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Please ban all survivors who play immersed



  • Bub8lesBub8les Member Posts: 2

    First of all. It’s a game so they can play how they want. Two you can use perks to help spies from the shadows or whispers just because you can’t find them doesn’t mean they should get banned. It’s like the other said saying killers should get banned for camping

  • AncilleAncille Member Posts: 37

    I play both sides, and this kind of thing can be annoying but doesn't call for a ban. If it did, Iron Will, Fixated, Lightweight, Q&Q, Dance with me and quite a few other perks would be bannable as they encourage/provide options for survivors to evade the killer.

    If you can't find survivors, run Whispers/Spies/etc. play Doc, or acknowledge that they were A. Brand new players or B. Holding the game hostage which is an entirely different issue.

  • DJDHS123DJDHS123 Member Posts: 4

    Reading that a face value ,its stupid,you cant demand people to get banned because of their play style.

    doesn't matter how bad or scummy it is because by that logic all face campers,gen campers,and every other toxic thing a killer does also deserves to be banned?

  • Silver9Silver9 Member Posts: 31

    While you're right, I think you pointed out a larger issue in this game.

    Yes a lot of this forum is salt over not being able to stomp killers/survivors depending on which you play but when you say, "people aren't playing the game the way I want them to." As the common complaint people make I think there's an argument for this game doesnt encourage the type of play people want to see.

    Now there are some who will never be happy unless the game lets them win every time but I want to disregard those people.

    What I want to point out is that this game isn't great at rewarding the type of play we want to see. People can camp, take games hostage, etc with little to no reprocussions and they can do the things we want them to do like save teammates or spread out who they hunt while not being overly rewarded for it. Mean just because the way the game is in its base mechanics getting rid of a survival fast as possible gives you breathing room so people tunnel. There are toxic people who will do it no matter what but I hope you get the point I'm trying to make. The game is built in such a way that unfun play is rewarded instead of the engagement we'd like to see on both sides and I hope to see that change.

  • Silver9Silver9 Member Posts: 31

    Think they're trying to imply that in a forever game they have a chance the killer will give up or make a mistake by getting impatient giving them the win, where as in a timed game the killer wins as long as the timer runs out and that having a small chance is better than having no chance at all.

    Personally I'd say if you're gonna implement a timer like this, when it goes off the entity should just kill them all and everyone gets whatever bloodpoint they earned before the time was up. The killer doesn't get the resulting kills and the survivors aren't counted as having escaped. Like the games sick of you not participating so no one wins.

  • BrysaeBrysae Member Posts: 8

    I've said this on both accounts.

    One to stop boosting.

    One to stop survivors from stalling so killer gives up.

    The no time limit thing was a nice concept maybe at one point but the game is far too familiarized now in the community. I think a 10-15 minute match time is reasonable. You want a balance between engagement but also progressing to the next match without being hung up. People saying theyll only play a few a night because some can last up to 45 minutes is crazy. I also think killers like Wraith who do nothing and cost us evader emblems should be worked on. Hopefully this eventually gets addressed. Game is in a better state but an unlimited time limit was not a good idea... ever in a PvP game.

  • GriffinsMarkGamingGriffinsMarkGaming Member Posts: 15

    "If it worked that easily, people would just do it now with NO time limit." People already do this! as for you saying that forever doc being "False", the only difference would be it being called FOREVER. Doc. He'd still be impossible to beat. THIS IS WOULD MAKE IT A LOT WORSE WITH A TIME LIMIT. I'm starting to believe you're either trolling or are so too blind to realize just how broken this would be!

  • ZamblotZamblot Member Posts: 270

    I semi agree, but then the balance may sway the opposite way and just make killers incredibly patrolly and focus less on chases and more on keeping the game going for ages (i.e. forcing a 3 gen which can be pretty impossible to get rid of in SoloQ) so I'm not sure if this is the way to fix it but man, playing immersed is the most boring ######### and idk why people do it

  • whycrymyguywhycrymyguy Member Posts: 1

    All i see is people taking a game too seriously. like i see no point in complaining unless there is a bug or something is broken. just play as you play and don't cry about stuff. id say if your that mad about it go take a break. go for a walk, call a family member, get some sun, read a book, watch a movie, go for a drive, get some sleep, eat some food, go to the gym, get buff, then come back and cry on a forum. but anyway i got a life so probably wont be back, everyone have a wonderful day and i hope you accomplish something great today. <3 <3 <3 <3

    (this is the sun)

  • NobsydeNobsyde Member Posts: 1,258

    So there it is, you don’t want a time limit because you prefer the game to become miserable for every body (yes, every body, not just the killer, there’s no way the survivors would enjoy a never ending game).

    I guess you proved the exact opposite point you wanted to prove - a time limit would be GOOD for the game.

  • StrickxNyneStrickxNyne Member Posts: 230
    edited March 2021

    Welcome to the world of carrying perks you'll rarely use but have to because of the few noobs. BBQ, monitor and abuse so you can get closer before they know to urban evasion around, iron maiden to catch them coming out of lockers etc etc.

    Just like survivors are told to carry perks to work against the very very few sluggers or BT or DS etc. Welcome to the world of Dbd already fixed it but now you've gotta choose which set of nonsense you're going to try to combat but probably will only matter once every 20 games. Dbd fixed full immersion by throwing birds on and slowly updating how those birds work against that survivor. Got birds? Can't head on a killer from a locker. Birds also bang until the folks move and you still have loud sound to find them. Gotta carry whispers every game in the event a few hide. Survivors are rewarded for never being caught, it's a whole medal area to not be found and not be hooked, game also gives more xp and shards for living longer in a match.

  • AsherFrostAsherFrost Member Posts: 2,340

    Ah yes, the mythical "Early 3 gen" otherwise known as "I can't go over there man, the killer is scary!" When 4 healthy survivors spend an entire match allowing 1 person to control half the map, and complain about it later.

    Potato ranks is real life guys.

  • Da_taterDa_tater Member Posts: 15

    I have to disagree with the they won't win i have done it several times with just 2 survivors alive . Took a while be we got it done

  • AsherFrostAsherFrost Member Posts: 2,340

    You should tell that to the guy above me who seems to believe it an unbeatable strategy :p

    Seriously though, that's why I suggested 20 minutes. I don't want to end the game right away, 20 minutes is longer than most matches last in total, so it should be more than enough for 2-4 survivors to get on the same page even without comms and get a single gen done. If they can't, I just don't see them doing it in 25, 30 or 45 minutes either.

  • Da_taterDa_tater Member Posts: 15

    I dont believe there should be a time limit but a survivor should be punished for not being in a chase or at least touching a gen. After a 2/3 minutes if noting else by giving them 4 crows .

  • AsherFrostAsherFrost Member Posts: 2,340

    Again, insults. Yet I'm the troll. Me, the guy being insulted.

    Where are the other 3 survivors? If these are the last 3 gens left, they should definitely be around, unless they just want to lose.

    The strat is simple. Using your illustration you try to keep 2 survivors on 1 and 2 on 2, assuming 4 alive, which is what you stated was the case earlier. Will someone get hooked? Absolutely, and that time the killer takes to pick up and carry that survivor should be used rushing the gens (the survivor that wasn't hooked on his 2 man squad needs to decide if their gen is close enough to complete solo, or whether they should move to the other team, there are too many variables to do the same thing each time)

    it takes 60 seconds to go from stage 1 to 2 on the hook, that's plenty of time to finish up, if the killer comes back before the gen is done, do what you can to keep working and tapping the gen, even if you're just popping in. It's 1 person, there should be at least 2 of you, he can only realistically focus on one at a time. You can switch it up to, maybe have someone go tap gen 3 to keep his attention, or if it's hag trigger traps around 3 and run, you'll get downed, but that's what you do on a team game, you take one for the team and hope they get the rescue.

    If the killer refuses outright to commit to a chase, spread up and keep pressure on all 3 gens. Again, 4 survivors, 1 killer. Sooner or later they'll have to chase one of you, and then you've got it.

    Will this work 100% of the time? No. Nothing does. But if you get killed you'll know you didn't go down because the killer was "doing nothing" he just kept a better defense than your offense. Patrolling gens and keeping survivors off of them isn't "doing nothing" it's literally playing the objective.

  • AsherFrostAsherFrost Member Posts: 2,340
    edited March 2021

    Gens take 44 seconds to complete with 2 survivors.

    You also seem to have missed this paragraph

    If the killer refuses outright to commit to a chase, spread up and keep pressure on all 3 gens. Again, 4 survivors, 1 killer. Sooner or later they'll have to chase one of you, and then you've got it.

    If they don't? One of the gens will get done, and still well within 20 minutes.

    Yes, after the second time you insulted my intelligence I called something you wrote crap.

    Why don't I like the button? I don't like the idea that the killer should basically do the objective for the survivor team because they are unable to. That's the opposite of the way the game is played and makes no sense within the lore either.

  • lassfroobynoolassfroobynoo Member Posts: 56

    The better question is how do you ban players for this? Like, a lot of people find immersion very irritating as killer but the game offers very little in terms of chase tutorials so it's unfortunately the experience of a lot of players that they have to play immersed to survive. A lot of players just aren't comfortable being chased, because they really don't know what to do. The better question is how can the game encourage survivors that are new to the game to be less immersed, not outright ban them for a playstyle that you find irritating. Yes, technically it could be considered "holding the game hostage" but you have to consider intent in these situations. They're babies and honestly they're just scared.

  • Opeth32Opeth32 Member Posts: 9

    I have to agree with people like that slow the game down unfairly and I play as a survivor only

  • swarmofdogsswarmofdogs Member Posts: 12

    The Unsportsmanlike field says "purposely losing the game, not participating in or disconnecting from the game early to avoid defeat." The samples I reported are people that hide and wait for people to die from the start of the game. If you realize your team is a clownshow and you have to salvage the situation, then that's a different story.

    I'll just keep reporting these scumbags, and let them sort it out. Most of these reports get ignored anyway, the developers are just as toxic as the playerbase.

  • EvanSnowWolfEvanSnowWolf Member Posts: 1,583

    One more time, hopefully you get it this time:

    Forever Doc with 20 minute time limit = bad

    Forever Doc with INFINITE TIME = horrible.

    I don't know how much more I can break this down for you.

  • EvanSnowWolfEvanSnowWolf Member Posts: 1,583

    Still not buying it. Survivors get out of the 3 gen scenario all the time. If in this example you give a Killer is really not doing chases, then the Survivors can literally take turns surrounding the 3 gens and doing 5-10 second gen tapping before vanishing back into the bushes. Killer loses in this scenario.

  • BobaTeddBobaTedd Member Posts: 4

    Have a time limit of how long you can stay in the closet. After say one minute, you're kicked out into the open. Simple fix.

  • PurgeTheHereticPurgeTheHeretic Member Posts: 20

    Allow a non-penalty DC after a certain amount of time has passed for both killers and survivors. You get the points you have earned and move on.

  • blue4zionblue4zion Member Posts: 2,418

    Even if these guys were doing it on purpose, how do you know they weren't just scared? Or even just bad at the game? Seriously ban them for that?

  • wildtrapjakewildtrapjake Member Posts: 68

    The hard limit doesn't have to persay kill all survivors like egc? What if gates auto powered at 20 mins for example but all survivors get exposed? Their are plenty of creative ways to go about this.

  • AsherFrostAsherFrost Member Posts: 2,340

    Point and buttdance

    You've got all the communication you need.

    And again, as I said, if he doesn't, it'll take less than 20 minutes to get a single gen up, if he's not hooking he can't use pgtw, so he's down to the basic kick which does nothing if you tap the gen in time. Fix the gen, back up when you see him coming, return while he's on the way to the next. Keep the pressure on, use his desire to stick to a strict patrol against him by making it more stressful for him to do so. Again, basic strategy. It's the same as usual 3 gen, because that never takes 20 minutes and so doesn't need to be adjusted for that time limit.

    And actually, personally I don't care if survivors want to examine the shrubbery while I'm playing killer. I main doc, all they are doing is confirming they can't loop and will be an easy chase when I get them to scream for me. I do find it very odd that there is no time limit. F13 has one, as well as every single multiplayer pvp game I've ever played except this one. I more want the timer for when I'm on a survivor team that is full of people who give up on a 3 gen, so I can move on to the next match.

  • rglarson13rglarson13 Member Posts: 197

    People are always quick to say that punishing people for playing a certain way is a bad idea.

    But what they really mean is "I want to hide in the bushes and play hide-and-seek."

    If it were truly "people can play however they want to play" then there wouldn't be any complaints about insidious basement Bubba, and perks like Decisive Strike, Borrowed Time, and Unbreakable wouldn't exist (or maybe they would, but nobody would complain about camping, tunneling, or slugging, because after all: you shouldn't punish people for playing a particular way).

  • Not_MusicNot_Music Member Posts: 17

    Perhaps this could be solved through a new killer perk? Like a perk that makes it so if a gen isn't done within a certain amount of time (let's say 5 minutes) then they get to see either the nearest survivor or all the survivors for a time. Therefore the killer can stop them from doing this and it can also encourage the killer from wanting to closely guard the last three gens. I know if I knew where the survivors were, I'd rather chase them than play defense so much.

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