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Is the game supposed to be fun when you're the killer ?



  • TicTacTicTac Member Posts: 2,168
    edited March 2021

    I watched 3 matches, maybe you want to give me the timestamp where he wins a match with camping from the start? His perks wouldnt even work with camping.

    Edit: and it wouldnt even matter when he wins a match with camping, he certainly doesnt win the majority of his matches with that otherwise he would do it every match

  • FFirebranddFFirebrandd Member Posts: 2,000

    I think you might be right.

    Like, you'd think staying as a 105% Tier 1 Myers for far longer than you'd need to would wreck your map pressure way harder than just... being Clown would. Especially after Clown got at least some mobility from the speed bottles. It doesn't though because Clown's Terror Radius usually results in the Survivors starting to run and hide well before Clown can even see them. It also gives the Survivors perfect info about whether they're safe or not. Meanwhile Myers being undetectable frequently results in them getting stabbed half a second or less after they noticed I was there. It also results in them running, hiding, not staying injured, and generally being much less efficient because they have no idea when I might suddenly step around the corner again.

  • DTJObeDTJObe Member Posts: 170

    Nope. The devs only care about survivor fun because there are more survivor players; therefore, if they keep survivors happy, they make more money off overpriced survivor cosmetics.

  • TinyRick7128TinyRick7128 Member Posts: 13

    Find a killer you can have fun with no matter what. I play ghost face because he scares tf outta me from nowhere as a surv, plus every now and then I'll rack some hooks then crouch next to gens with Survs and act like I'm repairing em with them🤣 plus I love getting low ranked killers as a surv because juking them and racking up bold points and winning chases are always fun. Only killer I dislike in chases are the spirit and the leagion just because the speed and teleportation but escaping them is very satisfying

  • WiiFitTrainerWiiFitTrainer Member Posts: 788

    I Actually have more fun as killer than solo que survivor. Solo queue is just the most awful experience 9/10 games

  • SentinelCaptainSentinelCaptain Member Posts: 218

    Welcome to the club. All I can say is define your own success as killer, the 12 hook goal is unrealistic in practice. For me 2 kills is an ok match, and I call 3 kills a solid win, especially if the last survivor only escapes because of the hatch. You really can judge the skill of players early from both sides. You have good common sense on picking your battles with Survivors, and I don't think I need to tell you what bait looks like and when to leave one alone. You're going to have unsatisfying games on both side, though I believe killers are more vulnerable to it because of how many ways Survivors have to actively taunt and generally be obnoxious. Sad to say that once you hit Green ranks it becomes more miss than hit on games where things are on the level and you end up running into more of the aforementioned behavior. As a Survivor, be a good teammate when you can, but I judge my Survivor wins on my own escape, hatch or otherwise. Be a good teammate as much as possible, but once those gates are open, all bets are off and playing hero for that late unhook can be extremely high risk high reward.

  • DarKaronDarKaron Member Posts: 613

    This is a big mood. I mostly skipped the campy-tunnel bit, but the "fun" bit can be summed up in two words:

    Rancor Roulette.

  • fogdonkeyfogdonkey Member Posts: 1,339

    I am sometimes a bit sad when I am destroying the survivors

  • HalbixHalbix Member Posts: 42

    Yeah, noed is your best friend in these situations

  • chadbeastofpreychadbeastofprey Member Posts: 433

    imo most killers make the game unfun for themselves by treating it like an esport. when i play killer i try to meme and try out nutty builds because otherwise it's just sleeper. it's easy as #########.

  • fray1919fray1919 Member Posts: 199

    Obvious bait is obvious, but...

    The best way to have fun with killer is to meme. (Especially if you stream the game) I love to apologize every time I hit someone, yell at people to go save their teammates, and viewers love it. And as you meme, you get better, because survivors are more eager to be chased by you (for whatever reason, you can't be fragile about it) and you'll see what they do to avoid you.

    If you're playing by yourself at home, hoping to feel badass as a killer...yeah this isn't the game for you.

  • pseudechispseudechis Member Posts: 2,064
    edited March 2021

    Killer is at its most fun against potato survivors, because you have a chance to win even if you screw up slightly. Extending a chase even by a missed swing can mean the difference between losing 2 gens or getting the pressure back on at least one.

    I find often lately the first gen pops at the start of my first chase, I'm behind and I haven't even started because I simply chose the wrong patrol path initially.

  • ZaytexZaytex Member Posts: 836

    Killer can be fun, but it only starts becoming enjoyable when you get good at it, which is sad because survivor(s) don't need to be skilled to have fun really.

  • TheShocktorTheShocktor Member Posts: 130

    Oh I've heard it all. I was playing bubba recently too. Had a DC early for no reason so the rest of the game I would find and down the other 3 and walk away so they could at least get some points. Now some killers might let them go but I decided to hook them after I'd let them get some points so it wasn't letting them win but not a wasted game either. I had insidious on because I was gonna meme in the basement but after the DC I decided not to so I hadn't used it until there was 1 survivor left. Closed hatch and had close exits so I situate myself on the other side of a wall and waited and watched the gates. Well guy came and went for it and I downed and hooked him. I got a message about how he earned that gate and I had no skill or honor lmao.

    Next was swf on residence. I was wraith so I had a tough game trying to play fair but I was doing ok, but in the end i had 1 kill. Gate was 99d and I down and hook this Kate. There was an injured feng and healthy meg. I open the gate to put some pressure on because all they had to do was tap it anyway. So since I didnt know where either was at the moment I was trying to secure the kill on Kate because leaving her would just be allowing them all 3 to escape. Sure its camping but nothing else I could do. Finally I see injured feng tbagging by the gate and even if I walked towards her she was gone so I stayed at the hook. Now meg could've healed feng and worked together to bodyblock and save but instead Meg runs in hot and I hit her. She saves and I down her. I run the Kate and feng out and just take the kill on meg. 2 dead 2 escape. Was happy to take the draw. Next thing I know I get a message saying how I was desperate trash blah blah...etc...

    Game 3 still wraith. Salty meg is back with a key and teammate has a map. They had a Hawkins lab offering. This time my game goes much better but I kinda forget about the map and key and I end up killing the other 2 before them because they're playing immersed and trying to rush the gens. I did hook the key girl once before that but didnt see them too much. We get down to 1 gen and I realize I might've messed up until I see key meg and chase her and hook her. I'm thinking with 1 gen map meg probably knows where hatch is and idk where shes at. If I leave key girl and she saves they're both out. So I'm content with a 3k because I'd had a decent game. I dont facecamp but I stay close. Right before key girl dies, map meg from the game before flies in again and tries to save. It starts the grab animation but it cancels like it does most times. But it does interrupt the save and key girl dies. So I hit map meg and end up downing her and getting her on hook for the 4k. She could've left but got greedy and ended up getting herself killed in both games. Game ends and here comes the messages again. After a couple minutes I get a message from a random account talking crap. It's her alt account. She goes on about me being trash, I should play roblox with other casuals, cant get kills without slugging, camping, tunneling just a bunch of salt. Theres no explaining to her that in certain situations I have to do what I have to do to win or it's just throwing the game.

    Long stories but I guess what I'm saying is if you try to play the fair game and 12 hook every match and follow the survivor rulebook it will cost you. That, and survivors never take responsibility for their misplays. If they die, its because the killer played unfairly in some way.

  • fray1919fray1919 Member Posts: 199

    I don't trust the director of this game to be able to identify a good game, lol.

  • smart212smart212 Member Posts: 136

    i am purple rank survivor (solo) and meet with spirit rank 1-3 , three times in consecutive. so this game no longer interesting to play. i rather suicide in hook.

  • VammatarVammatar Member Posts: 88

    Best way to look at it, is not to play competitively. My friends and I stood by a fire barrel and pointed at it. Then the killer came and joined us around the camp fire. Then we were chasing the killer and he was running from us, that's how you make the game feel more fun, you just fool around.

  • Cristia1V0Cristia1V0 Member Posts: 27

    This game was never fun it's just so goddamn addictive, what do you think we play this game being ecstatic no matter how bad we do in the match? Getta brain ya dimwit (sarcasm but sometimes this game is really unfun lol)

  • Dizzy1096Dizzy1096 Member Posts: 918

    There was a thread here the other day talking about heal tech in the exit gates, and survivors were saying that they deserve the escape etc I'm not sure why but for some reason why people play survivor they forget it's a videogame and assume there are certain conditions under which they deserve something for some unknown reason.

  • swager21swager21 Member Posts: 1,019

    try playing other killers, use fun pallet builds like enduring and spirit fury. try fun addons like jumpscare myers.

  • ColonelMannyColonelManny Member Posts: 7

    They really need to consider just adding one more generator for the survivors. If they have no plans to do anything yet, why not test out something like this in the PTB and see people's reactions and see if the killer problem is sort of solved.

  • Dr_LoomisDr_Loomis Member Posts: 3,703

    Killer games are more intense than survivor games, and this is thanks in part to the eye-ball rolling behaviour of many players.

    Killer games can be particularly annoying when attempting certain rift pass challenges and/or killer adepts.

    I doubt this will ever change.

  • dezzmontdezzmont Member Posts: 481
    edited March 2021

    Because the devs only do experiments and quick tweaks for survivor buffs. NEVER for survivor nerfs.

    This isn't even like a salt thing. The way they communicate towards survivors vs killers makes it really clear that while they want a game that is mechanically balanced (because if killers didn't have any potential the game would collapse like it did during the killer strike) they care way more about the feelings and concerns of one side over the other.

    The bloodlust test and the mori surprise change come to mind, but this is a thing they have a looooong history of and it was a huge reason why there was a killer strike back in 2017. Killers aren't imagining things when they notice they are not being treated fairly, though they often over-generalize or catastrophize outcomes. But either way DBD has... an actively super toxic design cycle where they hype minor killer changes to make killers think the game will become more fun before heaping surprise nerfs on them over a long period of time as a sort of bait and switch.

    It is such a thing its talked about outside the DBD community. I have written papers about how DBD exploits anchoring effects to basically monetize cyberbullying in a fun, new, and different way than season passes and exclusive Fortnite skins. Its... not great.

    And its complicated because if DBD DOES do hotfixes to critical issues or experiments they get slapped for it, because the survivor playerbase, by my rough napkin math, outnumbers killers some odd 30:1, and have actively learned they can bully the devs via stuff like review bombs. So the devs are currently in a hostage situation with their own playerbase.

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