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Which killer would you like to see in the game?

Which killer would you like to see in the game?


  • RabidWabbitzRabidWabbitz Member Posts: 93


  • AsunaRoxianaAsunaRoxiana Member Posts: 2
    The ring !
  • Rebel_RavenRebel_Raven Member Posts: 1,654
    edited November 2018

    The monsters from The Feast!

    The Leprechaun!

    The Angry Princess!

    Old Gregg!

  • AsunaRoxianaAsunaRoxiana Member Posts: 2
  • MasterMaster Member Posts: 10,205

    A viable one besides nurse.

  • Love_you4485Love_you4485 Member Posts: 1
    My right hand 
  • hmm the nemesis of my nemesis is my enemy> @DarkSorcerer350 said:

    Which killer would you like to see in the game?

  • AttackfrogAttackfrog Member Posts: 1,135
  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 7,187


  • FinLaddFinLadd Member Posts: 190
    The Thing
  • Bigdaddyalan85Bigdaddyalan85 Member Posts: 1
    Victor Crowley
  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 7,187

    I'd like to see them push the limit of "humanoid" I little more. Let's see some more creature ish type killers.

  • GhostrickSpecterGhostrickSpecter Member Posts: 460

    Krampus, cuz... ya know, December

  • AttackfrogAttackfrog Member Posts: 1,135
    An ice cream man type killer

    No clue what his powers would be but I loved that movie as a kid (there is a new one on hulu too....creepy and just as terrible)

    To be honest....I have no clue exactly how many "I've cream man" movies have been made...But c'mon. Let's haveit!
  • Keene_KillsKeene_Kills Member Posts: 649

    Rather see reworks to the already existing low-tier ones to make them viable, but besides that: Anything BUT Ghostface or Chucky.

    The above mentioned beasts from Feast would be awesome... that is a friggin' awesome movie (and crappy sequel)! And the Krampus idea is intriguing; love me some Krampus! I'd really be feeling The Krampusnacht Chapter!

  • FayeZaharaFayeZahara Member Posts: 964

    I kinda want those classic monster cosmetics on the original killers. But i always want me some candyman too.

  • MalakirMalakir Member Posts: 799
    My lord and savior Chtulu

    Also a shapeshifter
  • PeasantPeasant Member Posts: 4,104

    The Chaser, from Slender the Arrival!

  • Zypher84Zypher84 Member Posts: 8

    Pumpkinhead - Survivor: Ed Harley
    Ghostface - Survivor: Sidney Prescott
    Hannibal Lecter - Survivor: Clarice Starling
    Jason Vorhees '- wont come i know
    Creepers Jeepers -
    Radford (Midnight Movie) - Survivor: Timmy
    Fauno / Pale Man (Pan¨s Labyrinth)
    Samara Morgan (The Ring)
    Pyramid Head (Silent Hill)
    Chatterer (Hellraiser)
    Iris (30 days of nights)
    Mr Boogie

  • DeadalreadyDeadalready Member Posts: 4

    All of the killers at the moment rely on moving to the survivor, what would be cool is a killer with a hook attack like Scorpion in Mortal Kombat (or pudge from Dota, or blitzkrank from LOL)

  • NebirosNebiros Member Posts: 17

    I would want Candyman, Pyramid Head, Jeepers Creepers, and Colqhoun/Colonel Ives. I want Colqhoun/Colonel Ives and Candyman the most but they are the very least likely to get into the game, especially Colqhoun (above anyone else recommended by the fans, he is that low as to having 0 chances). Candyman MIGHT make it in there due to how much sense it would make and how balanced it would be, with Jeepers Creepers and Pyramid Head being up there with him since they may be too OP to be balanced, but at least they are well known and would grab attention, money, and downloads, as well as a larger playerbase due to horror fans of those movies joining in, but the reason I say Colqhoun (who nobody probably recognizes here) has 0 chances of making it in is because he is a more humanoid and realistic spin on the Wendigo from a hidden gem of a movie that got very little attention called Ravenous, made back in 1999. I am aware of the popularity of the Wendigo and I have heard it is in some other games and media today but I have never watched or played anything else with a Wendigo in it but this movie, and to my knowledge a Wendigo is supposed to look like an odd, deformed, and demonic, not so human creature, but in the specific adaptation I am talking about, it would make more sense and fit into DBD better, due to him being human, but hungry for flesh no less. If they added any of these, I would be satisfied for life...

  • EightEight Member Posts: 513

    @Zypher84 said:
    Samara Morgan (The Ring)

    Am I the only one to cringe everytime I read this? Sadako, yes. Samara, no. :)

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