck, there could even be a couple of small buildings that have generators and a few windows to loop like Haddonfield and Springwood.

  • VenzhasVenzhas Member Posts: 684

    For the twins an old 17th century french dark village could be awesome, they already modelised hanging deads body with the saloon lol, and some already existing elements they could add

    For blight i would seen a pretty dark manor in the theme of the father Campbell chapel

    And for trickster, yeah a neon city or futuristic factory.

  • AnaraAnara Member Posts: 1,267

    Im so sad they prefer making new content with old content instead of doing both...

    They could have do the graphical update in mid chapters and new maps at killers releases....

    It would have take more time, but i dont think they really understand that we are exhausted of the same maps again and again, in June it will be one year without new map.

  • N0IDEAN0IDEA Member Posts: 149

    Stop to thinking now, the Twins would be perfect for a gothic map, so,yeah... but Blight and Trickster don't

    I can see a way more"this is not horror anymore" threads . Also, how a neon street or a techno beat factory have to do with his lore? He's a idol, not a christmas Tree

  • AsherFrostAsherFrost Member Posts: 2,340

    I want the half burned down studio as a map. It would be something fun and new.

  • AnaraAnara Member Posts: 1,267

    Im asking you one question : why dont you want new maps ?

  • OrionbashOrionbash Member Posts: 697

    You can turn anything into horror, though. Schools are not normally scary but they can be made to be that way. Same with hospitals, police stations, etc... A neon-light filled street could absolutely be a horror setting. Look at Resident Evil 3 remake. The shopping district had tons of lights and stuff and they did a good job at creating a horror atmosphere in my opinion.

  • SMitchell8SMitchell8 Member Posts: 2,395

    Would have been a studio or a concert or something. Missed the boat for now.

  • gendossgendoss Member Posts: 2,264

    Yeah, the lack of a map is really disappointing this time around. I didn't really care that Blight or Twins didn't get one because they probably wouldn't have been that interesting anyways but this new theme could have been amazing for a map.

  • lagostalagosta Member Posts: 1,682

    I'd rather see the farm and swamp reworked. If it costs us new maps, I am fine.

  • N0IDEAN0IDEA Member Posts: 149

    I remeber seeing this in Silent Hill 3. But I remeber there's a psychological factor for it. Public spaces and daily places tends to be unnerving when empty or even at dark. Try to pace around a school in the night shift

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 12,189

    I would agree on that one. Blight, Twins and Trickster all came without a Map, but for all of them, it does not really hurt. Like, you can stretch a Map that might fix for Blight or Twins, but it will not really fit. Like, Deathslinger without a Western-styled Map would have been strange, basically you can look at most of the Killers and see what Map they fit with a general idea how it can look. But that does not apply to Blight or Twins.

    For Trickster, I think a bright Neon-Map would look really strange in DBD. And who knows how much it can affect the performance on some older systems. What they could have done would have been a multi-floor building connected to The Tricksters lore where his former band members burned. But that is also quite stretched.

    So it seems like BHVR has pulled out the Killers who dont really need a map to fit in.


    There were Maps to be reworked for this Chapter, those will come at a later point. It might be possible that they manage to rework all Maps before the Anniversary, meaning that this will most likely be a chapter with a new Map.

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 12,594

    I'm actually bummed out that we did not get a new map here. The last few I could kinda understand, but if there's one chapter that I feel warranted a new map, it's this one.

  • AnaraAnara Member Posts: 1,267

    How can you say Deathslinger without western map is strange but Twins without french map is not ? Its not because you dont know well french culture that the Twins dont deserve a new map and Deathslinger can get one.

    The real problem is graphical update, making new content with old content. Behaviour is not the first studio to do it, and its very bad when it take us real new content.

    A video game compagny should do both.

    Im a big fan of dbd but since Blight im quite disappointed of their commercial strategy with maps.

  • bm33bm33 Member Posts: 6,618

    I'm hoping that after the map reworks they make new maps for the DLCs that came in without a map.

  • N0IDEAN0IDEA Member Posts: 149

    I never said I don't want one, but those concepts just don't work.

    I won't add anything that came in mind.

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 12,189

    What is a french map for you? Like, I cannot imagine anything under a french Map. But if I see a Cowboy, I totally know about the environment they are in. Let alone that being french is not really a distinct feature of the Twins.

    When it comes to reworking old content into new content, this makes more sense than releasing new content AND reworking old content. If they would have created new Maps AND reworked the older ones, reworking the older Maps would have taken way longer (1 Realm instead of 2 Realms per Patch, most likely). So in the end, when they would have finished all old Realms, they can basically start over again for the next graphical overhaul.

  • AnaraAnara Member Posts: 1,267
    edited March 2021

    What is a french map to me ? Im french so im laughing.... didnt you watch movies taking place in France ? An old city with typical french buildings ? You cant imagine that ?

    And being french isnt a noticeable feature of Twins ? Did you saw their outfits ????

  • XayrlenXayrlen Member Posts: 329

    We already have a lot. Do we really need another one?

  • AnaraAnara Member Posts: 1,267
    edited March 2021

    We have a lot ? Like 10 realms ? wow I want 20 or 30 realms, I want diversity.

  • ZaytexZaytex Member Posts: 841

    Yeah it would've been cool. They could've really gone for it and make a South Korean market or popular popping district like Myeongdong. But sadly they didn't, and they didn't decide to work on the existing maps in balance or graphics.

    Then again, we got good changes to Blight and Wraith, new perks which are fun with the occasional one or two with potential to be strong along with a Killer that's pretty well rounded, who just needs a buff to his power.

    It's a good update if you compare it to others as well..

  • AnaraAnara Member Posts: 1,267

    For me the right dbd formula is killer + survivor + map and we are lacking 1/3 of the content we had before :/

  • AggressiveFTWAggressiveFTW Member Posts: 832

    That's like saying we have a lot of Killers and therefore should not create more. I would be psyched if we got the same amount of Killers as the same amount of champions they have in League of Legends.

  • CrowmanCrowman Member Posts: 4,805

    Honestly the lack of map would have been fine if we had gotten map reworks with the chapter. But seems like we are getting neither.

  • AnaraAnara Member Posts: 1,267
  • ProfoundEndingProfoundEnding Member Posts: 2,309
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