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The Survivor Face of DBD, who is Best Girl?

GardeniaGardenia Member Posts: 1,143

Hi, it's been quite a while since I last made a post. I felt compelled to write here once again after watching that beautiful Rockabilly survivor skin Trailer and I wondered " So many beautiful, yet popular survivors. But who is the leading lady?"

I'll be giving my opinion, it's probably a bit inaccurate but I also want to hear yours. Who is the Survivor Best Girl of this Game so far?

Here's my list, #1 being the top pick.

12) Zarina

11) Cheryl

10) Nancy

9) Elodie

8) Yui

7) Laurie

6) Feng Min

5) Claudette


3) Jane

2) Nea

1) Kate

So there you have it, I'm excited to see what you all write.

My lovely Jane is undeniably popular, but ultimately recently I have to admit Kate seems to be the Female Face of DBD. Her Popularity is high, her cosmetics are usually A+, and she has a regular ample amount of screen time in cinematics. (Although Jane is getting to this position as well, with her quality skins and gaining popularity.)



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