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Jane's Pride Moment - Outfit Concept

RomeroJaneRomeroJane Member Posts: 17

Hello everyone!

Short premise: We don't aim to make the devs changing their characters. Artists are the only one who can choose who their characters actually are. It's our way to look at the in-game character and what does this represents to us

This is a design for an outfit we (me and Nuaj, the artist who made this art) studied for Jane in-game. It's something we did to spread the voice about trans rights and to show what Jane actually represents to me and people in my community. Not only that, but a lot of players from the LGBTQIA+ community feel represented by Jane, so she feels like the perfect character to do something like this. Jane is a proud, strong and altruistic survivor. Empathic and sympathetic, she fights for her own rights and for other people ones

Here there's the lore I wrote for this outfit:

  • Full Lore Of The Outfit: "When Jane receveid the e-mail of a fan who suffered because of transphobia at school, she took an important decision for herself and for everyone who looked at her as an example. She worked on the most exciting and personal The Jane Romero Show episode: her personal «coming out». She asked to place a big closet at the center of the stage and she started the episode by coming out from it, while dressing a new shiny outfit, personally designed by her, to show to the world who she really is and that there's nothing wrong at being proud of your real self."
  • Head Style Lore, Jane's Victory: "Jane’s iconic bun, but with some new details which represent what she achieved after her personal battle"
  • Upper Body Style Lore, Jane's Pride: "Jane doesn’t just want to face head on every kind of prejudices: she wants to show how much proud she is of being herself, in a classy and iconic way"
  • Lower Body Style Lore, Jane's Legacy: "She didn’t do it just for herself: she did it for everyone who could follow her steps, to never be afraid of being who we really are"

If devs actually would like to make this real, we would love if this outfit can be sold for charity and every possible income would be gifted to associations who can support trans people in danger and/or black trans people who're suffering violent attacks during these hard weeks.


Jane <3


  • GardeniaGardenia Member Posts: 1,143

    I love this! We stan a fashionable survivor! Plz devs, imo Kate and Jane are the most stylish female survivors~

  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 10,133

    I always imagined that Jane is part of the LGBTQ+ community based on the „Head On“ perk being literally coming out of the closet :)

    (And a new charity case DLC based on community inspired outfits would be really great!)

  • RomeroJaneRomeroJane Member Posts: 17

    You literally got the same thing I always thought about too! <3

  • xi0maraxi0mara Member Posts: 37

    This needs to be in the game! Please devs make it possible! It would be great as I main her and I am a trans. Ugh!

  • Eve13Eve13 Member Posts: 380

    That is just beautiful. <3 

    Dear Devs please please!!!!! 😍

  • RomeroJaneRomeroJane Member Posts: 17

    I'm so happy you're discovering this project now and that you're appreciating it <3

    With my friend and artist StaceyBlep we worked on this "recolor" of the recent Rockabilly set (also, pay attention to the med-kit as wel). Who knows...maybe this new interest towards these will be listened and welcomed by BHVR :3

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