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Animations and camera angle changes.

So I'll start off with what I like/ liked during and past 4.5.0 update. as well as what I now dislike after 4.5.0

  1. animation transitions. The transitions from idle to walking, running and crunching where all really good and immersive! sure they needed a bit of polish but they were good....now after 4.5.2 "ALL" transitions have been removed to make the movement "feel" exactly how it was before...even though it was already the exact same, it just didn't look the same and all "slide'y" like before. As well as making unintentional things like moonwalking and "360's" a tiny bit harder. removing the new transitions is a step back in visuals and movement, now the survivors look awful, and at least for me are now very unenjoyable to play, because I have to look at these really stiff unfinished, glitchy animations. Instead of getting rid of the animations they should be worked on further to feel better to play while looking realistic and responsive.
  2. Camera angle changes. Now this one is small but important to me and other people, I'm sure. With the arrival of the 4.5.0 update when getting downed the camera angle would do a dynamic switch to match the level of the downed survivor on the ground, "much like how it does when crouching". This I felt was a good addition, as the original angle was odd and didn't fit, the new camera angle also showed off the new animations as well, and made the game feel more dynamic and cinematic. Now the camera angle change has been completely removed, and that really sucks for people like me who actually really liked it and wish it would stay. So I have a solution for this, Just simply have an "option in the settings for the camera angle changes", to either disable or enable. It really wouldn't be that hard to do and it would be more fair then just removing it. @MandyTalk @Peanits Is there a possibility of the camera change becoming an option? also what is the current situation with the animations?


  • kylerabdcgamer10kylerabdcgamer10 Member Posts: 276

    also the crouch animation is glitched too

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 6,811

    Iirc they said they would work on making transitions "work" while still feeling fluid enough so it feels the same.

    (I also don't like how crouch animations just kinda stops in place, compared to the previous transition)

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